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What is a Smartzone User Code?

Smartzone User Code’s: Safer, Smarter, Simpler. How many people should have a key to your house? There’s you and your partner. And your kids need their keys after school perhaps? Then there’s your neighbor. He walks your dog when you’re away. Should your babysitter have a key? Maybe. If your plumber had a key, you […]

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How to Create Unique Smartzone User Codes

SETTING UP SMARTZONE USER CODES IS EASY What’s the easiest, most secure and most convenient way to give a trusted visitor access to your home? Clue: it’s not a key hidden under a rock.The answer is a unique user code. It’s a four-digit access code for your Smartzone Smart Security System. It’s easy to create (and […]


How To Protect Your Smartzone Account From Intruders

Top Tips on Managing, Protecting & When To Share Your Account Password. Smart home “hacks” are frightening. You may have seen the viral news stories. A family’s security camera was hijacked to play fake warnings about a nuclear attack. A stalker harassed his ex-partner by changing her lock codes and turning her lights on and […]


Whole Home WiFi: The Best WiFi Extender For Your Home

  Picture the scene. You’ve come home after a long day at work. You hop into bed after running some errands, switch on Netflix and get ready to watch your favourite show. The screen begins to load, 10%, 20%, 30%…and stops.  You know the story. You’re WiFi is fast… but only when you’re close to […]

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How AI Is Shaping Business Management

  The effects of Artificial Intelligence implementation can already be clearly seen in everyday life. From asking Siri to set an alarm to telling Google Maps where you need to go. AI use has become so prominent that 46% of smartphone users are using intelligent assistant applications every day.  The use of Artificial Intelligence has […]