Smartzone Heating Controls

Heating Controls

Relax in absolute comfort in your home with Heating Controls. Controllable from your phone or tablet, you can adjust the temperatures of up to three different zones in your home. Heating controls are not only environmentally friendly, but economical as they can help you save up to €300 per year on your energy bills. Price of heating controls is dependent on whether your home is SEAI grant applicable.

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Heating Controls Benefits


The Smartzone Smart Thermostat, an ENERGY STAR® certified device, is designed specifically for your smart home. Communicating with the Smart Hub, the thermostat uses information from other devices to help you save energy and money.


Using temperature sensors from across the home, you can optimize for the right temperature in different parts of your home, not just where the thermostat happens to be. You can heat downstairs and cool upstairs all at the same time via the app. Heating controls also allows you to manage humidity levels.


Leveraging data from inside and outside the home, the Smartzone Smart Thermostat automatically responds to activity, occupancy, and weather patterns. It also measures your energy use to give you real insight into how much your consuming and why so you can make changes that have a real impact.


The app makes life so much more simple. Adjust or change the settings of your heating controls anytime from anywhere, and instantly know if someone else makes a change.

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