What is a Smartzone User Code?

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Smartzone User Code’s: Safer, Smarter, Simpler.

How many people should have a key to your house? There’s you and your partner. And your kids need their keys after school perhaps?

Then there’s your neighbor. He walks your dog when you’re away. Should your babysitter have a key? Maybe. If your plumber had a key, you could have saved a half-day of vacation last week, but you can’t just hand keys out and you know better than to keep one under a rock. Did the baby-sitter ever return that key? Your son lost his key on the bus, a nuisance, and a big security risk.

Keys are a headache. Smartzone smart locks and user codes are the cure.

Smartzone user codes are simple four or six-digit codes that allow users to disarm your Smartzone smart security and open your open your Alarm.com-powered smart lock. They make access easy, keep your home more secure, and protect your peace of mind by keeping you in the know:

How do user codes make life easier?


It’s simple to set up a unique code for each member of your family. Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up Smartzone user codes.

For non-family members, user codes are easy to customise for limited access. For your cleaner, you can set up a code that works only on weekdays between 12.00 and 2.00pm. A one-day user code will let a contractor in today, but not tomorrow.


Example of a Smartzone notification
Once everyone has their own code, Smartzone can let you know who’s coming and going. You can push notification or email when somebody arrives, or a daily video clip of your kids coming home from school.


User codes and smart locks eliminate many of the security risks and costs that come with spare keys. Unlike a key, a user code can’t be dropped, mislaid or left in the door. If your kids forget their codes, there’s always the doorbell camera and they can call you so that you can let them in using your smart lock.

And, should you ever suspect a code has been shared, stolen or misused, you can open your Smartzone App and delete it, fully restoring your front door’s security with no expensive locksmiths or alarm engineer visits necessary.


User codes and smart locks are part of the professionally-delivered, smarter home security experience that you get with Smartzone. Our Smartzone Pro Team can install a wide range of best-in-breed smart locks, fully integrated with your Smartzone smart security system and controlled with your Smartzone app.

To get connected & protected with Smartzone enter your details here or call 021 4966248 now to book your FREE assessment.

Protect Your Home Like Never Before With Video Analytics

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Smart Home Security is already proved an essential when giving your home the best protection. With instant alerts, remote arming features and professional monitoring, Smartzone customers are getting the best experience and value for money with their home alarm system… not to mention we are cheaper than most of our competitors.

And while Smart Home Security is taking all the complication out of protecting your house, we have introduced a way to maintain the simplicity of our system yet make it even more intelligent.

How? By introducing Video Analytics to the Irish market. Video Analytics create an even safer environment in your home – meaning you truly get the best protection with our security system.

The intelligent feature makes it easier to understand what is happening in your home, providing an extra layer of security.


What is Video Analytics?

Video Analytics is a recently introduced feature on the Alarm.com app. The optional feature integrates with your HD Video Monitoring system to give more intelligent alerts and insights. Using Artificial Intelligence, the analytics tool quickly learns occurrences in your home. By doing so it begins to understand the difference between unusual and everyday, routine activity.

So, if you leave for work everyday at 7:30am and return at 6pm, it recognises this as something that is normal and happens regularly. This way if someone is detected around the house at 2:30pm, the feature instantly knows that this is unusual activity and that the homeowner should be notified.

The nifty tool also categorises your video alerts, by using real-time insight, to give you greater control and value for your video monitoring package.

What exactly can  it do?

Camera used to serve a fairly standard function – video monitoring your home and saving to a harddrive for you to check out later. Smart Home technology transformed this by giving homeowners the option to save video footage to cloud storage so they can access only the most important video clips. The alert system meant that uses got instant notifications if anything out of the ordinary occurred.

Video Analytics has revolutionized how video monitoring works. The feature is so advanced that it can recognise if movement outside is the result of a person, animal or vehicle. Regular visitors, such as the postman, deliverymen (for those online shopping addicts), or neighbours, will be ignored so you’re not bogged down with any unnecessary alerts. These distinctions are made in real time before alerting you, or not, all according the preferences you set on the app.

We can now offer the function of creating zones and virtual, multi directional ‘tripwires’ around your home, so you are alerted the moment anyone or anything enters or crosses these sections.


With Video Analytics you know when  


Pets break the rules: Want to know if it really is your neighbours dog who has been sniffing around your garden when you’re away? Or do you have a sneaking suspicion that your pet has been sleeping on your bed while your at work? You will now get notifications which detect the movements of animals inside and outside your home, depending on where your cameras are placed.

Visitors linger: Be in the know when an unknown visitor is caught lingering around your home, but not when the postman delivers your mail.  

Vehicles stop: Get alerts when cars or vans pull up outside your home, but not every time a vehicle drives past.

You can add video analytics to your video monitoring system for just an additional €5 per month – not bad for that extra layer of protection. If you’re interested in activating video analytics contact Smartzone on 0818 222926. For more information about Smartzone and the services we provide visit our website at www.smartzone.ie.

Video Analytics Give Businesses Superior Security

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Smartzone, Ireland’s leading Smart Home and Business Automation company, have introduced Video Analytics to the Irish market, through their provider Alarm.com.

The newly deployed artificial intelligence (AI) architecture and video analytics service monitors video streams in real-time and alerts property owners about important events, while ignoring routine movement.

The new service is available now for residential and business subscribers through the Alarm.com app. The app integrates all the features of the smart home or business into a centralised dashboard to ease of use and greater control.

The Smartzone provided video analytics engine is optimized to address a wide variety of smart security applications with cost-effective video cameras on the edge.

Smartzone’s video analytics engine provides an intelligent new layer of security and awareness for home and business owners. Object classification and object tracking technology can distinguish between people, vehicles and animals, determine an object’s direction of movement, and measure the duration of activity.

Smartzone’s customers can selectively control and manage notifications and assign virtual zones and multi-directional “tripwires” so they can monitor their properties for highly specific activity.

  • Vehicles coming and going: Know when a vehicle stops outside your home during the daytime, or if a vehicle leaves unexpectedly overnight.
  • Lingering visitors: Get a video alert if someone lingers by your front door, but not when the post is delivered.
  • Automated deterrence: Set your lights and other home automation scenes to turn on when a person enters your premises, but not when an animal enters.
  • Vendor validation: Business managers can confirm that a delivery truck pulled into the loading dock, but won’t be notified each time a customer exits the building.

Video analytics is the latest in a line of proactive, intelligent safeguards that differentiate Smartzone’s smart home security solutions. Crash and Smash protection can deliver an alarm signal even when the panel is disabled. Unexpected Activity Alerts notify families or business managers about unusual events indicating potential safety or security issues, while Geo-Services triggers location-based reminders that make it easy to keep homes and businesses secure.

Customers interested in activating video analytics should can contact Smartzone on 0818222926. Visit www.smartzone.ie for more information.

What Is Geo Fencing And Why Do Smartzone Customers Love It So Much?

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Smartzone Geo Fencing Smart Home


Whether you have Heating Controls or the full Smart Home Security Starter Pack installed you already know about the wonderful and helpful features of Geo Fencing.

Geo Fencing is so easy and convenient to use, and just another reason why Irish homeowners are choosing Smartzone for their Smart Home solutions.

But what is Geo Fencing and how can it benefit you?

Geo Fencing is a feature on the app that allows you to set an invisible boundary around your home. Once you pass the boundary or enter the boundary the Smart Home Panel reacts to ensure that your home is protected and saving energy.


Don’t worry about forgetting

Our Smart Home Security Bundle is effective in ensuring that your home is protected while you’re away. But, it only works in your security system is armed. With Geo Fencing you can set a rule that your security system automatically arms once you leave the house – giving your home the best protection.


Save energy while you’re away

The best and easiest way to save energy in your smart home is by lowering the thermostat when it is not needed. But, if you’re like most of us you rush out the door in the morning to get the kids to school or make sure you don’t get caught in traffic. You can set rules so that the thermostat reduces the temperatures when you leave the boundary – saving energy and money!



Come home to comfort

There’s nothing better than stepping into a perfectly heated home, grabbing a cup of tea and relaxing on the couch when you finish your duties for the day. Geo Fencing turns the heat up when you’re on your way home. It can also turn on lights so you don’t have to fumble in the dark when stepping inside your door.


Put the security cameras on pause

Adding cameras to your security package makes your home even more secure then ever. However, you don’t want to receive constant alerts while you and your family walk about the house. Geo Fencing lets you pause cameras while your at home so you don’t get bogged down with alerts.

Geo Fencing can be set on the app’s dashboard. If you’re having trouble setting a boundary you can call our technical support team on 0818222926.

Get The Real Smart Home Experience In Our Douglas Showroom

Get the real Smart Home experience in our Douglas Showroom

Smartzone Douglas Store Home Security


Back in December Smartzone opened our Smart Home Showroom in Douglas. Why? To give you a hands on experience of what a Smart House has to offer before you consider availing of our Free Home Assessment.

The showroom is located in the thriving Douglas Court Shopping Centre. With plenty of shops around, why not pop in when doing the weekly shopping? Or you can even grab a coffee and sit down with us while talk you through how a Smart Home works.

Experience our security products and watch them perform ‘magic’! Listen to how the Smart Home hub beeps when you open a door, watch a live view from our video doorbell or lock the smart locks from the app on our tablets.

All our products are on display so you can see them up close.

You can even ask Alexa to perform tasks such as turning lights on and off. Play around with the app to discover just how you can control your home all from the one place.

A Smartzone team member will be present to take any questions and to talk you through how the systems work. We can even book a Free Home Assessment for you right there so you won’t have to call us at a later stage.

We’re open Monday to Wednesday from 9:30 – 6pm, Thursday and Friday 9:30am – 8pm, Saturday 9:30am – 6pm and 12pm – 6pm on Sundays.

We look forward to seeing you.

For those living outside the Cork City area, you can find more information about what we do here or call our customer service team on 021 4966249.

Smartzone’s Success At Ideal Home Show

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Smartzone Ideal Home Show Dublin Smart Home

As many of you know, Smartzone were present at this year’s spring Ideal Home Show. Ideal Home show gave us the perfect opportunity to meet those from all over the country and explain who we are and how we can benefit you.

Over the course of three days, our team spoke to hundreds of people who are curious about the area of smart home, have safety concerns over their home, and who are looking for solutions to reduce their energy use at no major costs.

At Smartzone we believe we are leading the Irish market in Smart Home technologies. We proudly provide smart home as a service so you can modernise and protect your home.

For those interested in the area of smart home, we offer service that allow you to control your home remotely and with ease. You can view what is happening inside and outside your home, turn appliances and lighting on and off, and integrate voice control commands with Alexa and Google Home.

Our security bundle gives you the ultimate peace of mind as you know you are always in control. When any of our Smart Home Security products are triggered, you are instantly alerted through the Alarm.com app. You know the second any unusual activity is taking place. Arm and disarming your home alarm can be done anywhere. As our equipment is wireless you don’t need to worry about any mess when installing your alarm.

Eco-friendly solutions are becoming more common in the home place, and for good reason too. Our actions are part of a bigger picture when it comes to protecting the earth. Smartzone offer heating controls among their eco-friendly solutions. Saving you on average €300 per year, heating controls reduces your carbon footprint making your home a greener one.

The great thing about our products is that they are as easy to use as they are to install. Smartzone’s goal is to make the lives of the Irish homeowner easier and to give them more control over what matters most.

For more information on our products and services check out our website or call us on 021 4966248.

Dogs for the Disabled Charity Event a barking success!

Smartzone Charity Donation Douglas

Smartzone’s Charity Event for Dogs for the Disabled proved a barking success with many locals calling into the showrooms to donate.

The Smartzone Showrooms, based in Douglas Court Shopping Centre, was brimming with children and parents visiting to take pictures with the dogs and sharing the generosity.

The Smartzone team were joined by volunteers of the charity as well as three beautiful, lively assistance dogs and puppies.

Smartzone Charity Event Douglas

Ivan chilling on the Smartzone Couch

Ivan, a golden retriever,  was the first to join the team for the day. Later black Labrador Judge and puppy Lanna took over to give Ivan a well deserved break. 

The charity breed and train dogs such as Ivan, Judge and Lanna to complete certain tasks to help those living with physical disabilities to live more independently.

As a thank you for all their work, Smartzone gave a donation of €500 to the charity

For those who could not attend the charity event you can still donate online at https://dogsfordisabled.ie/donate/. The Smartzone Showroom, which opened in December, showcases how a Smart Home operates. Visitors can avail of a Smart Home Demonstration and book a Free Home Assessment. For more information on our offers, products and services please check out our website or call us on 021 4966248.




€0 No Upfront Cost Smart Home Security and Heating Controls at Ideal Home Show

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Smartzone Security Offer Ideal Homes

Get our Smart Home Security and Heating Controls Bundle for no upfront costs at Ideal Homes.


To celebrate exhibiting at this year’s Ideal Home Show, Smartzone are running an offer which gives 100 lucky homeowners the chance to avail of our Smart Home Security and Heating Controls bundle at €0 no upfront cost. 

The one of a kind offer is available to homes that are eligible of the SEAI Better Energy Homes grant scheme. Homes that were built prior to 2006 and have not previously claimed the grant are typically eligible.

All you have to do is fill out the form that we will give you at our stand, Stand L85, and give us you MPRN number. Your MPRN number can be found on your electricity bill.

We will contact you after the event to set up a Free Home Assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to sit you down, talk you through what we do and show you how you can control your home from your phone. Our assessors will examine your home to ensure you are getting the system that best suits your home*.

We are aiming to make homes across Ireland greener by being Ireland’s best eco-friendly security and smart home company. Just a while back we launched the 1 million thermostat challenge where we have set ourselves a goal of installing thermostats in 1 million homes across Ireland.

The benefits of an eco-friendly secure home are endless. The security package ensures that your home is protected no matter where you are. The app allows you to view what is happening in your house directly from your phone. You will receive instant alerts the moment something happens.

Talk to Smartzone Experts Ideal Homes

Talk to our experts at Stand L85 to learn about our offers and services.

Our heating controls helps your home to be more eco-friendly. The smart thermostat helps the environment by cutting down on energy used for heating your home. The smart device learns your patterns, by connecting with the security system,  and adjusts the temperature accordingly. You can also use the app to increase or decrease temperatures upstairs and downstairs.

For those who cannot avail of the offer we will also be running a competition where one lucky winner will be given the chance to win a Smart Home Security system and not pay any monthly fees for the 3 years.


Terms and Conditions

*The security package includes 1 x Smart Home Panel, 1 x Arm/ Disarm Keypad, 3 x Motion Sensors and 2 x Door sensors.
Any add on products to the package will be at a cost to the customer.
While the package costs nothing to install, customers will be required to pay a monthly fee of
Contract Length is 36 months. 

For more information on our offer and competition you can visit our experts at stand L85 at Ideal Homes. For any information on our other bundles, products and services check out our website at https://smartzone.ie/ or call us on 021 4966248.

Smartzone to host Dogs for the Disabled Fundraising Event

Smartzone Charity Event Ireland


  • When? Saturday 30th March

  • Where? Smartzone Store, Douglas Court Shopping Centre

  • What time? 10am – 2pm


The Smartzone Experience Centre will be full of fluffy tails on 30th March as we will hold an in store charity event with Dogs for the Disabled.


The fundraising event will take place between 10am -2pm in the Smartzone Store in Douglas Court Shopping Centre. The event is to celebrate the official opening of the Smartzone Experience Centre.


The decision to partner up with Dogs for Disabled was made on a number of factors including the charity being based locally and the level of support given to a range of people with different physical disabilities.  


“We wanted to celebrate our newly opened experience centre by giving something back to the community. We have been friends with members of Dogs for the Disabled for a while and saw the work that they were doing. We were really blown away by the level of commitment from the volunteers and the difference the dogs were making to the lives of so many people,” said Justin McInerney, Smartzone CEO.


Dogs for the Disabled was founded in 2007 and provides people with physical disabilities with trained dogs which help them carry out a range of tasks so they can live more independently.


Smartzone Dog Charity Event Ireland

Speaking on the charity, founder Jennifer Dowler has said “At Dogs for the Disabled, we are driven by our belief in a better world for our Partners, a world where they are active members of society and not limited by their disability and we do this through the provision of our multi-talented Assistance Dogs.  The feeling of not always having to ask for help for simple everyday tasks, is empowering, develops confidence and allows for the persons true gifts to shine through. Our Assistance dogs help to transform lives.”


Smartzone and Dogs for the Disabled are also giving the public the opportunity to name an assistance puppy, which is due to be born at the beginning of April. The charity ask that name suggestions begin with the letter ‘M’.


The public can comment a name on the Smartzone Facebook page. A name will be chosen on Sunday 31st March.


If you can’t make the event you can also donate here.


For more information on what we do you can check out our homepage or call us on 021 4966248.


Come Visit Us at Ideal Home 12th – 14th April


Catch us at this year’s Permanent Ideal Home Show taking place from April 12th-14th in the RDS Dublin.

Smartzone Ideal Home RDS DublinIdeal Home brings together some of Ireland’s best loved home improvements to help give you the inspiration that you need to make your house the home of your dreams.

There’s plenty to see at the Ideal Home Show, including our Smart Home technology. Guests are welcome to our stand for a full demo of our products, and to seek advice from our experts on how our services can greatly benefit your home.

We will also be running a competition giving a prize away a day to three lucky visitors. Stay tuned to our social media accounts to learn more coming up to the event.

Our booth will be located at L85 so swing by to see what smart home solutions we can offer you.

SEAI Grant

Here at Smartzone we are partnered with the SEAI to give away heating controls are a hugely reduced price. Talk to our staff at the event to find out if your home is grant applicable. If you are entitled to a grant from the SEAI we can make vast improvements to your home at little cost to you!

Tickets and Entry

Head over to the ideal homes website to register for free tickets. You can also register on our Facebook page.

Floorplan of the event

Find us at L85 just in sight of the Dyson Wellbeing showhouse.

Ideal Home Floorplan Dublin Ireland