Why Smart Home Security is the Best Holiday House-Minder

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When you go on holiday, it’s extra-relaxing to have a friend or family member keeping an eye on things at home. This year, though, you could give your regular houseminder a break—and give yourself a new level of peace of mind. When it comes to protecting, securing, and keeping an eye on your home, new […]

Smart Home Security Versus… Dishonest Visitors

Have you ever opened your front door to a salesperson, only to end up thinking: there’s something weird going on here? Maybe it was the questions that seemed too intrusive. Are you home all the time? When is a good time to come back and talk more? Maybe the person was uncomfortably insistent about coming […]

Do You Know What’s Going On Out There?

You just hit the hay after a long day and your family is sleeping. You’re drifting off, almost asleep, when you hear it: a noise from outside your front door. Your dog hears it too and goes nuts. Is it a prowler? Or a fox? Or the wind? With smart home security, you don’t even have to […]

What’s New in Smartzone’s Summer ’17 App Update

Our latest app updates are here, bringing some valuable enhancements to your video monitoring experience. Update your iOS or Android app today, and you’ll find it easier to see what’s happening with your smart security cameras—plus, you’ll never miss a visitor again. Share your video clips easily Sharing an Smartzone video clip is now as easy as sharing […]

Why Smartzone Is a Move-In Essential


Moving into a new home this year and feeling overwhelmed? Got a ton of projects and purchases to organize? Here’s a valuable tip: prioritize any project that makes the others easier. Take home security, for example. The latest smart home security systems don’t just give you peace of mind; they can also take care of several common […]