About us

What we do

Accuflow Technologies is a leading manufacturer of products focused on solving energy & water management in the built environment.

Our head office and manufacturing and commercial facilities are located in Ireland. We also have offices in the UK, Italy and China delivering a global reach in manufacturing, design, sourcing, and distribution for our customers. Our brands have strong identities and are firmly established in the markets they serve.

We leverage our local and global knowledge of our industry to provide consistently excellent service to our customers, Energy Utilities, Water Utilities, Telco’s, Smart Home Service Providers, Housing Associations, Councils, and many others. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of our people, balanced with the strengths, know-how and international reach of Accuflow we continue to develop and improve our positions in key water management applications throughout the world.

We have a relentless drive to build and develop great products that every home in the world needs. We spot the bright ideas that are about to prove themselves, then:

  • improve – better
  • manufacture – simpler
  • source them – lowest cost

We market our products through a series of dedicated commercial and direct to consumer retail channels.

Smarter Home & Business Solutions

We are passionate about creating innovative technology that deepens the connection between people and the things they care about most — their homes, families and businesses. Millions of people trust Alarm.com every day for better security, advanced automation and dependable service.

Our award winning technology and cloud services power Smarter Home and Business solutions, including Interactive Security, Energy Management, Video Monitoring, Automation and Wellness. We connect a broad array of smart devices, making them easily controlled through an intuitive mobile app.

Smartzone powered by Alarm.com services are exclusively sold, set up and supported by a nationwide network of authorized Security and Smart Home Service providers.