5 Ways To Save Money With A Smart Thermostat

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With the rising cost of heating your home, it’s understandable that Irish homeowners are searching for ways to reduce their heating bills. 

Ireland’s weather can make it difficult to cut how much you’re spending on heating your home without the need to layer yourself with blankets. 

Smart Heating controls are an effective way in reducing the amount of energy needed to warm your home and hot water, without having to sacrifice comfort. Smart thermostats can save you an average of €300 per year, and still keep your home cozy throughout the day. 

Here are 5 ways how you can save with a Smart Thermostat. 


  1. SEAI Grant Application

If your home was built before 2006 then we have good news for you. Homes built prior to 2006, and have not had a grant claimed it before can claim the SEAI Grant for Heating Controls

At Smartzone, we take your MPRN number during the Free Home Assessment and then look into whether your home is grant applicable. If so, our team will apply for the grant on your behalf meaning you get Smart Heating Controls, from us, at a seriously reduced price. 


  1. Zoned Heating Controls 

Zoned Heating Controls warm your home with greater efficiency. By implementing three zone you can heat the downstairs and upstairs of your home, as well as hot water separately. 

Heat rises meaning that downstairs is normally colder than upstairs. Without a thermostat, or any sort of heating controls you are heating all areas of the home at the same temperature when it is not needed. 

With Smart Heating Controls you can heat downstairs at a lower temperature than upstairs so you use less energy in heating your home to a desired temperature. 


  1. Reduce energy use when you leave home

Our Smart Thermostat works in harmony with our Smart Home Security bundle. Sounds strange, but using advanced technology the thermostat communicates with the system and know if you’re at home or not. 

When you arm your system the Smart Home hub speaks to our Smart Heating Controls, letting your thermostat know you’ve left the house. The thermostat will then reduce temperatures as you don’t need your house heating as if you were at home. 


  1. Schedule for comfort

You can schedule when you want your heating to turn on/ off or increase and decrease temperatures at certain times of the day. Lower temperatures at bedtime and have them increase for a short period when you wake. All you have to do is set the schedules once so you don’t have to keep changing the thermostat on your phone every time you want a warmer or cooler home. 


  1. Save Energy on the move 

GeoFencing Smart Thermostat Ireland

GeoFencing is what makes any smart home truly intelligent. By setting a perimeter around your house, your smart home will perform actions when you leave or enter this area. 

By using GeoFencing with your heating controls, your system will automatically lower temperatures when you leave home and increase them when you come back. 

Want to see savings? 

Smart Home was designed for user convenience and security, but also to save money. And, using Smart technology to reduce the energy use in your home means that you save significantly on your heating bills. 

If you want to save with a Smart Thermostat call us on 0214966248 or fill out the form below.


    Why Your Small Business Needs An Energy Audit

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    Smartzone Energy Audit Ireland save energy

    The Sustainable Authority of Ireland have so far been successful in helping both the residential and commercial sector to reduce their energy use. One way in doing so has been the introduction of an Energy Audit Scheme. This scheme requires larger business to undertake surveys or inspection to determine whether they are managing their energy sufficiently. 

    Essentially, an energy audit analyses how and where a business’s energy is used. This determines any energy wastage and helps to identify how to correct this in the best and most ethical way. 

    While the audit is not a legal requirement for small to medium sized Irish businesses, it’s no harm for these types of organisations to perform their own audits. 

    Why perform an energy audit? 

    With a busy schedule, it can become almost impossible to keep track of energy usage in your business. 

    Performing an audit brings focus back and highlights any urgent issues, or behaviours which are causing  unnecessary energy wastage. An audit is essential for two main reasons. 

    1. Reducing carbon emissions which benefits the planet
    2. Significantly lowering energy costs helps protect and improve your business’s bottom line. 


    How to perform your own energy audit

    Energy audits can easily be completed by having a team member walk around the premises with a checklist of things to look out for. Your checklist should include (but be limited to): 

    • Lights 
    • Heating 
    • Water Use 
    • Electrical Equipment

    Smartzone energy audit lights

    Turn the lights off

    Are lights left on when no one is in the room? Your business should consider placing reminders for staff to switch off lights when a room is left empty, and at the close of business (when lights aren’t required to remain switched on).

    It’s also wise to think about switching your lights to Smart LEDs Bulbs. LEDs efficiently use 60 – 75% less energy than traditional, incandescent light bulbs. By installing Smart LEDs, you can further reduce the energy needed to light the building by having the control to remotely switch on and off lights and set schedules so lights are never accidentally left on again. 


    Keep the heat in

    Heating a premises can be incredibly costly, especially when winters in Ireland seem to last almost all year long. It’s often habit of employees to set high temperatures on the thermostat in the hopes that the room will heat faster – but usually ends up in employees sweltering not long after. 

    There are a few small tips to follow to ensure you’re making the most of your thermostat including keeping boxes or items which may restrict air circulation away from radiators, or closing blinds at the end of the day to prevent warm air from escaping. 

    Smart Thermostats are effective in reducing energy use by up to 20% compared to traditional thermostats. How? These thermostats have features that traditional thermostats do not. These include employee lockout so only you can control temperatures, scheduling for temperatures to decrease when the premises is empty and receiving alerts when the thermostat has been adjusted so you can remotely change it back. 

    Smartzone reduce water Energy Audit

    Reduce your water use 

    It’s a good idea to inspect all piping, taps and toilets to ensure there is no presence of leaks. A leak, no matter how small, is an unnecessary wastage of water. During your energy audits keep a close eye on your water meter to see if there are any significant changes or to see if your business might be using far more water than previously thought. If your business is billed according to meter ratings, then taking measures to reduce water use will be financially rewarding for your business. 


    Switch off electronics 

    Of course it is essential to leave some electronics on overnight to ensure the most streamlined running of the business. However, not everything needs to be left on. Computers, chargers, printers, lamps etc. should all be switched off at the wall at the close of business. Leaving devices on standby is insufficient as they are still using energy when not needed. 

    Alternatively, you could consider Smart Plugs. Smart plugs allow you to remotely shut off appliances when needed, or, just like the thermostat, you can set schedules so that electronics are shut down at a specific time of day. 


    Performing energy audits are a smart way for your business to play its part in reducing its carbon footprint, while also benefiting the organisation’s bottom line. Energy management is a key factor of Smart Business Automation. If you would like to know more about how Business Automation and Smartzone can help your business, feel free to contact our sales team on 0214966248 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you.


      What Is Geo Fencing And Why Do Smartzone Customers Love It So Much?

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      Smartzone Geo Fencing Smart Home


      Whether you have Heating Controls or the full Smart Home Security Starter Pack installed you already know about the wonderful and helpful features of Geo Fencing.

      Geo Fencing is so easy and convenient to use, and just another reason why Irish homeowners are choosing Smartzone for their Smart Home solutions.

      But what is Geo Fencing and how can it benefit you?

      Geo Fencing is a feature on the app that allows you to set an invisible boundary around your home. Once you pass the boundary or enter the boundary the Smart Home Panel reacts to ensure that your home is protected and saving energy.


      Don’t worry about forgetting

      Our Smart Home Security Bundle is effective in ensuring that your home is protected while you’re away. But, it only works in your security system is armed. With Geo Fencing you can set a rule that your security system automatically arms once you leave the house – giving your home the best protection.


      Save energy while you’re away

      The best and easiest way to save energy in your smart home is by lowering the thermostat when it is not needed. But, if you’re like most of us you rush out the door in the morning to get the kids to school or make sure you don’t get caught in traffic. You can set rules so that the thermostat reduces the temperatures when you leave the boundary – saving energy and money!



      Come home to comfort

      There’s nothing better than stepping into a perfectly heated home, grabbing a cup of tea and relaxing on the couch when you finish your duties for the day. Geo Fencing turns the heat up when you’re on your way home. It can also turn on lights so you don’t have to fumble in the dark when stepping inside your door.


      Put the security cameras on pause

      Adding cameras to your security package makes your home even more secure then ever. However, you don’t want to receive constant alerts while you and your family walk about the house. Geo Fencing lets you pause cameras while your at home so you don’t get bogged down with alerts.

      Geo Fencing can be set on the app’s dashboard. If you’re having trouble setting a boundary you can call our technical support team on 0818222926.

      6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Smart Home as a Service

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      Smart Home as a Service Ireland


      Taking the first step towards making your house a smart home can be confusing and a little scary. As smart home technology is relatively new there are so many questions to ask to ensure you’re making the best decisions. 

      Every homeowner is different. Some may look for a smarter way to secure their home, others look for a way to manage their energy use, and almost all are looking for convenience. 

      Smartzone, Ireland’s leading home automation company, is a one stop shop for a variety of Smart Home solutions to suit all homes and homeowners. Our monthly fee of just €29.99 per month gives users a range of benefits and features that you wouldn’t find with other Irish companies. 

      Cheaper than most of our competitors and offering more, our Smart Home as a Service gives you the best value for money. Here are 6 reasons how. 


      Your Whole Home in One Dashboard 

      The most convenient and attractive feature of our service is how everything is controllable under the one app. View and adjust each device or whole systems in the one place for easier control. By working together and communicating with each other our technology gives for seamless control. 

      No-one provides a smooth running and holistic system like our providers, Alarm.com. If you decide to buy individual products from different providers then get ready for a smartphone full of apps, and a clunky smart home that fails to run efficiently. Have your Smart Home system perform a range of actions at once through ‘Scenes’. By doing so, you can arm your system, turn down the thermostat and have the light switch off with just a simple push of a button. 


      Cheaper Than Our Competitors

      When it comes to security we’re cheaper than many of the big name home security companies out there. Our Smart Home Alarm works out at just €1 per day – cheaper than a cup of coffee. 

      With our price you still get an award-winning alarm system that is professionally monitored for your safety. Our system works just as well as our competitors but we give it at a much better price. 

      Subsidised Equipment Cost

      Some alarm systems have such large upfront fees that protecting your home can be a pretty big hit. This isn’t the case with us. We subsidise our installation fee through our €29.99 monthly fee. 

      It’s just like buying a car under a PCP scheme – you’re still getting a great product without having to make a huge payment in one go. 

      You don’t have to stress about installing each product either. Our experts know everything about professional Smart Home installation so you can sit back and relax while we do the tough part. 

      Free Annual Check 

      Found a cheaper version of one of products online? Okay, but can you guarantee that you are getting high quality, durable products? We are powered by American Smart Home company, Alarm.com who provide such great products and services that they are trusted in over 6 million homes worldwide. Alarm.com’s system is also award-winning, so you truly get what you pay for. 

      Also, buying a once-off product is fine until you run into any issues. Smartzone have trained experts to guide you and provide solutions for any technical issues you may have with our system. A lot of minor technical problems can be quickly fixed remotely while some may require a callout from our professional team of engineers.  That’s the benefit of choosing Smart Home as a Service. 


      Lifetime Warranty on Products

      Unlike the products you pick up from your nearest tech shop or online, our products come with a lifetime warranty. If any products are misbehaving we will replace them free of charge (unless the product is damaged through man-made error). All you have to do is call us on 0214966248 and we will work to get the problem sorted as quickly as possible. 


      SEAI Savings

      The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland are always encouraging homeowners to avail of grants that can help make their homes energy efficient. One of their grants is aimed at giving homeowners money to install heating controls in their home. 

      If you can get the Heating Controls grant for your home then we can give you Heating Controls at a significantly reduced price meaning you save money. But the best news? You continue to save money with the controls thanks to its energy efficiency function. Our customers can see a saving of up to €300 per year on their energy bills! 


      From professional Smart Home installation to knowing that help is only a phone call away. Smart home as a Service is a wise choice when creating a Smart Home. 

      For more information on what we offer call our Customer Service team on 0214966248 or fill out the form below and we will contact you.

        Smartzone’s Success At Ideal Home Show

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        Smartzone Ideal Home Show Dublin Smart Home

        As many of you know, Smartzone were present at this year’s spring Ideal Home Show. Ideal Home show gave us the perfect opportunity to meet those from all over the country and explain who we are and how we can benefit you.

        Over the course of three days, our team spoke to hundreds of people who are curious about the area of smart home, have safety concerns over their home, and who are looking for solutions to reduce their energy use at no major costs.

        At Smartzone we believe we are leading the Irish market in Smart Home technologies. We proudly provide smart home as a service so you can modernise and protect your home.

        For those interested in the area of smart home, we offer service that allow you to control your home remotely and with ease. You can view what is happening inside and outside your home, turn appliances and lighting on and off, and integrate voice control commands with Alexa and Google Home.

        Our security bundle gives you the ultimate peace of mind as you know you are always in control. When any of our Smart Home Security products are triggered, you are instantly alerted through the Alarm.com app. You know the second any unusual activity is taking place. Arm and disarming your home alarm can be done anywhere. As our equipment is wireless you don’t need to worry about any mess when installing your alarm.

        Eco-friendly solutions are becoming more common in the home place, and for good reason too. Our actions are part of a bigger picture when it comes to protecting the earth. Smartzone offer heating controls among their eco-friendly solutions. Saving you on average €300 per year, heating controls reduces your carbon footprint making your home a greener one.

        The great thing about our products is that they are as easy to use as they are to install. Smartzone’s goal is to make the lives of the Irish homeowner easier and to give them more control over what matters most.

        For more information on our products and services check out our website or call us on 021 4966248.

        3 Top Tips For The Smart Home

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        Smartzone Smart Home tips

        Smartzone Voice control Amazon Echo

        Here are 3 tips on how to make the most of your Smart Home.


        1. Baby proof gates.

          Our door and window sensors are designed to instantly alert you the moment an entrance is opened. If you have a baby in the home you can add and place these sensors onto the gate so you know the moment your little one is acting rogue


        1. Voice Control Made Easy.

          Hook up Alexa or Google Home to your system. Smart Home is all about making your life easier. Use voice control to adjust the thermostat, lock your doors and turn off your lights without having to move a muscle.


        1. Geo fencing.

        Having your thermostat increase temperatures while you’re on your way home without having to do anything seems a bit mad, right? Geo Fencing is probably one of our smartest features yet. Set an invisible  boundary around your home so temperatures can adjust when you enter or leave the parameter.

        Smartzone Are Here To Help You Look After The Environment

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        Heating Controls Smart phone Smartzone


        It’s the little things that make a big difference.  That’s why we offer Heating Controls to homes as part of our wider energy management services.

        Heating Controls do exactly what they say on the tin- they help you to take control of your heating and reduce your energy use. 

        Here are some of the ways in which Heating Controls can help reduce your carbon footprint within the home.

        Reduce energy while you’re away

        Home-versus-away automation means that your security system knows whether you are at home or not. If your system is set to ‘Arm Away’, temperatures are reduced to save energy. If ‘Arm Stay’ is set temperatures will return to make you feel ultimate comfort within your home. This ensures that energy use is reduced when not needed.

        Geo – Fencing 

        Sometimes life can be so busy that changing the thermostat would be the last thing on your mind. Geo-fencing is one of the most intelligent features of the thermostat and remembers to adjust your heating even if Smartzone Heating Controls Geo Fencing you forget. Within the app you can set an imaginary parameter around your house. By working around your schedule, Geo fencing reduces energy use once you have left the parameter.

        Not only Smartzone’s Heating Controls reduce your energy use, but it also helps you save an average of €300 per year on your heating bills!

        Getting Heating Controls

        Installing Heating Controls with Smartzone is simple! We have partnered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland to give Irish Homeowners the best solutions in energy management.

        Currently, we offer heating controls to homeowners at a reduced price if their home is eligible for the SEAI Better Energy Homes grant.

        The grant is usually available to those who have homes built prior to 2006 and is solely for the purpose of Heating Controls. However the SEAI do have grants for other energy management solutions. You can check these on their website.

        Don’t worry if paperwork isn’t your thing. We will apply for the grant on your behalf. After all, our job is to make your life easier. 

        Protect What Really Matters With Ireland’s Eco-Friendly Security System

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        Protecting What Matters is important, not just for today but also for the future.

        Smartzone’s Smart Home Solution helps you secure and protect your loved ones in a variety of ways. Here are some ways how Smartzone can do so.


        Home Security

        Protect What Matters such as your family, pets and valuables with Smartzone’s Smart Home Security. The package, which includes Door and Window sensors, image sensors and an arm/disarm keypad.

        The whole system is controllable through the app meaning you can secure your home no matter where you are.

        You will be instantly alerted the moment any of the sensors receive a signal giving you peace of mind knowing what is happening in your home.

        Cameras can also be added to the security package for an extra layer of security. Smartzone provide cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. Live feed from the cameras can be viewed directly on your phone or tablet so you know what is happening at any time of day.

        Smartzone-Heating-controls-thermostatEnergy Management with Heating Controls

        Smartzone are one of Ireland’s only companies to offer effective Heating Controls solutions as part of their Smart Home Security Package.

        You can help protect the earth and take a stance against climate change by saving on energy. Heating controls are an eco-friendly solution which helps homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint.

        As well as reducing energy use, Smartzone customers who have heating controls installed can see an average saving of €300 per year on the energy bills.

        Houses are normally zoned – downstairs, upstairs and hot water. Temperatures for each zone can be changed manually on the app meaning you can warm downstairs and cool upstairs at the same time.

        The Smart Thermostat can intelligently learn your routine to warm the house automatically based on where you are.


        Smart products

        Smart plugs and bulbs, not only reduce energy use, but can be controlled with ease using the app. Smart plugs can be automated to behave according to your schedule, which is triggered by your security system. This means that lamps, televisions or gaming consoles can be switched off when you’re out and about.

         For more information check out our website or call us on 021 4966248.