5 Ways To Save Money With A Smart Thermostat

Save Money Smart Thermostat


With the rising cost of heating your home, it’s understandable that Irish homeowners are searching for ways to reduce their heating bills. 

Ireland’s weather can make it difficult to cut how much you’re spending on heating your home without the need to layer yourself with blankets. 

Smart Heating controls are an effective way in reducing the amount of energy needed to warm your home and hot water, without having to sacrifice comfort. Smart thermostats can save you an average of €300 per year, and still keep your home cozy throughout the day. 

Here are 5 ways how you can save with a Smart Thermostat. 


  1. SEAI Grant Application

If your home was built before 2006 then we have good news for you. Homes built prior to 2006, and have not had a grant claimed it before can claim the SEAI Grant for Heating Controls

At Smartzone, we take your MPRN number during the Free Home Assessment and then look into whether your home is grant applicable. If so, our team will apply for the grant on your behalf meaning you get Smart Heating Controls, from us, at a seriously reduced price. 


  1. Zoned Heating Controls 

Zoned Heating Controls warm your home with greater efficiency. By implementing three zone you can heat the downstairs and upstairs of your home, as well as hot water separately. 

Heat rises meaning that downstairs is normally colder than upstairs. Without a thermostat, or any sort of heating controls you are heating all areas of the home at the same temperature when it is not needed. 

With Smart Heating Controls you can heat downstairs at a lower temperature than upstairs so you use less energy in heating your home to a desired temperature. 


  1. Reduce energy use when you leave home

Our Smart Thermostat works in harmony with our Smart Home Security bundle. Sounds strange, but using advanced technology the thermostat communicates with the system and know if you’re at home or not. 

When you arm your system the Smart Home hub speaks to our Smart Heating Controls, letting your thermostat know you’ve left the house. The thermostat will then reduce temperatures as you don’t need your house heating as if you were at home. 


  1. Schedule for comfort

You can schedule when you want your heating to turn on/ off or increase and decrease temperatures at certain times of the day. Lower temperatures at bedtime and have them increase for a short period when you wake. All you have to do is set the schedules once so you don’t have to keep changing the thermostat on your phone every time you want a warmer or cooler home. 


  1. Save Energy on the move 

GeoFencing Smart Thermostat Ireland

GeoFencing is what makes any smart home truly intelligent. By setting a perimeter around your house, your smart home will perform actions when you leave or enter this area. 

By using GeoFencing with your heating controls, your system will automatically lower temperatures when you leave home and increase them when you come back. 

Want to see savings? 

Smart Home was designed for user convenience and security, but also to save money. And, using Smart technology to reduce the energy use in your home means that you save significantly on your heating bills. 

If you want to save with a Smart Thermostat call us on 0214966248 or fill out the form below.


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