Secure your home with these 11 smart devices

11 smart devices to secure your home

Of course, you want to secure your home, but how? Nowadays, your options are endless thanks to smart home devices. They can give you peace of mind knowing your family is safe and sound. Crucially, they’re reliable, safe, and the future of security.

But which options could help you? We’re here to give you all the information you need to filter out some of the noise and decide what tech is best for you.

What Are Smart Devices?

Smart devices are pieces of technology that connect with your home network and potentially other devices using your network. 

These are a great way to keep your property safe because you can manage them from a laptop or smartphone. Many are highly configurable, making them a desirable addition to your security system.

Let’s go over some of the most useful ones:

1. PIR Motion Detectors  

PIR motion detectors are an essential part of a home security system. Once they detect motion, they will send notifications directly to your phone. You can configure its sensitivity settings to what makes the most sense for your home. That can be especially helpful if you have small animals.

2. Door Contact Sensors

Door contact sensors can help secure your home by monitoring the opening and closing of doors in your house. If there appears to be irregular activity, you’ll get a notification sent to your smartphone. 

Irregular activity can range from a door being opened while you’re at work or any other time that seems unusual.

3. Glassbreak Sensors 

Glassbreak sensors are smart home devices that can play a vital role in protecting your home from intruders. But they can also act as fire alarm audio detectors. 

They send alerts of your glass being smashed or if a smoke alarm sounds an alarm. If the glass breaks, the sensors sound an alarm to alert neighbors and ward off potential burglars. 

4. Outdoor Bell Boxes  

An outdoor bell box secures your home by letting potential intruders know a security system guards your home. 

It also has several alarm settings so that you’re appropriately alerted to the type of threat facing your house. Outdoor bell boxes are tamper-resistant to prevent them from being disabled or altered.

5. Connected Smoke and Heat Sensors 

Connected smoke sensors and heat sensors will let you know if your home is in danger of fire. They will detect smoke in your house or if the temperature has elevated over a safe range.  

These smart home devices are a helpful tool in protecting your family and valuables from the risk of a fire.

6. Smart Leak Detectors 

Water leakage sensors are advantageous as they help protect your home from water damage, saving you potentially thousands in home repairs. 

They will notify you if any water has begun to leak in your property, allowing you time to correct the issue before it grows worse.

7. Doorbell Cameras  

An essential part of any home security, doorbell cameras let you see who’s at your door without actually opening it. You can even use these cameras to speak over a microphone to whoever is at your door from anywhere, even if you’re not home.

8. Monitored Alarms 

Different options exist for monitored alarms, including a remote controller and a more traditional but still technologically savvy alarm keypad

You can monitor from a distance with the remote controller, much like with a car key FOB. An alarm keypad on your property will work with your WiFi, giving you convenience at your fingertips.

9. Outdoor CCTV

Your home can be secured with outdoor CCTV, either through an outdoor wireless IP camera or an outdoor dome camera. These smart home devices will record in low light and connect to your WiFi. Smartphones allow you to connect to them and see what’s happening outside your home in real time.

10. Indoor CCTV 

Indoor CCTV is another option you will be able to utilise with indoor dome cameras and the indoor WiFi video camera. They are small and discreet and shoot in a crystal clear 1080p HD for maximum video quality.

11. Mobile App for Monitoring

The last entry in this list of smart home devices are mobile apps, as they are an essential part of these smart home device systems. They tie everything together so you can make the most of all their features and keep your home safe. 

With the ability to work across different devices and platforms, you can keep constant tabs on what’s important to you.