Giving Your Kids After-School Independence With Smart Home Security

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Smartzone Smart Home Security After School


Kids grow up fast, and before you know it they’re old enough to stay at home on their own after school. 

It’s one of the first steps towards your child earning independence, and you don’t have to worry about leaving work early or paying a babysitter to look after your children when they come home. 

When this major step first happens, it’s natural to worry about your kids.  Will they be safe on their own? What if they lose their keys? Can they be trusted to not have friends over for hours on end? 

Smart Home security can dissolve these worries for you. With access Control and a discreet connection to your home, Smartzone’s security system is the perfect solution for peace of mind. Here’s how it can help. 

  1. No more keys to lose

Smartzone Smart Lock Children Access

It’s no secret that kids can be careless. I’m sure most of us have misplaced something very important while we were young and carefree. However, losing keys can be a hassle especially when it means you leaving work early to let the kids in. It’s an inconvenience and it’s even worse if you have to return to work and finish off urgent tasks before heading home yet again. 

Smart locks eliminate the need for keys. Through the app you can create a unique four digit code so you know if your child got home okay and what time they arrived home at. You can also set different rules for when your loved one returns, such as the system disarming so they alarm isn’t set off. 


  2. Get alerts when they return home

Smartzone Smart Alerts Children After School

Knowing when your child has arrived home gives you peace of mind so you can focus on your work and not have to worry for hours on end. Set customised alerts trough the app so you will get a notification when your child has entered their code. 

As time goes on and trust builds, you can choose to switch this alert to a no-show alert so you’ll be notified if they don’t return home on time. 


3. Know who is ringing the doorbell 

Smartzone After School Security for Children

It’s common to worry about strangers at your door. With a video doorbell you get first view into who is outside your house. Be the first to answer the door through the intercom feature and see who is there through live feed to your phone. This means your kids won’t have to answer the door to any strangers. 


4. Keep them out of forbidden areas 

Smartzone Door Contact children after school

Perhaps your kids aren’t allowed friends over after school as they need to focus on homework. With solutions for indoor and outdoor video monitoring you can see exactly what friends are over, and if they are doing homework or getting up to mischief. 

You can also place contact sensors on forbidden rooms or cabinets so your kids don’t get up to anything they really shouldn’t. 


5. It’s reassuring for both of you

Smartzone After School security Smart Home Ireland

Being left at home alone for the first time as a young teen was probably one of the best feelings. It’s liberating and you feel trusted and independent, but it can also feel a little unsettling – especially at the beginning. 

Knowing that you’re still connected to what is happening in the home can make your kids feel safer, and make you feel at ease knowing that your kids are okay.


For more information on how Smart Home Security can look after your home and family call our Customer Service Team on 021496624, visit or website or fill out the form below for us to get in contact with you.


Managing A Business Made Easier With Our Smart App

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Smartzone Smart Business App

As a business owner you know that it’s tough to go anywhere without your smart phone. Today’s phones are so powerful that they can perform a range of tasks, while continuing to run smoothly. 

More high end phones are so powerful they have a capacity similar to some PCs, which makes working from anywhere a simplified task. Even managing your business’s security system, energy usage and automation is easily done all through a phone. Managing this becomes even better again when all these functions are integrated into one app – allowing for a system that works as part of an ecosystem. 

Smartzone’s Smart Business Security and Automation Solutions include a range of smart products that effectively work together by communicating with each other. Business owners can easily automate rules and actions through the app, while gaining greater control of their business. 

So, how can the Smart Business App give you greater control of your business?


Security with the tap of a button

Traditional alarms just don’t cut it anymore  – especially when it comes to arming them at the end of the day. Employees/Managers must use the keypad to arm the alarm and then, with only a number of seconds, make a dash for the door. 

No need for this with Smart Business Security. With just a few taps on the app, the premises is armed and secured for the night. Literally all you or your employee has to do is open the app, and select the arming setting under ‘security system’. 

No need to stress when an employee forgets to arm the system either. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to the Business Automation app, you can arm your system. 


Instant alerts for peace of mind 

Cafés, bars, shops… They all go through an extremely busy period during the day or week. When it does get busy it can be difficult for employees to keep an eye on everything that is going on. With the Smart Business app you will be alerted the moment something important occurs, giving you time to act swiftly and address the issue. 

The app also allows users to set daily alerts such as the time your business was opened, which can help everyday worries.

Smartzone Business App Camera Feed



Video feeds with live view

One of the most functional aspects of our app is the ability to view all your camera’s feeds within one dashboard. The HD cameras give you crystal clear vision of what is happening, no matter the time of day, straight to your phone.

The Smart Video Monitoring Solutions allow for live and recorded view of anything that has happened on your premises. Stored clips are incredibly accessible due to the app’s integrated activity history allowing you to locate and download clips straight to your phone. 



Access control made easy with remote features

Tired of driving to your business because an employee has forgotten their key? With a press of  button you can unlock and lock doors from anywhere using Smart Locks. This is especially useful if you need to unlock a door for a delivery or if an employees has forgotten their access code. 


Set Scene for Automated rules. 

Scenes allow for a set of automated rules to take place when a Scene is manually selected or at a certain time of day. Business owners already have access to two Scene options in the app – Open and Close. Users can also create new Scenes, which may include the alarm, locks, lights and thermostats.. 


Smartzone Smart Business App makes running a business that bit smoother. Are you interested in making your business smart or would you like to know more about we do? Call our Customer Service team on 0214966248 or visit our Smart Business website


How To Prevent Burglaries At Your Business

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Smartzone Smart Burglary Prevention Tips


All businesses, no matter how small or large, are constantly faced with physical risks – including burglaries. Burglaries are possibly one of the most stressful risks to a business as they can cause considerable, long lasting damage. 

The financial implications of a burglary can be substantial depending on the scale of the event. Post burglary, owners not only lose the money and value of the items stolen, but the damage caused and (possible) closures mean further financial losses. 

The damage of a burglary doesn’t stop at finances. The psychological effects can leave owners feeling stressed, exhausted and anxious. This doesn’t just stop with the owner; employees too can be left feeling unsafe in their workplace. 

They say prevention is the best cure, so here are some tips you can implement to help prevent your business from being burgled. 


  • Install steel shutters as they are difficult to break through, therefore preventing burglars gaining access through the window or door. 


  • Leave lights switched on, even if it just a few, during the night to keep the premises well lit. This increases the likelihood of intruders being noticed, especially on camera. Smart lights allow you to set  schedules, so your lights switch on and off at certain times, keeping your business well lit to reduce liability. 


  • Installing security glass can be incredibly beneficial to your business, especially if shutters are not an option. Security glass comes in different options with the primary ones being laminated and tempered. These types of glass are incredibly resistant making them difficult to penetrate. 


  • Always empty cash tills at the End Of Day and hide the till in a safe, locked place. Also, it is good to leave the till drawer open so possible intruders can see that the cash has been removed. 


Smart CCTV for Business in ireland


  • Strategically position CCTV cameras, both inside and outside of the premises. Place at least one camera at any entrances to capture anyone entering and leaving. 


  • Consider Smart Video Monitoring options as it alerts you straight to your phone or tablet if motion has been detected. You can also view all of your cameras’ feeds within one centralised dashboard. 


  • An obvious tip but incredibly important – install an intruder alarm. Smart business security alerts you the moment the alarm has been activated so you always know what is going on. 


  • Install smart locks as a safer alternative to keys. Smart locks eliminate the danger of stolen or cut keys, as locking/unlocking can be done remotely and user codes can be issued to employees. 


Business Automation is effective in keeping businesses secure. To learn more about Smartzone’s Business Security System call our Sales Team on 0214966248 or visit the Business Page on our website.


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Save Money With Our Refer A Friend Offer!

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Smartzone have officially launched it’s Refer A Friend Offer! What does this mean? Simple, you get to save, save, save while creating a Smarter Home.

With our Refer A Friend Offer you receive a €50 discount on any of our Smart Home add-on products for every friend you refer. This means that you can get at least €50 off Smart Bulbs, Smart Locks or a Video Doorbell.

All you have to do is pass on your friends details to us (we ask for a full name and telephone number). We will then contact your friend or family member to tell them about our Smart Home Bundles and to set up a Free Home Assessment. If the referred friend decides to sign up to our service after the Free Home Assessment, we will send you an email to confirm that a €50 discount has been applied to your account.

Even better news – your friend also gets a €50 discount off the quote they will receive during the assessment. It’s a win – win for all.

Do you have a friend that you would like to refer? Simply fill out our form here to get the ball rolling. This page also lists out our terms and conditions

Maybe you have a friend who is not yet sure about making their home smarter? No worries. We can give them a call anyway to answer any questions they may have about Smartzone and our system.

Feel free to share our offer via email, social media or whichever way you prefer.

Got any questions? Give us a call on 0214966248  to speak to a customer service agent or email us at

Securing Multi Sites with Business Automation

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The expansion of a business may prove a challenging and stressful time for any entrepreneur – yet watching a business grow can is often incredibly rewarding. As a business begins its growth, it may become necessary to operate out of a secondary (at least) location. 

Smartzone Multi Site Security

Multi sites can be incredibly advantageous to a growing business. Benefits include closer location to key customers and a decreased risk of business disruption. However managing multiple sites can be stressful and incredibly time consuming. 

Entrepreneurs must ensure that all sites follow health and safety standards, are secure, all employees are managed accordingly etc. 

What is the best way to secure a multi site business? Here are some tips.


Securing Multi Sites in One Place

Not all security options offer multi site control and insight in a centralised location. Smartzone offer Business Security options that are tailored to every business. 

As the system utilizes Smart technology it holds the ability to combine all aspects of the automated package in one centralised dashboard on the Smart Business App. 

This ensures that the status of any multi site can be viewed directly from the app. 


Professional Grade Security 

When securing any premises you need to ensure that the security you’re paying for is the best available. This is incredibly relevant when securing multiple sites. Smartzone provide award winning Professional Grade Security to businesses in Ireland and Europe.  

One of our most convenient features, Auto Arming, safeguards against forgetfulness. Auto Arming, as the name suggests, automatically arms the wireless alarm system the moment staff leave the establishment. 

The app function allows for the cancellation of false alarms from anywhere. Remote arming is manually done through the app. Not only is this useful for false alarms, but also for disarming the alarm when employees are ready to enter the premises or arming if the auto arming feature is disabled. 


Live View CCTV of All Locations 

Smart CCTV allows for live view of single and multi sites within the app. Feeds of all cameras are viewable in a centralised dashboard, within app, which can be accessed through mobile, tablet or desktop. 

Our IP cameras provide HD quality streams for superior security. Clips are stored to cloud storage and protected using highly encrypted security. You also have the ability to search for particular events such as when the stock room door was opened. 


Smartzone Multi Site Access Ireland


Know Who is Entering Any of Your Properties

Business Automation gives for improved control over access to your building. Integrated locks and user codes give you insight into which one of your employees is entering or leaving. 

Triggered alerts let you know when and who entered their user code to access the building. This helps keep tabs on employees who arrive late and/or leave early. 

Should an employee leave, their user code can easily be deleted from the system so they can no longer enter. 


Valuable Business Insights

The Business Insights function creates a window into your business without you having to be there. Notifications will let you know who has unlocked the door, activity picked up by CCTV and more. 

Insights generate reports by utilizing activity picked up by sensors. These reports allow you to perform actions such as view graphs of your businesses busiest times, make informed decisions on staffing needs and track the impact of promotions on customer traffic. 


Our Business Security and Automation package is tailored to suit every business and entrepreneur. Our high standards ensure our customers are provided with award winning products while receiving superior customer service. 

If you manage a multi site business and want to secure your premises in the best way possible then call our Customer Service Team today on 0214966248 or email us at

Stay in Control of your Business with Smart Security and Business Automation

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Smartzone Smart Business Solutions Ireland


Smart phones; they are the tool that allow you to communicate with colleagues and staff easily and efficiently. They are also effective for streamlined control of business premises without any hassle.

Smartzone’s Smart Business Security and Automation provides Professional Grade Security, Energy Management, Video Surveillance and Access Control all integrated into the single app for convenience and superior managing methods.

It may not be possible for you to be on site every day. The app allows you to take control over all the aspects mentioned above ensuring the smooth running of the property. You’ll stay informed and gain direct line of sight into your business at all times.

Business owners are choosing to automate their business with Smartzone’s Smart Solutions. Here are five reasons why.


1: Security without the doorway dash

Old alarm systems just aren’t as effective as they should be. To arm a traditional keypad you have to enter the pin and make a quick exit to prevent the alarm being triggered.

With Smartzone’s Smart Security arming your system only takes a few taps of the app. It is not necessary to arm the system before you step outside the door. Simply set the system to ‘arm’ when ready. Smart alarms eliminate that stressful closing-time “doorway dash”.

No need to worry about employees forgetting to arm the alarm either. You can turn on arming reminders or use auto-arming giving you peace of mind.


Smart Business Solutions Smartzone Dublin

2: Alerts that keep you in the know   

The Smart Business app keeps you awards of any important activity that you might otherwise miss.

If something out of the ordinary occurs the app will notify you immediately. Door left open, someone entering a prohibited zone? Don’t panic. You will know the moment this type of activity occurs giving you time to react and address the issue. Daily alerts can also be set up to confirm important details, such as opening times.


3: Video feeds for instant insight

Video feeds can be directly viewed from your phone or tablet making it easier than ever to see what is happening in your business.

Live view or watch recorded video footage all from the app. The integrated activity history makes locating specific clips a straightforward process. You can also download clips to your phone, from cloud storage, for you to view at a later stage.


Video Surveillance Business Ireland

4: Remote access control for convenience

Lock and unlock your premises from anywhere in the world with Smart Access Control. Employee forgotten their smart lock user code? Simply unlock the door from your phone.


5: One-touch opening and closing with Scenes

Scenes is one of the most convenient features offered in the Smart Business App.

Scenes send commands to your Smart Security devices to complete specific tasks. The feature can perform tasks such as arming the system and locking the doors at the end of the day.

The app offers two Scenes – Open and Close, but you can also create and customise new Scenes, using your alarm, locks, lights and thermostat according to the needs of your business and employees.


Business Security Smart Ireland


Want to implement Smart Business Automation?

Our Smart Business solutions integrates Professional Grade Security, Access Control, Energy Management and Video Surveillance all into one centralised smart app or web dashboard.

If you are interested in upgrading your business or just looking for more information, call our Sales team today on 0214966248.


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5 Things You Should Do If Your Home Has Been Burgled

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An average of two homes in Ireland are burgled each hour in Ireland. Burglaries can leave homeowners feeling unpleasant, frightened and emotionally vulnerable. Having valuables taken from you can leave you distraught and scared to be in your own home.

If your home has been burgled, it’s important to take the correct steps to ensure a smoother process after the incident. This can make a significant difference in any follow up procedures with the Gardaí and your insurance company.

Here are 5 tips which we recommend you should take heed of if you are a victim of a break in.


  • Write down everything you remember to give to the Gardai: Shock can make us forget important details. That’s why it’s important that you write down as much as you can while waiting for the Gardai to arrive. Intruder descriptions, the direction the burglars went when running off and vehicle details can be significant when trying to catch the criminals.


  • Take Pictures: Taking photos and videos of the scene can help you document any items that were taken. It is also important to keep records for your insurance company.


  • Contact your insurance company: It’s best to contact your insurance company as soon as you can. Your insurance company will require you to share and submit all information that you gave to the Gardaí.



  • Take time for yourself: A burglary can leave you feeling scared, unsafe and unsettled. That is why it is important to heal emotionally after the incident. Take some time to yourself to deal with the guards and your insurance company. Reach out and talk to someone if the emotional stress starts to affect your everyday living.


  • Invest in Smart Home Security: Smart Home Security provides extra layers of security that is not offered by traditional alarms. The system is controlled through an app on your phone ensuring that you are notified the moment anything happens. In some cases this may give you time to react during a burglary. Our system is also professionally monitored meaning the Guards will be called if you or any of the listed contacts cannot verify why the system has been triggered. Smart Security systems also work off both broadband and GSM connection so the alarm continues to work even if the broadband line is down or has been cut.

Smartzone provides Ireland’s smartest, wireless alarm to give Irish homeowners the best, top of the range security. Our system works to ensure that your home is safe and secure at all times. If you have yet to consider home security and you are still unsure, you can speak to one of our Smartzone team members today on 0214966248,  check out our website at or fill out the form below and we will call you.