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Whole Home WiFi: The Best WiFi Extender For Your Home

  Picture the scene. You’ve come home after a long day at work. You hop into bed after running some errands, switch on Netflix and get ready to watch your favourite show. The screen begins to load, 10%, 20%, 30%…and stops.  You know the story. You’re WiFi is fast… but only when you’re close to […]

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How AI Is Shaping Business Management

  The effects of Artificial Intelligence implementation can already be clearly seen in everyday life. From asking Siri to set an alarm to telling Google Maps where you need to go. AI use has become so prominent that 46% of smartphone users are using intelligent assistant applications every day.  The use of Artificial Intelligence has […]

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How Smart Access can Better Protect Your Business

There are many measures you can take to protect your business’s premises – CCTV, Motion Sensors, Door Sensors. Smart Access is another piece of the security puzzle that helps to provide the area with stronger security.  Using traditional keys can be a nuisance. Even though it may not happen often, there will always be the […]

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How Smart CCTV Offers Greater Protection For Your Business

  Taking high security measures in your business is essential for protecting your business, your staff and in some cases, your business’s reputation.  While securing your business with necessary alarms and sensors will help in the case of a burglary, it is not sufficient enough in protecting the business as a whole. This is why […]