Burglar Charged After Leaving DNA Evidence At The Scene Of Crime

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A burglar has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison after leaving behind substantial evidence at the scene of the crime.


The burglary, which took place in Knapp’s Square in Cork, resulted in the robbery of the homeowners camera, camera lens and his BMW car key.


The thief had left behind evidence including DNA on a soft drink can, fingerprints, DNA on a cigarette and a phone credit receipt – which was traced back to the shop the thief bought it from. CCTV footage clearly showed the accused purchasing the phone credit.


The accused’s defense barrister stated that the burglar grabbed the opportunity to rob the apartment after noticing that the first floor window has been left open.


The thief had 10 previous burglary convictions among a staggering total of 105 convictions!


Unfortunately, not all burglars are this naive… There’s no guarantee that you’ll wake up during the night to catch burglars just in time, or for them to leave enough evidence behind to get caught.


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