How AI Is Shaping Business Management

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Artificial Intelligence Business Ireland


The effects of Artificial Intelligence implementation can already be clearly seen in everyday life. From asking Siri to set an alarm to telling Google Maps where you need to go. AI use has become so prominent that 46% of smartphone users are using intelligent assistant applications every day. 

The use of Artificial Intelligence has extended into work life and business management. By adopting such technology employees and employees alike can save money, with business seeing an increase in revenue. 

AI adoption means that employees can afford to spend less time on tasks that could easily be completed using computing technology. The same rule applies for employers. By taking smaller business tasks off their hands, employers now have more time to dedicate to making smarter and quicker business decisions. 


What is Artificial Intelligence? 

AI is the science of specially training computers to behave just like the human mind. AI has the ability to collect mounds of data and use this data to recognise and learn patterns. From these machines can develop human like skills such as planning, reasoning, perception and motion detecting abilities. 

By learning how to think and react like a human AI is able to perform certain tasks that would normally be done by employees and employers. 


How AI can benefit your business 


Customer Interactions 

Chatbots are one of the most common AI tools used within a business. The tool developed for customer services is typically used on websites and social media accounts. 

Chatbots become an extended part of the customer service team by ‘talking’ with and responding to messages. The pop-up chat box usually has a preset number of questions and answers to pose to customers, saving your team a significant amount of time. 

The automated tool shouldn’t be disregarded by any business. Chatbots are becoming so popular that their use is expected to grow by 136% by 2021. They’re even a preference by customers as 53% have stated that they would prefer to use an online chat before picking up a phone to call. 

Simplify Decision Making

Artificial Intelligence Data Ireland

AI is efficient in taking large amounts of hard to understand data and sizing it down to an understandable level. Managers who use AI to do so see important insights without having to spend hours trudging through data. 

Data is then presented into easy to understand graphs, charts and lists. Take Google Analytics as a prime example. Google Analytics illustrates clear data, such as how many users visited your site in the last day, week, month or even few years. 

The ability to view essential information in a simplified language makes decision making by managers a lot easier, quicker and more informed.


Quicker Administration 

Admin work is incredibly necessary in any business role. However, admin can take up a lot of time and detract from other essential work tasks or even upset the flow of work. 

The role of AI in administration covers multiple departments such as management, sales and marketing. By letting AI take care of admin workers have more time for more creative or practical elements of the job. 

Email Marketing Campaigns are a perfect example of AI use in Marketing. Applications such as Mailchimp allows you to schedule campaigns and send to certain target markets. 

Mailchimp also has a data driven approach to campaigns by providing title suggestions that are more likely to get clicks and produces reports so you can view how many opened your email, where audience members are located and who in the audience interacts with your mail the most.

If you still haven’t considered email marketing for your small business, then you should. Email marketing is incredibly effectively and is found to give an ROI of 3800%

Intelligent applications are also incredibly useful in Sales as it can be used to separate high quality and low quality leads. By gathering information on leads, AI can score each one meaning the salesperson spends less time on leads that may go nowhere. 


Greater Business Security 

Artificial Intelligence doesn’t stop at the desk. Intelligent software can significantly impact on how your business is protected. Smartzone’s Video Analytics for CCTV uses AI to better secure your premises. 

How Does Video Analytics Work? 

Video Analytics Intelligence Ireland

The CCTV add-on can recognise the difference between a person, animal and vehicle. By utilizing AI, Video Analytics can distinguish between routine and abnormal events. In doing so, the system will alert you of any suspicious activity and danger in and around your business. 

For instance, if you own a shop, Video Analytics won’t send you a notification every time a customer enters or leaves the establishment. However, you will be notified if anyone is caught hanging around the premises after trade hours. 

As Video Analytics can tell the difference between a vehicle and a person, you can adjust the settings so you get an alert when a delivery driver pulls up – always keeping you in the know. 

All security alerts are sent straight to your phone or tablet the moment activity is recognised. This means you are always aware of what is happening in your business at any time and from anywhere. 


Want to know more about Smartzone’s CCTV solutions or want to add Video Analytics to your Smartzone CCTV system? Call our Sales Team on 0214966248 or fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly. 


    How Business Insights Help You Make Wiser Business Decisions

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    Business Insights Automation Cork


    The development of technology has grown rapidly in a short time frame. Thankfully, for business owners this means work life has become slightly less stressful. Technology has opened up avenues for new and efficient methods of managing businesses. 

    Smart technology in particular has seen a steep rise in popularity due to its ease of use, security and energy management capabilities and its ability to be used remotely. One specific feature favoured by business owners is business insights. 

    By collecting information from each product in the business, Business Automation can generate informed reports. These reports are helping business owners to make informed decisions to best benefit their business, employees and customers. 

    Reports can be easily accessed through the business automation app – anytime and from anywhere. Streamlined management is gained through the relevant and useful nature of these reports. 

    Here are the ways in how Smart Insights can help you to manage your business


    Identify Peak Periods of Activity 

    Shop and restaurant owners understand the frustration of not having sufficient staff on at peak times. A lot of the time it may be difficult for employers to identify the business’s busiest times as they can’t be present every second of every day. Calling staff to come in last minute is not the most effective solution either, and can lead to a lot of phone calls and a lot of frustration. 

    By viewing reports you can view understand the busy times at your business and use this to make assumptions based on patterns. This helps to ensure that you have sufficient staff for the effective and smooth running of your operation. 


    Monitor Open Times 

    Are you concerned that employees may be opening up late or closing up early while management is not present? Through the app you can view trends in the opening and closing hours of your business. 

    Smart notifications inform you of who is arming and disarming the system. Also, if you have smart access you can pinpoint the exact time each employee arrived and left work. 

    Stay Informed with Activity Summaries

    Activity summaries are incredibly useful in helping to identify and pinpoint unexpected or unusual activity. View if doors have been or are regularly left open which can cause energy wastage or act as a safety concern. 

    Activity summaries also inform if anyone has entered the business after hours, and allows you to keep a track record of which employees are disarming the alarm system. 


    Simple Report Interface 

    Reporting is made simple with the user friendly interface from If you are the owner of one business premises then, not only can you manage all sites in one location, but you can also generate reports for all your sites. 

    Business owners can easily set up a reporting schedule and have reports generated daily, weekly or monthly. 


    Interested in knowing more about Smart Business Insights with Business Automation? Call our Sales Team on 0214966248 or fill out the form below. 



      PRESS RELEASE: Smarter, better, faster: What could smart technology do for your business?



      “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.” – Steve Ballmer.

      The former Microsoft CEO may struggle to live down this 2007 statement but it does demonstrate how quickly disruptive technology can redefine the business landscape. If the head of a tech giant can be blindsided like that, how are smaller Irish firms meant to keep up in this fast-moving, digital age?

      One new trend that looks set to redefine the way that Irish SMEs do business is the rise of smart business technology.

      The benefits of adopting smart technology in the workplace are obvious. It can increase efficiency, reduce costs, streamline processes, reduce energy consumption and allow you to make data-driven, strategic decisions. The only surprise is how easy it now is to turn your business into a smart business.

      One company that is leading the charge for smart business technology on these shores is Magnet Networks, which has just introduced the first integrated, smart system for businesses in Ireland. This allows Irish SMEs to control all aspects of their business premises remotely from a single mobile app.

      Smart Business by Magnet Networks allows business owners to use features like intelligent intrusion control, video surveillance and energy management from anywhere in the world.

      Magnet Networks’ Managing Director, Stephen Brewer, says that this new offering represents the next stage of evolution for Irish SMEs.

      “Connectivity is the cornerstone of everything that we do,” Mr Brewer explains. “Every single business is improving their connectivity and relying on connectivity to give them more for their business. What Smart Business represents is an added layer that makes their connectivity work harder for them.”

      Magnet Networks have partnered with the Cork-based company, Smartzone, to bring’s technology to the Irish market for the first time. are a pioneering company in the smart technology sector, servicing over five million homes and businesses worldwide.

      That partnership has given Magnet Networks access to’s innovative systems and devices, but also allowed them to leverage the invaluable experience gained from operating in the smart technology sector for almost 20 years.

      Stephen Brewer, Magnet Networks Managing Director and Justin McInerney, Smartzone CEO at the launch of Smart Business.

      The advantages of smart business

      One of the main benefits of Smart Business by Magnet Networks is that it is a one-stop solution, with a single app and a single vendor providing all your smart tech solutions. You can tailor your smart business package to your needs, but how can smart tech benefit your business?

      Video surveillance allows you to access live cameras remotely, identify people in the vicinity of your building, or sound an alert to deter intruders. It makes it easy to watch video streams in real time or review recorded footage from the app.

      Taking smart security to the next level, intelligent intrusion detection allows you to add sensors to doors or perimeters within your business. This alerts business owners if a building or area is accessed outside of normal working hours or by an unauthorised person. It can also measure football in a business, which helps you to optimise staffing schedules or work rosters for retail staff.

      Access control can record anyone who enters your building and log the entry times, but business owners can also put their building into lockdown at set times.

      Energy management is a huge thing for businesses, not just from an environmental point of view but also from a cost-saving perspective. It allows you to set lights to automatically turn off when a room is not in use, schedule the power to go off at a set time, or remotely turn off non-essential lights or power.

      Smart tech can also aid with stock control, helping you to manage your inventory and replenish stocks in a timely manner. In retail environments, fridges with integrated thermostats can be monitored to ensure that optimum temperatures are maintained or to alert the owner if there are any unwanted fluctuations.


      Making smart technology easily accessible for your business

      Making the change to smart business doesn’t require a major disruption or extensive changes to your premises. Technology now makes it easier than ever to update your existing infrastructure.

      “We can retrofit smart technology into any Irish business,” adds Mr Brewer.

      “It uses existing connectivity and the devices are retrofitted to where you need them in your business. The one thing about this is that it is simple to do and it’s set up within hours. The longest we would need to be on site is about four hours, and that’s for a full solution.”

      The cost of making the change is also less than you might expect.

      “There are grants available and, if a business is eligible for a grant, we’d encourage clients to apply for that. There’s a €250 up-front cost and then you have a monthly maintenance cost that starts at €29.99 per month.”

      Turning your business into a smart business can start with a simple phone call to Magnet Networks. Its specialist consultants can then go out and assess your site, advise what tech you need to implement your business goals and suggest a bespoke package that is specially tailored for you.

      How Smart Access can Better Protect Your Business

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      Smartzone Smart Business Access

      There are many measures you can take to protect your business’s premises – CCTV, Motion Sensors, Door Sensors. Smart Access is another piece of the security puzzle that helps to provide the area with stronger security. 

      Using traditional keys can be a nuisance. Even though it may not happen often, there will always be the odd occasion when an employee forgets to bring their keys, meaning you may have to drive a long distance just to open the door. 

      If an employee abruptly leaves, or forgets to hand the keys back then you will have to change the locks. Even more serious is if an employee loses their keys as it poses a great security risk to the establishment. Sorting this and changing the locks can be expensive, especially if it has to be done often. 

      Smart access combats these issues by providing an easier, and well, smarter alternative to keys. 


      What is Smart Access? 

      Smart Access is a commercial access solution that brings the benefits of modern access technology to SMEs around the country. Our Smart Access is powered by our smart business security. It’s incredibly easy to use and enables you to set up and manage secure, keyless access for you and your employees. You can even set it up across multiple business locations for extra convenience. 


      1. Lock up the business from anywhere 

      Gone are the days are having to let employees in due to forgotten keys. Smartzone’s Smart Business Solutions is all controllable through the Smart app. It is the same set up for Smart Access. Simply lock and unlock doors using your phone or tablet. You can do this from anywhere in the world so no need to be near the business to let staff in. If you have Smartzone CCTV installed, you can quickly view who is at the premises and buzz them in – all from the same app! 


      1. Setting up and revoking access for employees 

      Smartzone Business Automation Smart Access

      Giving and revoking access to employees is a simple task through the app. Keycards and lock codes can be set up through the Smart Business app, and removed through the same dashboard. 

      Managing and scheduling access for multiple employees, across multiple access points and business locations is a breeze. 

      You can also assign different levels of access for different employees, and customise what time of day they can enter the premises. For efficiency, you can create access profiles for different employee roles, and then easily assign new employees to a particular profile. 


      1. Stay informed with alerts and tracking

      You get alerts with our Smart Business security system keeping you informed of what is happening in your business. Our Smart Access is no exception to this. You can get alerts about any activity relating to the access controls. Know whether your business was opened on time, or closed early. You can also set up video alerts so you know when the stockroom was opened and by who. 

      Business insights allow you to view who unlocked a certain door, or even how many hours an employee worked. This is done through our integrated activity timeline and user code tracking. 


      1. Safeguard your security with automated locking

      Perhaps you can’t always be around at closing time. With Smart Access you can still ensure that your business is secure by setting up an auto arming rule for your access system. You can set rules such as having the doors lock when an employee arms the system. You can even schedule the doors to lock at a certain time every day. 

      For convenience when opening, you can apply the same rules but in reverse. Using a single app command you can disarm your alarm and unlock your doors simultaneously. 


      1. Get award-winning technology the hassle

      Smartzone Smart Access Business Ireland

      The greatest benefit of our system is its easy to use nature.  Access control is straightforward to install and does not require any additional hardware. Software isn’t needed either as it is all powered by a cloud platform. 

      More importantly, Smartzone will professionally install and provide any support that may be needed. We give you all the benefits of having a single supplier for your security, video monitoring and access control services. You have one point of contact, one monthly payment and one app that controls your entire smart business. 

      Interested in getting Smart Access Control for your business? 

      Call our Sales team on 0214966248 or fill out the form below for our team to get back to you. 

        For more information on our Business Automation Solutions check out our website

        How Smart CCTV Offers Greater Protection For Your Business

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        Smart CCTV business real time view


        Taking high security measures in your business is essential for protecting your business, your staff and in some cases, your business’s reputation. 

        While securing your business with necessary alarms and sensors will help in the case of a burglary, it is not sufficient enough in protecting the business as a whole. This is why CCTV is essential for any business. Due to technological advancements in video monitoring CCTV, has now developed to a stage where users can live view camera feeds just like peering into the window of the business. 

        Smart CCTV allows for live views of all camera feeds from one centralised dashboard so business owners are always aware of what is happening in the business. It’s also beneficial when trying to sort any issues which may be difficult for employees to resolve on their own. 

        Why is CCTV so important in the first place and what difference can Smart CCTV make to your establishment? 


        Burglar Deterrent 

        Smartzone Smart CCTV for business

        CCTV is possibly the number one burglar deterrent available. The majority of burglars will walk away from a potential break in if it means getting caught – especially on camera. It’s best to ensure that every corner of the establishment is covered so intruders will be caught on camera no matter where they enter. 

        Real time alerts and video analytics are what set Smart CCTV apart from traditional Video Monitoring. Alerts are sent instantly to your phone or tablet the moment motion is detected. If anyone manages to break in you will be notified instantly so you can act promptly. 

        You can set schedules for when the camera is to alert you of motion. For instance, in a bar you probably don’t want to receive notifications during the day when customers are entering and leaving, but will want to know if anyone enters after close and before open. 

        Using Video Analytics

        Alternatively, you can add Video Analytics to your system. Video analytics utilise Artificial Intelligence to learn the difference between routine and unusual activity. This is beneficial in eliminating annoying notifications. Video analytics can also differentiate between animals, people and vehicles so you won’t be alerted in the middle of the night if a cat walks by a camera. 



        Theft is a serious security risk for all stores, big or small. No business is immune from theft or attempted theft. Unfortunately, even visible CCTV may not be enough to prevent people from stealing from a business. That’s why it’s essential to have CCTV in operation that can easily capture who the thief is. This is a definite help in cases where the Gardaí are called in to deal with a situation. 


        Fraudulent claims

        Fraudulent claims are a topical discussion lately, as many businesses owners across the country are raising their concerns over the increasing insurance premiums. CEOs of Ireland’s biggest insurance companies have stated that exaggerated or fraudulent claims are the cause of this. This is a dire situation for SMEs who are already facing the high costs of running a business. 

        Earlier this year one restaurant almost faced a serious claim after a woman began ‘choking’ on a piece of glass found in her food. Thankfully, the restaurant had sufficient CCTV in place to capture her taking the glass from her jumper and placing it in her mouth herself.

        Without CCTV that restaurant, and many others around the country that have faced similar issues, would have been subjected to serious and incredibly costly claims. Smart CCTV saves clips to cloud storage so you can store them safely, view and anytime and download them when needed which is essential when using CCTV footage as evidence.


        CCTV can save your business from costly mishaps and fraudulent claims. By ensuring a ‘set of eyes’ are always on your establishment you are protecting your business and it’s reputation. Smart CCTV give you instant insight into what is happening at all times, so you stay in the know and are always in control of your business. 


        If you are interested in installing Smart CCTV in your business call our Sales Team on 0214966248 or fill out the form below and our team will get back to you.

        Why Your Small Business Needs An Energy Audit

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        Smartzone Energy Audit Ireland save energy

        The Sustainable Authority of Ireland have so far been successful in helping both the residential and commercial sector to reduce their energy use. One way in doing so has been the introduction of an Energy Audit Scheme. This scheme requires larger business to undertake surveys or inspection to determine whether they are managing their energy sufficiently. 

        Essentially, an energy audit analyses how and where a business’s energy is used. This determines any energy wastage and helps to identify how to correct this in the best and most ethical way. 

        While the audit is not a legal requirement for small to medium sized Irish businesses, it’s no harm for these types of organisations to perform their own audits. 

        Why perform an energy audit? 

        With a busy schedule, it can become almost impossible to keep track of energy usage in your business. 

        Performing an audit brings focus back and highlights any urgent issues, or behaviours which are causing  unnecessary energy wastage. An audit is essential for two main reasons. 

        1. Reducing carbon emissions which benefits the planet
        2. Significantly lowering energy costs helps protect and improve your business’s bottom line. 


        How to perform your own energy audit

        Energy audits can easily be completed by having a team member walk around the premises with a checklist of things to look out for. Your checklist should include (but be limited to): 

        • Lights 
        • Heating 
        • Water Use 
        • Electrical Equipment

        Smartzone energy audit lights

        Turn the lights off

        Are lights left on when no one is in the room? Your business should consider placing reminders for staff to switch off lights when a room is left empty, and at the close of business (when lights aren’t required to remain switched on).

        It’s also wise to think about switching your lights to Smart LEDs Bulbs. LEDs efficiently use 60 – 75% less energy than traditional, incandescent light bulbs. By installing Smart LEDs, you can further reduce the energy needed to light the building by having the control to remotely switch on and off lights and set schedules so lights are never accidentally left on again. 


        Keep the heat in

        Heating a premises can be incredibly costly, especially when winters in Ireland seem to last almost all year long. It’s often habit of employees to set high temperatures on the thermostat in the hopes that the room will heat faster – but usually ends up in employees sweltering not long after. 

        There are a few small tips to follow to ensure you’re making the most of your thermostat including keeping boxes or items which may restrict air circulation away from radiators, or closing blinds at the end of the day to prevent warm air from escaping. 

        Smart Thermostats are effective in reducing energy use by up to 20% compared to traditional thermostats. How? These thermostats have features that traditional thermostats do not. These include employee lockout so only you can control temperatures, scheduling for temperatures to decrease when the premises is empty and receiving alerts when the thermostat has been adjusted so you can remotely change it back. 

        Smartzone reduce water Energy Audit

        Reduce your water use 

        It’s a good idea to inspect all piping, taps and toilets to ensure there is no presence of leaks. A leak, no matter how small, is an unnecessary wastage of water. During your energy audits keep a close eye on your water meter to see if there are any significant changes or to see if your business might be using far more water than previously thought. If your business is billed according to meter ratings, then taking measures to reduce water use will be financially rewarding for your business. 


        Switch off electronics 

        Of course it is essential to leave some electronics on overnight to ensure the most streamlined running of the business. However, not everything needs to be left on. Computers, chargers, printers, lamps etc. should all be switched off at the wall at the close of business. Leaving devices on standby is insufficient as they are still using energy when not needed. 

        Alternatively, you could consider Smart Plugs. Smart plugs allow you to remotely shut off appliances when needed, or, just like the thermostat, you can set schedules so that electronics are shut down at a specific time of day. 


        Performing energy audits are a smart way for your business to play its part in reducing its carbon footprint, while also benefiting the organisation’s bottom line. Energy management is a key factor of Smart Business Automation. If you would like to know more about how Business Automation and Smartzone can help your business, feel free to contact our sales team on 0214966248 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you.


          Managing A Business Made Easier With Our Smart App

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          Smartzone Smart Business App

          As a business owner you know that it’s tough to go anywhere without your smart phone. Today’s phones are so powerful that they can perform a range of tasks, while continuing to run smoothly. 

          More high end phones are so powerful they have a capacity similar to some PCs, which makes working from anywhere a simplified task. Even managing your business’s security system, energy usage and automation is easily done all through a phone. Managing this becomes even better again when all these functions are integrated into one app – allowing for a system that works as part of an ecosystem. 

          Smartzone’s Smart Business Security and Automation Solutions include a range of smart products that effectively work together by communicating with each other. Business owners can easily automate rules and actions through the app, while gaining greater control of their business. 

          So, how can the Smart Business App give you greater control of your business?


          Security with the tap of a button

          Traditional alarms just don’t cut it anymore  – especially when it comes to arming them at the end of the day. Employees/Managers must use the keypad to arm the alarm and then, with only a number of seconds, make a dash for the door. 

          No need for this with Smart Business Security. With just a few taps on the app, the premises is armed and secured for the night. Literally all you or your employee has to do is open the app, and select the arming setting under ‘security system’. 

          No need to stress when an employee forgets to arm the system either. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to the Business Automation app, you can arm your system. 


          Instant alerts for peace of mind 

          Cafés, bars, shops… They all go through an extremely busy period during the day or week. When it does get busy it can be difficult for employees to keep an eye on everything that is going on. With the Smart Business app you will be alerted the moment something important occurs, giving you time to act swiftly and address the issue. 

          The app also allows users to set daily alerts such as the time your business was opened, which can help everyday worries.

          Smartzone Business App Camera Feed



          Video feeds with live view

          One of the most functional aspects of our app is the ability to view all your camera’s feeds within one dashboard. The HD cameras give you crystal clear vision of what is happening, no matter the time of day, straight to your phone.

          The Smart Video Monitoring Solutions allow for live and recorded view of anything that has happened on your premises. Stored clips are incredibly accessible due to the app’s integrated activity history allowing you to locate and download clips straight to your phone. 



          Access control made easy with remote features

          Tired of driving to your business because an employee has forgotten their key? With a press of  button you can unlock and lock doors from anywhere using Smart Locks. This is especially useful if you need to unlock a door for a delivery or if an employees has forgotten their access code. 


          Set Scene for Automated rules. 

          Scenes allow for a set of automated rules to take place when a Scene is manually selected or at a certain time of day. Business owners already have access to two Scene options in the app – Open and Close. Users can also create new Scenes, which may include the alarm, locks, lights and thermostats.. 


          Smartzone Smart Business App makes running a business that bit smoother. Are you interested in making your business smart or would you like to know more about we do? Call our Customer Service team on 0214966248 or visit our Smart Business website


            How To Prevent Burglaries At Your Business

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            Smartzone Smart Burglary Prevention Tips


            All businesses, no matter how small or large, are constantly faced with physical risks – including burglaries. Burglaries are possibly one of the most stressful risks to a business as they can cause considerable, long lasting damage. 

            The financial implications of a burglary can be substantial depending on the scale of the event. Post burglary, owners not only lose the money and value of the items stolen, but the damage caused and (possible) closures mean further financial losses. 

            The damage of a burglary doesn’t stop at finances. The psychological effects can leave owners feeling stressed, exhausted and anxious. This doesn’t just stop with the owner; employees too can be left feeling unsafe in their workplace. 

            They say prevention is the best cure, so here are some tips you can implement to help prevent your business from being burgled. 


            • Install steel shutters as they are difficult to break through, therefore preventing burglars gaining access through the window or door. 


            • Leave lights switched on, even if it just a few, during the night to keep the premises well lit. This increases the likelihood of intruders being noticed, especially on camera. Smart lights allow you to set  schedules, so your lights switch on and off at certain times, keeping your business well lit to reduce liability. 


            • Installing security glass can be incredibly beneficial to your business, especially if shutters are not an option. Security glass comes in different options with the primary ones being laminated and tempered. These types of glass are incredibly resistant making them difficult to penetrate. 


            • Always empty cash tills at the End Of Day and hide the till in a safe, locked place. Also, it is good to leave the till drawer open so possible intruders can see that the cash has been removed. 


            Smart CCTV for Business in ireland


            • Strategically position CCTV cameras, both inside and outside of the premises. Place at least one camera at any entrances to capture anyone entering and leaving. 


            • Consider Smart Video Monitoring options as it alerts you straight to your phone or tablet if motion has been detected. You can also view all of your cameras’ feeds within one centralised dashboard. 


            • An obvious tip but incredibly important – install an intruder alarm. Smart business security alerts you the moment the alarm has been activated so you always know what is going on. 


            • Install smart locks as a safer alternative to keys. Smart locks eliminate the danger of stolen or cut keys, as locking/unlocking can be done remotely and user codes can be issued to employees. 


            Business Automation is effective in keeping businesses secure. To learn more about Smartzone’s Business Security System call our Sales Team on 0214966248 or visit the Business Page on our website.


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              Securing Multi Sites with Business Automation

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              The expansion of a business may prove a challenging and stressful time for any entrepreneur – yet watching a business grow can is often incredibly rewarding. As a business begins its growth, it may become necessary to operate out of a secondary (at least) location. 

              Smartzone Multi Site Security

              Multi sites can be incredibly advantageous to a growing business. Benefits include closer location to key customers and a decreased risk of business disruption. However managing multiple sites can be stressful and incredibly time consuming. 

              Entrepreneurs must ensure that all sites follow health and safety standards, are secure, all employees are managed accordingly etc. 

              What is the best way to secure a multi site business? Here are some tips.


              Securing Multi Sites in One Place

              Not all security options offer multi site control and insight in a centralised location. Smartzone offer Business Security options that are tailored to every business. 

              As the system utilizes Smart technology it holds the ability to combine all aspects of the automated package in one centralised dashboard on the Smart Business App. 

              This ensures that the status of any multi site can be viewed directly from the app. 


              Professional Grade Security 

              When securing any premises you need to ensure that the security you’re paying for is the best available. This is incredibly relevant when securing multiple sites. Smartzone provide award winning Professional Grade Security to businesses in Ireland and Europe.  

              One of our most convenient features, Auto Arming, safeguards against forgetfulness. Auto Arming, as the name suggests, automatically arms the wireless alarm system the moment staff leave the establishment. 

              The app function allows for the cancellation of false alarms from anywhere. Remote arming is manually done through the app. Not only is this useful for false alarms, but also for disarming the alarm when employees are ready to enter the premises or arming if the auto arming feature is disabled. 


              Live View CCTV of All Locations 

              Smart CCTV allows for live view of single and multi sites within the app. Feeds of all cameras are viewable in a centralised dashboard, within app, which can be accessed through mobile, tablet or desktop. 

              Our IP cameras provide HD quality streams for superior security. Clips are stored to cloud storage and protected using highly encrypted security. You also have the ability to search for particular events such as when the stock room door was opened. 


              Smartzone Multi Site Access Ireland


              Know Who is Entering Any of Your Properties

              Business Automation gives for improved control over access to your building. Integrated locks and user codes give you insight into which one of your employees is entering or leaving. 

              Triggered alerts let you know when and who entered their user code to access the building. This helps keep tabs on employees who arrive late and/or leave early. 

              Should an employee leave, their user code can easily be deleted from the system so they can no longer enter. 


              Valuable Business Insights

              The Business Insights function creates a window into your business without you having to be there. Notifications will let you know who has unlocked the door, activity picked up by CCTV and more. 

              Insights generate reports by utilizing activity picked up by sensors. These reports allow you to perform actions such as view graphs of your businesses busiest times, make informed decisions on staffing needs and track the impact of promotions on customer traffic. 


              Our Business Security and Automation package is tailored to suit every business and entrepreneur. Our high standards ensure our customers are provided with award winning products while receiving superior customer service. 

              If you manage a multi site business and want to secure your premises in the best way possible then call our Customer Service Team today on 0214966248 or email us at