6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Smart Home as a Service

Smart Home as a Service Ireland


Taking the first step towards making your house a smart home can be confusing and a little scary. As smart home technology is relatively new there are so many questions to ask to ensure you’re making the best decisions. 

Every homeowner is different. Some may look for a smarter way to secure their home, others look for a way to manage their energy use, and almost all are looking for convenience. 

Smartzone, Ireland’s leading home automation company, is a one stop shop for a variety of Smart Home solutions to suit all homes and homeowners. Our monthly fee of just €29.99 per month gives users a range of benefits and features that you wouldn’t find with other Irish companies. 

Cheaper than most of our competitors and offering more, our Smart Home as a Service gives you the best value for money. Here are 6 reasons how. 


Your Whole Home in One Dashboard 

The most convenient and attractive feature of our service is how everything is controllable under the one app. View and adjust each device or whole systems in the one place for easier control. By working together and communicating with each other our technology gives for seamless control. 

No-one provides a smooth running and holistic system like our providers, Alarm.com. If you decide to buy individual products from different providers then get ready for a smartphone full of apps, and a clunky smart home that fails to run efficiently. Have your Smart Home system perform a range of actions at once through ‘Scenes’. By doing so, you can arm your system, turn down the thermostat and have the light switch off with just a simple push of a button. 


Cheaper Than Our Competitors

When it comes to security we’re cheaper than many of the big name home security companies out there. Our Smart Home Alarm works out at just €1 per day – cheaper than a cup of coffee. 

With our price you still get an award-winning alarm system that is professionally monitored for your safety. Our system works just as well as our competitors but we give it at a much better price. 

Subsidised Equipment Cost

Some alarm systems have such large upfront fees that protecting your home can be a pretty big hit. This isn’t the case with us. We subsidise our installation fee through our €29.99 monthly fee. 

It’s just like buying a car under a PCP scheme – you’re still getting a great product without having to make a huge payment in one go. 

You don’t have to stress about installing each product either. Our experts know everything about professional Smart Home installation so you can sit back and relax while we do the tough part. 

Free Annual Check 

Found a cheaper version of one of products online? Okay, but can you guarantee that you are getting high quality, durable products? We are powered by American Smart Home company, Alarm.com who provide such great products and services that they are trusted in over 6 million homes worldwide. Alarm.com’s system is also award-winning, so you truly get what you pay for. 

Also, buying a once-off product is fine until you run into any issues. Smartzone have trained experts to guide you and provide solutions for any technical issues you may have with our system. A lot of minor technical problems can be quickly fixed remotely while some may require a callout from our professional team of engineers.  That’s the benefit of choosing Smart Home as a Service. 


Lifetime Warranty on Products

Unlike the products you pick up from your nearest tech shop or online, our products come with a lifetime warranty. If any products are misbehaving we will replace them free of charge (unless the product is damaged through man-made error). All you have to do is call us on 0214966248 and we will work to get the problem sorted as quickly as possible. 


SEAI Savings

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland are always encouraging homeowners to avail of grants that can help make their homes energy efficient. One of their grants is aimed at giving homeowners money to install heating controls in their home. 

If you can get the Heating Controls grant for your home then we can give you Heating Controls at a significantly reduced price meaning you save money. But the best news? You continue to save money with the controls thanks to its energy efficiency function. Our customers can see a saving of up to €300 per year on their energy bills! 


From professional Smart Home installation to knowing that help is only a phone call away. Smart home as a Service is a wise choice when creating a Smart Home. 

For more information on what we offer call our Customer Service team on 0214966248 or fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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