5 Fire Prevention Tips To Protect Your Family

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Fire prevention methods in the home are essential in protecting your home and your family. Having a plan in place for when a fire strikes could be the difference between life and death. Fire prevention methods are normally straight forward, but many people don’t take the precautions they should which can lead to horrible disasters.

Here are some ways in which you could prevent a fire from happening in your home. 

  1. Follow Best Practices for fire prevention 

Smartzone Fire Prevention
Never leave burning candles unattended
  • Never ever leave candles unattended. 
  • Ensure that flammable objects and materials are kept well away from any heat source. 
  • Don’t smoke in your home, especially in bed or areas you’re likely to fall asleep. Cigarettes lighters and matches are a leading cause of fire brigade call outs in Ireland. 
  • Dispose of hot ashes correctly and ensure that the chimney is kept clean at all times. These kind of fires are most common in Ireland, but are very preventable. 
  1. Make sure your Smoke Detector is fully functioning 

Smartzone Smart Smoke Alarm Ireland

In 2010 it was reported that for 7 in 8 fatal house fires (in Ireland), smoke alarms were either not working or not fitted at all. 

Checking your Smoke Alarm’s batteries every month should be the top priority on your to-do list. Even if you don’t hear the alarm chirp it is still so important to check the batteries regularly. Always keep a spare battery handy so you the chirping sound won’t annoy you. 

  1. Go Beyond the smoke detectors

When smoke is detected in the home, the alarm rings loudly to alert occupants and nearby neighbours of a fire. However, if you don’t have any neighbours living nearby and a fire breaks out while you’re away the smoke alarm becomes almost useless. 

Smart Home Smoke Detectors are professionally monitored ensuring an emergency response. Smartzone’s Smoke Alarm is professionally monitored. This ensures that emergency services will be contacted if smoke is detected.  

The monitoring station will also contact the listed keyholder to inform them of the alarm. If the keyholder cannot be reached the next listed contact will be notified. 

  1. Store flammable materials properly 

Become familiar with what liquids in your home are flammable. Typical flammable materials in the home are charcoal lighter fluid, gasoline and alcohol. 

Label flammable liquids correctly and make sure their containers are always tightly sealed. 

Always, always keep these liquids and materials well away from heaters, furnaces and gas appliances. 

  1. Preparation is key in the event of a fire

Smartzone Fire Prevention Tips
Taking Pictures Of Your Personal Items Can Help Speed Up The Insurance Claim Process.

A fire is the worst case scenario, but should one occur here are a few ways in which you can minimise loss from a house fire: 

  • Save virtual copies of important files or photos that you have on your laptop or mobile. Saving files to cloud storage is easy and normally free. 
  • Keep very important documents, such as personal letters, diplomas etc. in a fireproof box.
  • Take pictures of all the items in your home. Having evidence of lost items can help speed up the insurance claim process. 

Following these steps could help prevent a fire from starting in your home. Keep your family safe with 24/7 protection that you will receive from an installed Smart Home Smoke Alarm. 

We offer the Smart Smoke Alarm as an add-on to our security package. If you are interested in finding out more about our Smart Home Security Package or if you are looking to add a Smoke Alarm to your package, call us on 0214966248 or fill out the form below. 

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