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Stay connected to your home or business from anywhere using. Our top-rated apps make it easy to manage your smart home or monitor your business with everything connected into a single, intuitive interface. Trusted by millions, the Smartzone App powered by integrates your security system, connected devices and more into a reliable, easy and smart experience.

Smartphone & Tablet

Control your whole home from a single screen. Whether you’re at work, on holidays or just relaxing in front of the TV, our Smart Home app by, puts your home’s security, access and comfort at your fingertips. Secure your home, dim the lights, view alerts, watch live video and even answer the door with just a few clicks on your mobile device or tablet.

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Smart Watch

Our app for Apple Watch uses quick,
light interactions to make controlling
your smart home as easy as
checking the time. Control your security
system, locks, lights, garage door
and thermostats, watch video
and get alerts.

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Voice Control

Don’t move a muscle. Our Smart Home App brings
the convenience of voice control to your home through Amazon Alexa and
Google Home. Just ask, and you can
arm your security system, change
the temperature, turn your living room
lights off or lock all the doors in
your house.

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Smart TV Monitoring

View your Smartzone live HD video streams on the biggest screen in the house with our apps for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

When you’re watching TV and the doorbell rings, or the baby starts crying, just select your the app and see what’s happening, with up to four simultaneous views in HD.

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