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10 Smart Home Features to Understand

A smart home is a system where most devices, systems, and components of the home get managed remotely by the cloud, smartphone app, or via a PC or laptop. Most smart systems are self-monitoring and regulating. You program them to meet the needs or your preferences of a particular device, appliance, or system and let […]


Can house alarms reduce home insurance costs?

A home alarm system will generally reduce your insurance costs, but a few variables might determine the amount you save. With all insurance companies, you must follow their rules and requirements to save the most amount possible. Not following their requirements can result in zero savings, even if your home is more secure. Examples of […]

How To Secure Your Home Against Burglaries

In recent years, crime rates have fluctuated quite a bit. In the first quarter of 2022, Ireland had nearly 5,100 burglaries. Keeping your home secure is always a top priority, and any falling crime rates shouldn’t mean dropping your guard. Taking a few steps for burglary prevention can ensure your house stays safe. Some burglary prevention […]