FAQ: Do I Need A Broadband Connection?

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One of the main advantages of Smartzone’s Smart Security System is its incredible back up feature. Connecting through a cellular and broadband connection, our Smart Home Security system provides unbeatable protection for your family and home.

How does this work? The Smart Home Panel, the brain of the Smart System, has Dual Path Communication – Hard- Wired broadband connectivity, through an Ethernet, and mobile connectivity via GSM SIM Card.

Thanks to the GSM Connection, the system will continue to work even if the WiFi goes down. The Panel has a Back-Up battery making it impossible for Burglars to cut the system.

The system’s Crash and Smash feature ensures that the system will alert you of a break in even if the panel has been damaged by intruders giving you and the monitoring station enough time to act on during a break in.

Our Smart Security keeps you safer and more secure in the event of an emergency.

While our Smart Home Security Bundle does not require a broadband connection, a stable, fast connection is required for our Security Cameras and video upload.

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