3 Top Tips For The Smart Home

Smartzone Smart Home tips

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Here are 3 tips on how to make the most of your Smart Home.


  1. Baby proof gates.

    Our door and window sensors are designed to instantly alert you the moment an entrance is opened. If you have a baby in the home you can add and place these sensors onto the gate so you know the moment your little one is acting rogue


  1. Voice Control Made Easy.

    Hook up Alexa or Google Home to your system. Smart Home is all about making your life easier. Use voice control to adjust the thermostat, lock your doors and turn off your lights without having to move a muscle.


  1. Geo fencing.

Having your thermostat increase temperatures while you’re on your way home without having to do anything seems a bit mad, right? Geo Fencing is probably one of our smartest features yet. Set an invisible  boundary around your home so temperatures can adjust when you enter or leave the parameter.