Smartzone to host Dogs for the Disabled Fundraising Event

Smartzone Charity Event Ireland


  • When? Saturday 30th March

  • Where? Smartzone Store, Douglas Court Shopping Centre

  • What time? 10am – 2pm


The Smartzone Experience Centre will be full of fluffy tails on 30th March as we will hold an in store charity event with Dogs for the Disabled.


The fundraising event will take place between 10am -2pm in the Smartzone Store in Douglas Court Shopping Centre. The event is to celebrate the official opening of the Smartzone Experience Centre.


The decision to partner up with Dogs for Disabled was made on a number of factors including the charity being based locally and the level of support given to a range of people with different physical disabilities.  


“We wanted to celebrate our newly opened experience centre by giving something back to the community. We have been friends with members of Dogs for the Disabled for a while and saw the work that they were doing. We were really blown away by the level of commitment from the volunteers and the difference the dogs were making to the lives of so many people,” said Justin McInerney, Smartzone CEO.


Dogs for the Disabled was founded in 2007 and provides people with physical disabilities with trained dogs which help them carry out a range of tasks so they can live more independently.


Smartzone Dog Charity Event Ireland

Speaking on the charity, founder Jennifer Dowler has said “At Dogs for the Disabled, we are driven by our belief in a better world for our Partners, a world where they are active members of society and not limited by their disability and we do this through the provision of our multi-talented Assistance Dogs.  The feeling of not always having to ask for help for simple everyday tasks, is empowering, develops confidence and allows for the persons true gifts to shine through. Our Assistance dogs help to transform lives.”


Smartzone and Dogs for the Disabled are also giving the public the opportunity to name an assistance puppy, which is due to be born at the beginning of April. The charity ask that name suggestions begin with the letter ‘M’.


The public can comment a name on the Smartzone Facebook page. A name will be chosen on Sunday 31st March.


If you can’t make the event you can also donate here.


For more information on what we do you can check out our homepage or call us on 021 4966248.


Come Visit Us at Ideal Home 12th – 14th April

Catch us at this year’s Permanent Ideal Home Show taking place from April 12th-14th in the RDS Dublin.

Smartzone Ideal Home RDS DublinIdeal Home brings together some of Ireland’s best loved home improvements to help give you the inspiration that you need to make your house the home of your dreams.

There’s plenty to see at the Ideal Home Show, including our Smart Home technology. Guests are welcome to our stand for a full demo of our products, and to seek advice from our experts on how our services can greatly benefit your home.

We will also be running a competition giving a prize away a day to three lucky visitors. Stay tuned to our social media accounts to learn more coming up to the event.

Our booth will be located at L85 so swing by to see what smart home solutions we can offer you.

SEAI Grant

Here at Smartzone we are partnered with the SEAI to give away heating controls are a hugely reduced price. Talk to our staff at the event to find out if your home is grant applicable. If you are entitled to a grant from the SEAI we can make vast improvements to your home at little cost to you!

Tickets and Entry

Head over to the ideal homes website to register for free tickets. You can also register on our Facebook page.

Floorplan of the event

Find us at L85 just in sight of the Dyson Wellbeing showhouse.

Ideal Home Floorplan Dublin Ireland

FAQ: Does My Home Qualify For An SEAI ‘Better Energy Homes Grant’?

Grants are available to fund energy efficiency upgrades such as boiler replacements, heating controls and insulation for all homes built prior to 2006.

In order to receive the grant, the work must be completed by a SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) registered installer.

All Smartzone installers are trained and SEAI approved. Approval must be gained before any work commences. As an SEAI approved counterparty, we can handle the grant process for you – end to end. This means you don’t have to worry about the paperwork.

We are experts in home comfort and smart heating controls with SEAI and RGII (Registered Gas Installers of Ireland).

Approved Smartzone installers are available all over the country and you can rest assured you’ll get only the highest standard. We will take your grant into account when you receive a quotation.

Want to know if you can claim the SEAI Grant to make your home more energy efficient? Call us now on 021 496 6248 or fill out our contact form and one of our customer service representatives will contact you.

FAQ: What Are Zoned Smart Heating Controls?

You may be familiar with our heating controls offer. When we do a FREE Home assessment you may notice one of our assessors discussing zoning.

Zoning is part of our standard heating package. When a house is zoned it means that you can separately manage temperatures downstairs, upstairs and for hot water.

You can keep downstairs warm while you’re chilling watching TV or eating dinner, and cool upstairs before you head to bed for a sound night’s sleep.

Zoning allows you to save money on your energy costs by only heating the areas of your home being used, instead of the whole house.

Our customers even see savings of up to €300 per year when they install Smartzone Heating Controls.

To learn more about heating controls or how you can get them installed call us on 021 4966248. You can also complete our contact form and one of our customer service representatives will contact you.

FAQ: What are the benefits of the Smartzone Smart Home solution?


Believe it or not but there is an array of benefits to our Smart Home Solutions including:

  • A complete Smart solution all managed from One app.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your Security System
  • Real-time notifications if your security alarm is triggered so you always know what’s happening in your home, with the ability to remotely arm or disarm the system.
  • Extra peace of mind with motion sensors that send an alert to your phone if movement is detected inside your home.
  • GEO Fencing sends a reminder if your Smart Home registered phone leaves your home and the property has not been armed.
  • Unique pin numbers (i.e. you can provide visitors with a unique, one-off code to access your house if you are not home).
  • Manage your heating so that your home is energy efficient. Get real insights into your energy use to automate the temperature settings in your home and schedule heating for each area of the house. With increased control over your energy use, you can save on your energy bills.
  • Save money on your heating and lighting bills by remotely turning off forgotten  lights or heating systems after you have left the home or business.
  • Control your lights with smart plugs, so they automatically turn on when you walk in the door.
  • Set schedules for your lights to come on and off to give the impression that someone is home when you’re on holiday.
  • Free BER cert.
  • Wireless installation and ‘smash and crash’ protection, meaning the alarm communication still goes to the monitoring station even if an intruder destroys the control panel.
  • Not dependent on broadband so will not drop if broadband goes down.

For more information on how Smartzone can transform your house into a smart home call us on 021 4966248 or fill out the contact form and one of our customer service representatives will contact you.

FAQ: Do I Need Broadband?

One of the main advantages of Smartzone is the ability for the products to connect through cellular connection. This ensures that a broadband connection may not be essential for your security system or heating controls to work.

How does it work? The main system Hub has Dual-path communication – hard-wired broadband connectivity via Ethernet and mobile connectivity via GSM SIM card as well as a backup battery.

Another great advantage of this is that a cellular connection cannot be cut by burglars. Our panels also have a Crash and Smash feature meaning that even if it was to be attacked it can still alert you allowing you an opportunity to contact emergency services.

This keeps you safer and more secure as it eliminates the risk of power cuts affecting system usage.

It should be noted however that broadband is essential for video upload.

For more information of how Smartzone can transform, connect and protect your home call us today on 021 4966248 or fill out the contact form and one of our customer service representatives will contact you.

FAQ: How Are Smartzone’s Systems Monitored?

Typical traditional Security systems only alert you when they go off. Unlike these, Smartzone’s security system monitors the activity across your home’s sensors 24/7, whether your system is armed or not. This means your system can be useful in emergency and non-emergency events.

Smartzone’s security products send signal from the alarm over a dedicated secure cellular connection for the quick and reliable communication.

If the alarm is set off all listed contacts will be alerted. In the case of an emergency, such as a break in, the Gardaí will be notified.

Non-emergency alerts are processed and sent out based on the rules that you define. For example, you may choose to get an alert when the front door opens after 4pm so you know your child is home from school.

All alerts are sent to your phone or tablet via the app where you can also live feed video if you decide to add cameras to your security bundle.

For more information on our security bundle call us on 021 4966248 or fill out our contact form and one of our customer representatives will contact you.

Why Your Home Needs Heating Controls

The energy used by Irish households is staggering. As much as 1/4 of Ireland’s energy use is created from the residential sector.

The findings which come from an SEAI report has also found that since 2014 the residential sector has begun to see a rise in carbon emissions from Irish homes.

Oil Heating still remains at the top when it comes to home heating methods. This type of heating accounts “for 37% of all final energy used in the residential sector in 2016”.

Any increase in, or failure to decrease, energy use is having serious consequences for our planet and our society. The effects of high energy use includes increased carbon footprint, increased energy costs and a reduction in energy supply.

Houses built pre-2006 are eligible for an SEAI grant which covers the costs of implementing heating controls in your home. Smartzone are one of the only companies in Ireland that provide heating controls with a smart security bundle at no extra cost. This means that we charge only for the security package at €199 installation fee and don’t charge for heating controls. The reason we do this is because we can claim the SEAI grant on your behalf meaning you can relax and leave all the hefty paperwork to us.

So, if you’re not fully convinced yet here are some reasons you need to implement heating controls into your home.
  • As mentioned above, there are many unappealing consequences to failing to reduce your energy use. Losing control of your heating schedule raises your carbon footprint further harming the earth. With Smartzone, you can easily control your schedule through our app meaning you have control and full knowledge of your energy use.


  • Save money. When using energy controls our customers can see savings of up to €300 per year!


  • All in one app. At Smartzone we like to make your life as easy as possible. This is why all our services are controllable under one app, which can be used on a mobile phone and tablet. You can change the temperatures downstairs or upstairs with the simple touch of a button.




  • Works to your schedule. Our heating controls and smart thermostat work intelligently with out Smartzone hub. In doing so, the hub tracks where you are in the house or if you’ve even left. the heating controls adjust to where you are. If you are out picking up messages the smart thermostat will decrease the temperature in your home to save one energy. It can also recognise when you have left a window or door open to reduce temperatures accordingly.


  • Ultimate comfort. As well as saving energy, the thermostat learns how you spend your day in your home to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere in a perfect temperature room that suits you.


  • Easy installation. Our products are wireless ensuring that installation is easy, straightforward and doesn’t interfere with your schedule.

Ireland is failing to meet its 2020 renewable energy targets, but here’s how you can help save energy.


Ireland will not meet its 2020 renewable energy targets. In fact Ireland has come out as one of the worst performing countries in the EU for target progression by placing 26th out of 28th.

You may think it may not be that significant. It is.  The consequence of failure to reach our targets include a fine of €600 million and a world that is in a constant struggle to stay alive.

These findings come from a recently released report from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. The report outlines that the EU requires that 20% of Ireland’s energy use is to come from renewable sources. Currently only half of our of this target, 10.6%, is coming from renewables.

However, the faith of the Irish people has not been destroyed. From electric cars to No Meat Monday, people all over Ireland have been making their effort to go greener.

Smartzone offers Irish homeowners smart options in reducing energy use. Here are 3 ways we are tackling unnecessary energy use.

Heating controls



All controllable under one app, homeowners have the power to increase or decrease their heating or even to turn it on or off. Smartzone offers two different options when installing heating controls. The first is zoning. Zoning categorizes different areas in the house into zones. For example, the downstairs would be one zone and the upstairs would be another.

The second option is to install valves in each room. Therefore, the temperature in each room would be adjustable.

Our smart thermostat is so intelligent that it decreases the temperatures when it knows you’ve left the house, turns the AC down when you’ve left a window open and adjusts accordingly to the room or zone that you are in.

In reducing energy, Smartzone’s products also help you to save significantly on your bills. Our customers have seen savings of up to €300 per year by eliminating unnecessary waste usage.

Smart plugs

Smart plugs are just as their name suggests; a very intelligent plug! Smart plugs give you the ability to switch on or off electronics in the home. No more accidentally leaving lamps on when you head out for work, or leaving televisions on standby. Smart plugs are controllable through the app meaning that saving energy is more convenient than ever.

Water Management

Our water management service tracks your daily, weekly and monthly usage. From the app you can set water saving targets and receive alerts when you go above them. Water Valves, which are to be released by Smartzone very soon, will give you control to turn off the water supply if a leak is detected.

Want to get in on the energy saving action? 

Call us on 021 4966248 to learn more from our customer service team or to book a FREE home assessment.