There’s No Substitute for Professional Security Monitoring

When an emergency strikes, everyone needs help.

It doesn’t matter how brave or capable or dedicated you are.

Take user Benjamin. He’s all of the above. When his security system alerted him to a fire in his house, he ran inside without hesitation to rescue his two dogs, trapped in an upstairs room.

What he didn’t need to do was stop and call the fire department first. His professional monitoring service had it covered. As Benjamin sprang into action, firefighters were already on their way to save his and his neighbor’s townhomes. Here’s his story.

Instead of having to hesitate, dial 999 and talk to a dispatcher, Benjamin was able to focus on getting everyone to safety. In an emergency at your home, that’ll be your first instinct too.

That’s why you need a Smartzone security monitoring, and why it’s included with every Smartzone security system.

In a fire or break-in at your home, an system sends an emergency signal, via a dedicated mobile connection, to a monitoring station staffed 24/7 with trained security professionals. They’ll quickly assess the situation and alert your local law enforcement or fire department.

With Smartzones new Smart Signal feature, you can even send an emergency signal to your monitoring station from your phone if you’re in danger. They’ll take care of the rest while you get your family to safety.

Don’t get us wrong: smartphone alerts and real-time awareness are home security essentials too. Just ask Benjamin’s dogs. For complete protection for your family and home, however, professional security is always the smartest choice.

How do I get professional monitoring?

Getting the best protection for your family is easy with an service provider. Smartzone home security experts who can quickly design, install and configure a complete smart security system for your home. Professional monitoring is always included.


Four Ways to Use a Smartzone Image Sensor


Tom and Jerry. Chips and curry. You and your significant other. Great partnerships make the world a better place.

Take the Smartzone powered by Image Sensor. A partnership between a motion sensor and a connected camera, it keeps you safe, protects your property, and shows you what’s happening at home for instant peace of mind.

Unlike security cameras, Image Sensors capture photos, not video. They also don’t need wires or Wi-Fi, making them easy to install virtually anywhere in your home. Recently enhanced with better night vision and image resolution, these versatile smart home security devices have more uses than ever.

1: See and capture important activity

Did the postman just open your gate, or was it an intruder? Is that your wife in the garage, or did your two-year old finally reach the door handle? With an Image Sensor on guard, can send an instant snapshot to your phone when activity occurs, enabling you to act quickly if necessary, or relax.

In a fire or break-in, your Image Sensors take a stream of pictures automatically and upload them securely to’s cloud via cellular connection. As one user found out after a fire, visual evidence makes a huge difference.

2: Check in on home anytime

checking in after school to confirming that holiday home is ok after a storm, Image Sensors offer on-demand peace of mind when you can’t be there in person.

Checking in is easy: just open your Smartzone App or dashboard, choose an Image Sensor, and request a snapshot. If you need to see a specific activity, like your kids arriving home, you can also create Image Sensor alerts activated by other devices—in this case, your smart lock or security panel.

3: Activate other smart devices

Because they’re 
powered by, Image Sensors can activate other smart devices on your behalf, enabling your house to respond automatically when an Image Sensor detects motion.

Want to make your porch less attractive to prowlers at night? An smart light, triggered by an Image Sensor’s night-time motion sensors, will do the trick.

4: Stay in the know when there’s no Wi-Fi

With cellular technology on board, Image Sensors don’t need Wi-Fi or broadband. This makes them ideal for keeping tabs on out-of-the way areas at home, or on a holiday home without broadband service.

Even if there’s a power outage, your Image Sensors will keep on working—just like your security panel.

Want to protect your home with Image Sensors? 

Image Sensors are sold exclusively by Smartzone as part of a smart home security system, and can be quickly installed alongside other smart devices like locks, security cameras, video doorbells and more.

Setting up Heating Schedules

Setting up Heating Schedules

Setting up Heating schedules allow you set up times and temperatures for each zone so you always wake up or come home to a warm house and keeps it at a lower temperature when you’re out of the house or asleep to save you money. This is how you set up your Heating Schedules:


1 – Login to using your login details

This will bring you to your Home page (see example below).


2 – Choose any thermostat by selecting the arrow on the top right

This will bring you into the administration site for thermostats.

3 – Choose Schedules on the top orange bar

On the top left choose the Thermostat you wish to change (‘Living Thermostat’ selected here).


4 – Choose number of days

At the bottom of the page you see you have a choice of selecting 5 +2 or 7 day. If you select 5 & 2 then you get one setting for weekdays and 1 setting for weekends (as above)

If you select 7 days you can change temperature for 7 days (see below)

5 – Choosing number of time bands

The other option you have is 2 or 4 settings per day. Two settings is often just used for Home or Away and 4 settings could be for Home in morning and evening, ‘Away’ during the day and ‘Sleep’ as in example No. 4.


6 – To Set the Heating Schedule (Times and Temperatures)

To set the heating schedule you simply drag the end of each time band back or forward to the time that suits your needs and amend the temperature with arrows above. Arrows to the right will increase the temperature and arrows to the left will decrease the temperature.

7 – Save your Settings

Scroll down to the end and click Save.

You will get a pop up message saying Scheduled changes have been saved.

8 – Copying the Schedule

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

If you have more than 1 zone you will need to set up the Time and Temperature for each Thermostat. You can do this the same way as in example No. 6.

You can then do the same for other Thermostats or just simply Copy the Schedule as per the example below and you’ll receive a message confirming your changes have been made.

9 – Heating boost

Finally, if you want to boost your heating the simplest way is from the App.


Heating Control from the App.


To Control the Heating

  1. Go to the app
  2. Go to Thermostats (assuming Heat Mode is on)
  3. Select the zone you want to change ie Upstairs
  4. The current temperature is displayed on the top right where it says ‘Current’.

The target temperature is displayed in the middle

  1. To increase the temperature select the Up arrow and bring the temperature higher than the Current temperature
  2. To decrease the temperature select the ‘Down’ arrow and bring the temperature lower than the Current temperature
  3. The temperature will return to the schedule when the schedule changes


You’ll Relax Better This Summer with Professional Monitoring

The warm weather has arrived. Summer plans are starting to come together. Between your kids’ activities, days out with all the family and summer holiday plans, you’re going to be away from home more.

For peace of mind, maybe you’re considering installing a smart device so you’ll know about suspicious activity at home when you’re not there. Connected cameras can send you smartphone alerts, for example. There are even security solutions with activity sensors that alert you if a door or window opens.

Peace of mind, one alert at a time. Right?

Or is there something missing here? Consider these questions:

1: Will you catch every alert?  

What if there’s a break-in at home, and you get an alert—but you miss it? What if you’re swimming, or at the movies with your family, with your phone on “do not disturb”? Maybe you’re on an airplane, or just taking a nap?

2: Will you respond to every alert?

Investigating every alert for suspicious activity isn’t easy. You can get overwhelmed, especially with standalone services that don’t understand enough contexts to recognize harmless activity like a cleaner entering your home.

If you’re holidaying, meanwhile, would you know what to do if you spotted suspicious activity at home? If you’re overseas, for example, dialling 999 won’t connect you to your local law enforcement or fire department.

3: Is there a better way to protect your home? 

Don’t get us wrong: smartphone alerts from home are great. They can let you know that everything is going okay at home, or that you need to call and check in with your teen.

For a real emergency, however, you need professional security monitoring.

Every Smartzone smart security system includes this service.  No matter where you are, or what time of day or night it is, you’ll have a trained security professional ready and waiting to respond to an alarm signal from your home by alerting your local law enforcement or fire department on your behalf. technology comes with other proactive safeguards too. You’ll get crash and smash protection, our dedicated cellular connection and our Insights Engine.

What about smart devices? You can incorporate a full range of those too, like a video doorbell to deter and identify suspicious visitors, a smart lock to protect your deliveries, and smart smoke detectors for better safety.

For peace of mind this summer and all year round, there’s no better solution.

Do I Need a Security System If I Have a Dog?

Just about everyone is happy to see a dog—except for burglars, that is.

When a burglar has a choice between a home with a dog and a home without a dog, the dog-free house will typically end up as the target.

Does that mean that you should forgo a security system because you own a dog? Not exactly. Let’s compare the two and see.

1: How reliably do they alert you to trouble?


Dogs have amazing senses, with their sharp ears and superior scents-ability. Much like a security system, a dog can alert you right away to an intruder on your property. The downside of this is, to your dog, many everyday visitors count as intruders.

“Squirrel!”  “Postman!” “Neighbour!” They’re all excuses for your dog to start barking.

smart home security system does it better. Like a dog, it’s proactive when an intruder is detected—but it’s far better at discerning a genuine intruder from a harmless everyday event, thanks to its use of intelligence from all around the home.

Equally important, if there’s a break-in, a Smartzone-powered security system can alert a 24-7 monitoring station for professional help.

The verdict: Until dogs get their own dedicated cellular connections, smart home security wins this round.


2: How well do they keep burglars out?

Burglars avoid homes with security systems. 60 percent will go elsewhere if they see one. Add a smart security camera and you have a formidable deterrent.

Of course, most burglars don’t want to meet your dog, either. Should they spot dog toys in the garden or hear muffled barking, many will move along.

Deterrence aside, though, there are some things a dog can’t help with. For example, one-third of all burglaries are cases of unlawful entry—a burglar entering through an unlocked door or window. With proactive reminders and remote locking, an security system can save the day when you’re in a rush and forget to secure the house.

Winner: Dogs and security systems are both great deterrents, but a dog can’t send you a smartphone alert if you forget to lock up. Smart home security wins this round.


3: How tamper-resistant are they? 

How does canine security hold up if an experienced burglar targets your home? It’s not unknown for a burglar to arrive with food to distract a dog, for example. While a specially trained dog may hold his ground, most dogs will scamper away after their prize.

Meanwhile, a lawbreaker will need more than a steak to defeat a smart home security system. Even if they take a hammer to your security panel,’s Crash and Smash technology can still alert your home’s 24-7 monitoring station.

Winner: Engineered to meet rigorous life safety standards and immune to temptation, the smart security system wins this one hands-down.


4: Which one is more fun?

You can have fun with a smart home security system. Checking in on your kids from work is fun; so is showing off your smart lights and your video doorbell to your neighbours.

Let’s be real though: it’ll never take the place of that furry, wiggling, licking goofball that always loves you, no matter what.

Winner: Sorry, security system: this one goes to the dog.

Why Smart Home Security is the Best Holiday House-Minder

When you go on holiday, it’s extra-relaxing to have a friend or family member keeping an eye on things at home.

This year, though, you could give your regular houseminder a break—and give yourself a new level of peace of mind.

When it comes to protecting, securing, and keeping an eye on your home, new technology can rival even the most diligent housesitter. A smart security system powered by Smartzone watches your home around the clock, and can take proactive measures to safeguard your property while making it easy to check in anytime.

Here’s why Smartzone could be the greatest houseminder of all.

1: It never takes its eyes off your house. 

Houseminders are great at keeping an eye on things, but they also have to earn paychecks, run errands, sleep and socialize.

A smart security system, meanwhile, can provide round-the-clock awareness. Connected sensors and devices can generate instant smartphone alerts about important activity at your home, letting you know if something is wrong or suspicious.

With 24-7 professional monitoring, a fire or break-in can be reported to a monitoring station, where a security professional can dispatch first responders to your home. It doesn’t matter whether you see an alert or not in order for you to be protected in an emergency.

2: It knows where the water main is

If a pipe leaks or bursts, how quickly could you get to the water main and shut it off? Wait… do you even know where your water main is? If you don’t, then your houseminder certainly doesn’t.

Protection from water damage is another area where technology now outpaces even the most diligent human. With a combination of water sensors and a smart shutoff valve fitted to your home’s water main, your Smartzone-powered system is capable of detecting a leak and automatically shutting the water off to prevent damage from accumulating.

With the clean-up costs of a water leak potentially running into tens of thousands of Euro’s, this is one proactive safeguard you definitely want when you travel.

3: It’s always home to accept deliveries

You’re expecting post while you’re gone, but you can’t expect your houseminder to put their schedule on hold in order to sit at your house, waiting for the doorbell to ring.

A doorbell camera, integrated into your security system, can make things easy. When the Postman rings the bell, your Smartzone app can alert you. Wherever you happen to be, you should be able to see them, talk to them, unlock your smart lock, and ask them to leave the package inside.

4: You can check in anytime—no calls necessary.

With time differences and busy schedules, checking in with your houseminder can be inconvenient. You might prefer not to bother them.

With Smartzone, though, you can check in whenever you feel that itch. Just open your app, select a video camera feed, and take a peek. You can also quickly scan the status of your locks, smart thermostat, system arming status, lights and garage door.

If you prefer to keep check-ins to a minimum, it’s easy to set up alerts customized to your preferences. Give your house-minder a personalized keyless access code, and you can have an alert appear whenever they show up and leave, or only if they don’t show at all. You can even create video alerts associated with your smart lock to visually verify who’s visiting.

Smartzone, Powered by

Smart Home Security Versus… Dishonest Visitors

Have you ever opened your front door to a salesperson, only to end up thinking: there’s something weird going on here?

Maybe it was the questions that seemed too intrusive. Are you home all the time? When is a good time to come back and talk more? Maybe the person was uncomfortably insistent about coming inside to demonstrate a product. Or it was their company ID: it didn’t look right, or they couldn’t produce one at all.

Unfortunately, your instincts may have been correct. Not everyone who knocks on people’s front doors is who he says he is.

Who are these visitors?

It’s hard to say. It might just be an inept salesperson—or it could be a sophisticated burglar “casing” your house. This burglary tactic is all about finding out who’s home, whether there are times when no one will be home, what’s inside, and how secure your home is. How does smart security safeguard you?     

Our smart home security technology helps deter dishonest visitors and makes it easier for you to verify who’s at your door without putting yourself at risk. With smart, connected video technology, it can even help law enforcement catch a burglar.

Safeguard 1: Answer the door without opening it 

A Smartzone-powered doorbell camera is a safer and smarter way to find out who’s at the door.

When a visitor rings the bell, you can see them in HD video to visually verify them, and have a voice conversation with them via your smartphone. There’s no need to open the door, which makes it easier to politely but firmly end the conversation if a visitor seems suspicious.

In fact, you don’t even need to reveal whether you’re home or not. You can use your doorbell camera when you’re home, at work, or anywhere else—making your home appear occupied even when it isn’t.

Safeguard 2: The smart home security deterrent

Even before you answer your doorbell camera, there’s a strong chance of your Smartzone-powered security system stopping a burglar in his tracks.

Most burglars check for security systems when they’re looking for homes to target, and 60 percent of them will completely avoid a home that has one.

A connected security camera—either a doorbell camera or an outdoor camera—is a visible sign that your home is protected, while a yard sign from your Smartzone service provider indicates that your system is professionally monitored.

Safeguard 3: Fast video awareness with easy sharing

Your Smartzone-powered security cameras are a particularly effective deterrent because they help the Gardai enforcement track burglars down.

Unlike old video monitoring technology, Smartzone can alert you immediately when your cameras catch a motion-triggered clip of a visitor. It’s easy to download the clip to your smartphone, and you can forward the footage as easily as sending a photo.

If you think you’ve captured a dishonest visitor on video, your local Garda Station will be pleased to receive the footage. Burglars often return to the same neighborhood over and over, and a video clip can be the breakthrough that police need to identify and catch them.

Want to know more? 

Contact us today on 0818 222 926.

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What’s New in Smartzone’s Summer ’17 App Update

Our latest app updates are here, bringing some valuable enhancements to your video monitoring experience.

Update your iOS or Android app today, and you’ll find it easier to see what’s happening with your smart security cameras—plus, you’ll never miss a visitor again.

Share your video clips easily

Sharing an Smartzone video clip is now as easy as sharing a photo. When you watch a recorded clip, you’ll see a new set of icons at the bottom of the screen, including a Share button that lets you share the clip via message, email or social media.

Whether you need to quickly forward a clip of a suspicious caller to your local Garda Station or neighborhood watch group, or you want to upload a clip of your toddler playing to your Facebook timeline, you’ll find it a seamless and intuitive experience.

Get a closer look at live video

iOS and Android users alike can now digitally zoom in on video feeds.

Did you hear a noise outside your house and want to see what’s going on? Are you at work and wondering what your kids are watching on TV? Just open your outdoor camera’s video feed, then use your fingertips to zoom in anywhere on the picture for a better view of what’s happening.

Hear a visitor from anywhere

Have you ever missed a live Doorbell Camera notification on your phone because you were busy, and thought it was just a text? The push notification sent when someone rings the Doorbell now uses a special doorbell chime instead of the default notification sound.

Android Shortcuts support

Android users can now take advantage of Android Shortcuts to interact with their homes more quickly. If you’re running Android 7.1 and up, you’ll be able to set up a set of quick commands, activated via a long-touch on your home screen’s Smartzone icon.

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Why Smartzone Is a Move-In Essential

Moving into a new home this year and feeling overwhelmed? Got a ton of projects and purchases to organize?

Here’s a valuable tip: prioritize any project that makes the others easier.

Take home security, for example. The latest smart home security systems don’t just give you peace of mind; they can also take care of several common problems from day one, making an instant impact on your new home’s to-do list.

1: Securing your new place

In an unfamiliar home and neighborhood, your ‘security senses’ will be heightened, especially at night. Getting connected with Smartzone is the fastest way to put your mind at ease and secure your new home properly.

We’ll work with you to customize a smart security system for your home, which can include wireless contact sensors for doors and windows, image sensors, smoke detectors and lots of other smart devices, all connected into a smartphone app that keeps you connected to home with security alerts and more.

Smartzone-powered systems are professionally monitored for emergencies, and come with proactive intelligence that starts protecting your home and family immediately.

2: Giving access to essential visitors 

From friends and family to contractors and deliverymen, you’re going to have a lot of visitors at your new home. Smart access control makes things more convenient, enabling you to let trusted visitors in remotely, with no spare keys necessary.

If you’re concerned about unlocking your door when you’re not there, consider a video doorbell for your system. When a visitor rings the bell, you can verify who they are via live video on your smartphone. When you’re happy, you can unlock your smart lock from the same video screen.

3: Tackling energy efficiency and waste

Making your new home more energy-efficient is likely to be a long-term project. It might take years to replace older appliances or windows, for example.

A smart thermostat, however, can start saving energy right away, simply by setting your cooling or heating back when you’re not home.

Because it’s connected to your security system, the Smartzone smart thermostat knows exactly when you’re home or not—ensuring that you get savings when you’re away, and comfort when you’re there. It also has some very smart extra ways to save you energy.

Want a smart security system for your new home? 

Contact us today on 0818 222 926.

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How Smartzone Protects Your Family When You’re Not There

Becoming a dad changes everything. Most of all, it changes you. Scientific research has confirmed that—for dads as well as moms—having a family literally rewires your brain.

Before kids, you could sleep through freight train noise. Today, one faint cry from the next bedroom gets you up and lumbering down the hall. Before kids, crying babies in public made you cringe. Today, you might walk over to see if you can distract the baby with silly faces. The transformation is remarkable.

Likewise, when you travel nowadays, part of you enjoys the break, but the “new” you doesn’t feel right about being cut off. That’s why many dads opt to stay connected and keep things secure with a smart home security system.

Here’s why you can rely on it

1: has its own “dad reflexes”