Four intelligent features of Smartzone’s Smart Thermostat

The Smart thermostat, supplied by Smartzone, easily connects to an internet connection, is controllable through our mobile phone app and intelligently changes temperature without being told.

Our thermostats, which fall under our heating controls system,  are so smart and so full of knowledge. Our heating controls know more about your house and your needs to take smarter actions on your behalf. It’s why it is a superior compared to standalone thermostats.

Seamlessly connecting to all other smart devices in your smart home, and powered by cloud intelligence, the smart thermostat knows more, understands better, saves energy use and keeps you at optimum comfort. Here are four simple and intelligent ways you can use it.

Save energy without trying

By gathering real time information from all around you home, the Smartzone Smart Thermostat learns how to recognise opportunities to save energy.

As it is connected to your smart home security system, it can save energy automatically when no-one is at home based on the arming status. Using Geo-Services, it alters temperatures for when you heading out or heading back home to make your home as comfortable as it should be.

Reading the temperatures outside is no challenge for the smart thermostat. On warmer days it turns down the temperature within the home, saving you money on your heating costs. On sunny days the kids will be in and out of the home, and windows left open. The thermostat automatically adjusts to minimise waste.

Enjoy room-by-room precision comfort

Small, wireless temperature sensors allow the thermostat to read the temperatures in each room letting you view how warm or cold your rooms are through the app.

Before installation you can choose to zone areas in your home or to place sensors in individual rooms. Zoning means that you can control the temperatures of certain zones in your house i.e downstairs. By placing sensors in individual rooms, you can adjust the temperatures of each room in the house.

The smart heating controls lets you create custom comfort schedule’s around your family’s routine. Enjoy your breakfast in a perfectly comfortable kitchen, ensure the little one’s rooms are cozy at bedtime, and ensure that upstairs is at a cool temperature when heading to bed.

Control things without lifting a finger

Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home, you can control your heating with using voice commands. You can simply ask for the thermostat to be turned up or down or for a zone to be set at a certain temperature.

Protect your home from cold-weather catastrophes

Can a thermostat protect a home? With smart home security intelligence, it can.

In winter, freezing temperatures outside could cause water pipes can slowly freeze in cold homes, then burst and flood the house. A temperature threshold alert from the app, generated by your thermostat and temperature sensors, could alert you ahead of time, enabling you to deploy an emergency heat source and avert a substantial cleanup bill, or insurance claim.

Want to make your home smarter with our heating controls?

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