What’s the Best Smart Security Camera?

When everyone claims to make the best home security camera, how do you choose? 

There are HD cameras. Wide-angle cameras. 1020p cameras with night vision. Indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras. Do you look for the latest features, the biggest discounts, or the best security camera reviews? 

With so much to consider, it’s easy to miss a very important detail. 

It’s not all about the camera. Look at the platform first. 

While a smart security camera’s components, design and engineering make a big difference, the software platform is where the “smart” part happens. Your camera’s app and its features, your video alerts and your customization options are all determined by this layer of digital technology. 

It’s why Smartzone think the best home security cameras are powered by Alarm.com

Alarm.com-powered cameras come fully integrated into our platform and app through your Smartzone security system. As well as best-in-class hardware, they give you advanced video features, extra home security benefits, and an easy, professionally-supported experience. 

1: See what’s going on from anywhere, anytime.


Whether you’re investigating a strange noise outside, or just saying hello to your kids from the office, the Alarm.com app makes things easy. 

You can view a live stream from any camera with your smartphone, tablet, desktop, Apple Watch or even your TV. You can be at work and still talk to a visitor at your door. If you get an alert that your alarm is going off, you can open a camera feed, zoom in to see what’s going on, then verify or cancel an alarm signall—all from the same screen. 

Viewing recorded footage is just as easy. Alarm.com stores your video clips securely on our cloud servers for you to watch download and share whenever you need it. 

2: Stay in the know with intelligent clips and alerts.

All smart security cameras have motion detectors that trigger video recordings and smartphone alerts. Got a busy home? You can look forward to a lot of alerts—or you can take the Alarm.com route instead. 


With Smartzone security system intelligencee, our cameras understand what’s going on. It means you can customize and filter your alerts for a better experience. For example, you can have Alarm.com turn off all alerts from indoor cameras when your security system is disarmed. 

You can also set up triggered video alerts for specific events. If you want to see your kids arrive home after school, for example, you can have Alarm.com send you a video clip from your hallway camera when they unlock the front door every dayy

3: Get better crime prevention features.

When it comes to crime prevention, our cameras are more than a deterrent. As part of your smart security system, Alarm.com-powered cameras  “team up” with other security devices, like your smart locks, to help you solve challenges like this: 

4: Invest in security cameras that keep getting smarter.

Smartzone Security camera technology gets better every year. Some manufacturers expect you to replace your cameras frequently to keep up.  We don’t: instead, we release new features and services digitally, using our platform to keep your cameras up-to-date for longer. 


Take our new video analytics service. It uses artificial intelligence to make sense of what your cameras see, in real time. It can tell whether an object in your driveway is a person, an animal or a vehicle. It can ignore a person who visits your front door and then leaves (the mailman), but alert you when a visitor lingers too long on your porch. 

Industry experts praised it not just for its smarter video alerts, but also for working with homeowners existing cameras.

5: Professional installation and support makes it easy.


Have you ever installed security cameras? 

Our expert service providers make this part easy. They can help you choose the best cameras for each area of your home, then install and connect your cameras quickly and cleanly for you. Should anything go wrong with a camera after installation, your service provider will be on hand with the tools and know-how to fix the issue. 

Want Alarm.com-powered security cameras for your home? 

The best home security cameras can be part of the package when you choose smart home security powered by Alarm.com. With Smartzone, it’s the easy way to enjoy smart home technology and keep your family protected. 

Do Fake Security Cameras Work? 

fake security camera


 Some people have funny ideas about home security.

Certain homeowners, for example, boast about preventing burglaries with nothing more than a large Beware of the Doberman sign. Others park a pair of muddy size 14 boots outside the front door as a crime deterrent. Some will tell you to entrust your security to a fake security camera—an empty camera body designed to mimic a video monitoring solution.

When a burglar spots your dummy camera—complete with blinking, battery-powered red light if you spring for the high-end €20 model—they’ll quickly beat a retreat… or so the story goes.

Does it work?

It’s a home security urban legend with a grain of truth. A novice burglar might just be fooled, although experienced intruders can quickly spot a fake.
What you need to remember is when the cheap trick fails, what’s left to protect your home? After all, there’s a whole lot that a fake camera can’t do. 


1: Fake cameras can’t show you important activity 

Take this everyday scenario: While you’re at work, someone walks up to your front door. Here’s how it might go with a real camera, and with a fake one.

Real camera: With a Smartzone security camera, you’ll be notified. The visitor’s motion triggers your camera to record a clip, and we send you a smartphone alert. On opening the alert, you can pull up a live feed from your camera on your app and see what’s happening.

Now, you can take action. You can call your partner if they’re home and let them know. You can zoom in on the video feed for a better look at the visitor’s face. If your camera is a doorbell camera, you can address them directly through the camera’s speaker and ask them: ‘Hi, we can’t come to the door right now’ or ‘please leave immediately, you are being watched’ or ‘Hi Mum, give me a second and I’ll unlock the door for you and let you in’.

Fake camera: With a fake camera, none of the above applies.

2: Fake cameras can’t help you catch a burglar

Let’s say that your suspicious visitor really is up to no good. In fact, they’re a package thief, and they make off with a parcel you just had delivered to your front door.

Real camera: We’re sorry about your missing package. Your camera supplies a silver lining for you and your neighbours: a clear video clip of the thief in action.

It’s easy to download to your phone and email it to your local Garda station. You can even post it directly to Facebook to share with your neighbourhood groups if you so wish.

Your video clip can quickly become a crime-fighting asset that gives the Gardaí the breakthrough they may need to recognize and catch the thief.

PS: your Alarm.com service provider has a great solution to package theft or any other potential criminal activity on your doorstep.

Fake camera: You’ll still realize your package went missing—after a couple of days, at least and the criminal will have probably done a number of houses in your area at that point.

3: Fake cameras aren’t connected to a security system

Let’s look at the worst-case scenario. Your suspicious visitor is a daytime burglar intent on forcing your front door open, camera or no.

Real camera: This burglar quickly discovers that your camera is connected to your smart security system. As well as recording them, your Alarm.com technology is simultaneously sounding a loud alarm, sending alarm notifications to you and your family, and delivering an emergency signal to a security professional at a 24-hour monitoring station

Fake camera: You’re going to have a terrible surprise when you get home.  

4: Fake cameras can’t show you anything at all 

Not everything that happens on your porch is an attempted burglary. On any given day, you’re far more likely to have a package delivered, to have neighbours visit, or to have your kids arrive home from school. Being able to see what’s going on makes everything easier and reduces everyday worries

This is how are Smartzone camera’s are used every day and it’s what many users love most about their smart security systems. With a fake camera, you don’t get any of this.

Ready to keep it real? 
We install your complete system including all security cameras that makes your home safer, smarter and more convenient.

The price for keeping your home and family safe is not as much as you think.

Contact us today and tell us about your specific requirements, set up a home assessment and give you a quote.

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Back-to-School Essential

This Back-to-School Essential Keeps Delivering all Year


Time flies when you’re a parent. So does money. For example: is it already a year since your last back-to-school shopping extravaganza?

At least some parenting purchases have more staying power than a new school bag. Take smart home security powered by Alarm.com, a back-to-school essential for many working families with older children.

With an array of after-school safeguards for your kids, it delivers peace of mind throughout the school year, and for years to come. Your kids can even grow into it as they become more independent—which is more than we can say for their new trainers.

Fewer keys means fewer worries 

As soon as your kids are old enough to arrive home on their own, Smartzone starts making things easier with keyless smart locks and user codes for easy access.

Unlike keys, user codes can’t be dropped, lost on the bus, or left in the door. If forgotten, its owner can ring the doorbell camera and you can unlock the door from work. Like a set of keys, however, your child’s first user code can still confer a sense of responsibility that they’ll love.

Technology makes check-ins less challenging 

With every school year, your kids grow a little more independent. Meanwhile, you worry just as much as you ever did, and you need to know they’re okay after school.

Your Smartzone app is here to help, offering peace of mind via quick, visual check-ins. You can see a quick snapshot from any Image Sensor, view a live feed from your indoor or outdoor cameras, and even get front-door video clips of your kids arriving home.

If you prefer a hands-off approach, Smartzone also offers a range of custom alerts for specific activity and events, such as the kids not arriving home on time.


Smart reminders ensure that your house stays secure

As kids get older, they have more going on, which means they forget things. Unfortunately, this often includes securing the house when they’re last to leave.

Smartzone can help with actionable smartphone reminders. Once your teens have their own Smartzone app, your house can remind them directly if a door isn’t locked, or a window is open, or the security system isn’t armed when it should be. They’ll be able to fix things quickly with a remote command.


As kids grow, Alarm.com keeps up 

Unlike this month’s back-to-school buys, Smartzone powered by Alarm.com keeps up with your family as you grow. When it’s time to add a new device like a doorbell camera or smart lock, Smartzone is on hand to help. We also deliver new features and updates digitally through the cloud, keeping your home at the cutting edge of smart home technology.