3 Smart Home Products That Give You Extra Security

Smartzone 3 Smart Home Security Ireland

The beauty of the Smart Home Security is that it doesn’t just stop with motion sensors and keypads.  Transforming  your house to a Smart Home opens up a world of choice when it comes to award winning products and top class services.

With Smartzone, our customers can choose from a range of Smart Home products to add to their Smart Home Security Package. This variety has led to an increase in Irish homeowners implementing the Smartzone technology into their home.

With Smartzone you can choose from a wide range of Smart Home products to add to your Smart Home Security Package. Our security package has received much appraisal due to its ease of use and the peace of mind it provides. Just like the main package, the add on options are incredibly easy to use. And don’t worry about installation as our professional installers have you covered.

So what can you add to your Security Package?

Smoke Alarm

The Smart Smoke Alarm gives that much needed extra layer of security to your home. In an emergency situation the alarm is one of the most efficient devices one could have in their home. Like traditional smoke alarms the Smart Smoke Alarm has a built in siren so it will alert in the case of detection. Our Smart Smoke Alarm superior due to its ability to work as part of the Smart Home Security Package ensuring an emergency response in the case of a fire.

The smart feature means that listed contacts will be alerted in the case of an emergency.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide is so dangerous that it has been labelled ‘the silent killer’. The gas is colourless, odorless and tasteless making it impossible for humans to pick up on it. That’s why it is essential that each home is fitted with a Carbon Monoxide Detector. Our Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector can sense even low levels of C02.

When the dangerous gas is detected you will be alerted straight to your phone. The timeliness of the alert gives our customers ultimate peace of mind.

Glass Break Sensor

The Glass Break Sensor alerts you the moment a glass window or door has been smashed in your home. Acting as a backup to your window/door and motion sensors, the product instantly alerts you of a break in. The sensor also acts as a smoke alarm for convenient 2 in 1 protection.

If you are interested in making your home even more securer with Smartzone call us today on 0818 222 926 to speak to our Sales Team or visit or fill out the form below.


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