Frequently Asked Questions

EV Charging

Most electric vehicle chargers take about a half day to install, but this may vary depending on your particular circumstances. We can provide you with a time estimate after we know a little more about your home’s electrical configuration and your location.

This will vary depending on the size of your vehicle’s battery and the power of your charge point. Hybrids generally charge at a rate of 3.7 kW, which would take about 3 hours. Fully electric vehicles can charge at 7.4 kW but they also have much larger batteries, so a 75 kWh Tesla Model S would take approximately 10 hours to charge from empty (which is about 38 kph).

Different models of electric vehicles use different EV chargers (Type 1 and Type 2). Most vehicles are moving toward using Type 2 chargers. We provide a 7.5 metre Type 2 EV charger. If you have any questions about charger compatibility, give us a ring and we’ll be happy to help provide answers.

You can save a lot of money by setting up an intelligent charging schedule. Electricity costs are much higher during peak hours (5PM to 7PM, for example), so you can save a small fortune by scheduling your electric vehicle to charge during low-demand, low cost times. 

Once you enquire about getting an EV charger from Smartzone, our sales team will send you a form to fill out. You will be asked your car make and model, your MPRN number, your desired charger location, the distance of this location from your meter box and your fuse board, amongst other things. If you are unsure of anything there is no need to worry, that is what our expert EV sales team are there for. The form is full of prompts and examples and our sales team is always only a phone call away. For more information you can check out our blog post on the Ultimate EV Charger Checklist as a guide to your pre and post installation queries. 

If you need to ask, the answer is an absolute “no!!!” EV chargers are high voltage systems and you should not, under any circumstances, attempt to install a system like that unless you have significant training and experience. Not only is there a very high risk of electrocution, but an incorrectly installed EV charger can also pose a major fire risk. You should always bring in a qualified and certified electrician with EV charger training for this type of installation. If you still decide to manage the EV charger installation yourself, and you want to avail of the grant, you will be required to hire a certified electrician and have a safety assessment at the end of the installation.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) will provide up to €600 toward the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle (EV) charger for your home. Our team has extensive experience with these grants and we’ll do all of the work for you. All you’ll need to do is answer some basic questions and our experienced team will walk you through the process.

Smartzone Security

In an emergency, every second is precious. A home security system provides a way to know what is happening at home from wherever you are. It can give you peace of mind when you’re away, and it can be a lifesaver in the event of an emergency. Home security systems come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s one to fit every budget. There are two main types of home security systems; monitored alarm system and unmonitored. Smartzone provides both 24/7 professional monitoring services.

A smart home is a home where products can communicate with one another and funnel all the information to your home panel or smartphone app. Life is easier with a remotely controlled home system where all components interact intelligently. A smart home security system takes smart technology and applies it to products such as security cameras, motion detectorsdoor and window sensors, smart locks, and panic buttons. A smart home security system allows you to keep a close watch over your home from anywhere. The Smart Home Panel also communicates with the app so you can monitor all your home security products from your phone or tablet.

A traditional, wired alarm system cannot provide the smart home integration and convenience of a Smartzone home security system.
With Smartzone you get a wireless, intelligent, integrated system with 24/7 monitoring. Instant notification anytime a sensor or alarm goes off, professional monitoring, and the fastest emergency response times make Smartzone the best choice in home security. In addition to all the home security benefits from Smartzone, you can integrate your thermostat, WiFi, and EV charging for a fully integrated Smart Home system. We are one of the highest rated home alarm providers in Ireland

Adding some form of security camera to your security system adds a highly effective layer of protection to your home. Whether it be to keep a closer watch on children or pets. or to be able to see what is going on when you are away from home, Smartzone security cameras cover it all. You easily can view your home security cameras with live streaming online from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Even more, all footage captured on your security cameras is stored on your app for easy access for up to 30 days and any clip of your choosing can be easily downloaded to your smartphone or device. 

While this is totally down to preference, we always recommend our monitored security plan for the following reasons:

Unmonitored home security systems only alert you when a sensor sounds an alarm when the system is armed. While this is useful, it only works when you remember to arm the system before leaving. More importantly, unmonitored house alarms do not automatically notify the appropriate emergency services when an incident occurs — most systems just generate a loud alarm sound, which isn’t necessarily effective.

On the other hand, with a monitored system, Smartzone monitors the activity across all your sensors whether or not they are armed. Your system is useful in emergency and non-emergency situations. When an alarm goes off, you and your listed contacts receive a notification. In the event of a break in, the Gardaí also receive a notification. Alarm signals travel over a secure cellular connection for immediate and reliable alerts. What about non-emergencies that you still want to know about? With Smartzone home security, alerts go out based on the parameters you set. For example, you could choose to get alerts when the front door opens after 7pm at if your children are at home with a babysitter. 

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to control your door locks from your smartphone? Add smart locks to the Smart Home Security Bundle and control access to your home from anywhere. Smart locks are wireless door locks that you control remotely. Unlimited digital keys let you grant temporary or permanent access to family, friends, sitters, and service providers. You can set up an alert so you know when a lock is used and who opened it. With smart door locks, you never have to worry about remembering your key and locking up before you leave home. Set a reminder in the app and use your phone to control your doors. The sleek and futuristic design of Smartzone smart locks have an elegant look that won’t disrupt the aesthetic of your home.

We offer a few types of security cameras at Smartzone to ensure all of your needs are met. The three main types are CCTV, Smart doorbells and indoor wifi cameras. 

CCTV is the most common type of security cameras They are safe, secure and they are also a great deterrent for burglars. You can receive instant video clips when your front door opens, when a motion detectors register something, or when an alarm goes off. You can also set up your system to record video footage when any of these events occur. Smartzone offers 24/7 HD recording for home video monitoring. Access video clips from anywhere with cloud-based streaming. This way, you can have a record of who came in and out of your home, as well as what time they did so.

Smart doorbells and indoor cameras are a great option for adding extra security to your home. Both of these security cameras feature built-in speakers and microphones to allow for two way communication. Through our mobile app, you can speak with your pets  or tell the delivery driver to leave the package at the door if they ring the doorbell when you’re out of the house. 

Smart Home

A smart home is an intelligently controlled and monitored home with the purpose of making your life easier. Within a Smart Home products can  intelligently communicate with each other and feed that information back to the Smart Home Panel. The panel then communicates with the app, meaning all of these products can be easily monitored and controlled from your phone or tablet.

That is entirely dependant on you! The beauty of smart home technology is that is 100% customisable to your, your needs and your home. For some that may only include smart, automated lighting and a video doorbell. For others it might be the whole shebang – CCTV, heating controls, EV charging, lighting, automations and locks. The best part about it is that Smartzone offers every smart home solution you may need and you can control it all in the one place, your Smartzone app. Installing smart home solutions is one thing. but having an integrated system where each element communicates with the other is the true essence of what a smart home. Lucky for you, that’s what we do best here at Smartzone!

Absolutely! You can save money by reducing the amount of time that systems, appliances, and devices draw power through smart home technology. If it isn’t in use, it doesn’t need to be drawing power. With smart home technology, you can remotely turn appliances on and off, schedule operations and manage all devices with ease. 

A system runs on a smart home hub that “talks” to every smart device on the network, including the smart home app. The hub allows you to remotely control each of them and ensure they are only employed when you want them to be. You control every operational aspect of the system, from dimming lights to turning on appliances to activating security across your property.

It’s very unlikely but, yes, a smart home can be hacked. There are many ways to hack into a smart home, and the methods used will vary depending on the type of smart home system that is in place. The most common way to hack into a smart home is to exploit vulnerabilities in the system’s software or hardware. Once a hacker has gained access to the system, they can then control the various devices in the home, including the lights, thermostat, security cameras, and more.

This is why it’s important to have your system installed and monitored by trained professionals. DIY smart home systems may be tempting, but they can be far more vulnerable to security issues than professionally serviced systems.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are powered by the sun, with the term ‘Solar’ coming from solar radiation, which is the type of energy generated by the sun. However, there are two types of solar technology –  Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic (PV).

Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSP), as the name suggests, is a solar technology that produces electricity by using the energy (heat) produced by the sun to create a very high heat by reflecting the sun’s rays off a series mirrors. In this case, the energy levels produced by the sun are hugely influential on how much electricity is produced. As you’d expect, energy levels produced by the sun are much higher in sunnier, warmer climates, which is why these solar panels are less frequently used in Ireland (and why we don’t use them at Smartzone).

Photovoltaic (PV) solar technology, on the other hand, uses the LIGHT produced by the sun to generate electricity. Photovoltaics is the scientific process by which sunlight can be converted into electricity when it strikes on a boundary layer of a semiconducting material (fancy word for the panel). Although it may seem as though we don’t get as much sunlight here in Ireland as our European neighbours, that isn’t true. Average solar irradiation levels (another fancy word that means the light omitted by the sun) in Ireland are around 1100kWh/m2, making Ireland a very suitable place for solar panels. 

Solar panels absolutely work in Ireland during the winter! As we use Solar PV at Smartzone, our solar panels are powered by the light the sun omits, not the heat the sun provides. This is why solar panels can work efficiently during the winter in Ireland. However, the days are shorter in the winter time so we do get less light. For this reason, the output of solar panels is lower in the winter time in Ireland than in the summer time, but your solar system will still work efficiently with all the light we do have in the winter. 

We are aware that installing a solar panel system is an expensive investment, but to us it is absolutely worthwhile, especially in the current climate! Electricity bill savings generated from installing an efficient solar panel system in your home can be as high as €1000 a year, not to mention the invaluable benefits to the environment you create by installing a solar system. For a better estimation of the savings you can generate from solar and how long it will take for your solar panel system to pay for itself, check out the SEAI’s Solar Electricity Calculator

Smartzone is proud to be a partner of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to help you on your solar panel journey. The SEAI offers grants of as much as €2400 for all homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built or occupied before 2021. More information on this can be seen on the SEAI Solar Electricity Grants page. 

In short, no. Revised government regulations in Ireland brought into effect in October 2022 allow for an unlimited amount of solar panels to be installed on the roof of any home (well, as much as the roof will fit). This is in line with the Irish governments aim to bring Ireland more in line with the EU’s Solar Rooftop Initiative which hopes to generate clean, renewable energy in all homes, something we are equally passionate about here at Smartzone. 

You don’t have to, that’s what we are here for! Our expert installers will assess your home to ensure that the most suitable system is designed for your needs and your home. Factors such as optimal and available roof space, objects that may obstruct the sun and shady areas will all be taken into consideration when designing your custom system. We are here to help you design and install the best solar panel system in Ireland. All you have to do is sign up and we will do the rest!

Solar panels generally last around 20-30 years working at full capacity. After this time frame they do not simply stop working, but can often become less efficient. Installing solar panels in Ireland actually provides an advantage to this effect. Due to the commonly slanted rooftops and large amount of rain we have in Ireland, solar panels are kept clean and clear of debris. Low maintenance and a long lifespan are some of  the many benefits of installing solar panels in Ireland. 

Battery Storage

Installing a solar system into your home is a great way to lower your electricity bills by creating your own renewable energy, making your home more self sufficient. With a battery add-on, you’re adding a second layer of security to protect your home against power outages on the main grid. A battery add-on also stores any excess electricity your solar panels may produce on sunnier days, allowing for it to be stores and used at a later time when it is needed. 

One of the main ways your battery storage add-on saves you money is by storing your electricity to be used at times when electricity costs are high. Time-of-use rates differ throughout the day, with certain time frames being more expensive than others. The most expensive time of the day is between the hours of 5PM – 7PM, typically when a lot of people are using a lot of electricity. By installing a battery storage add-on, you can use the electricity your home has generated all day with solar panels during these hours, further reducing your energy costs. Having a battery storage add-on to store your excess electricity also prevents it from it being automatically sent back to the grid at any given time. This is important as the rate of electricity also differs throughout the day, so storing your excess electricity until the price is good will save you even more money!

There are no specific grants dedicated to battery storage add-ons. However, the SEAI offer grants of as much as €2400 towards the installation of a solar system for all homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built or occupied before 2021. More information on this can be seen on the SEAI Solar Electricity Grants page. 

You don’t have to, that’s what we are here for! Our expert installers will assess your home and your needs and take into consideration your desired solar system to recommend the best battery for you. All you have to do is sign up and we will do the rest!