Here’s How You Can Save Money During Ireland’s Carbon Tax Hikes

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Here’s How You Can Save Money During Ireland’s Carbon Tax Hikes


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Yesterday the Irish Government released their strategy to combat climate change. Titled ‘The Climate Action Plan’ the strategy outlines certain measures which are to be implemented in the next few years to significantly reduce the level of carbon produced on our Green Isle.

Due to our failure to meet our 2020 target, the Government are putting serious steps in place to reach the 2030 carbon target to avoid the country being heavily taxed. In doing so, the Irish public will be subject to year on year increases of Carbon Tax on fossil fuels.

For those who use more traditional forms of heating including oil and gas, this could prove costly. In fact, it is the Government’s plan to ban all oil and gas burners from new build homes from 2022 onwards.

Other heating methods including briquettes and coal won’t escape the price hike either. In just over 10 years the cost of a bale of briquettes is set to rise by €1.60 and a large bag of coal will cost over €7.

Bitter cold winters are inevitable in Ireland. So, with the cost of heating your home rising how do you save money?

The answer?

Heating Controls.

Heating Controls are so effective at reducing energy use that the Sustainable Authority of Ireland provide grants to install them. Anyone who occupies a home built before 2006 and has not previously claimed the grant before are eligible for the SEAI Better Energy Homes Heating Controls grant.

According to research done by the SEAI in 2016, it was found that 61% of energy usage in the home is spent on space heating, with 19% used for heating water. Significant usage opens doors for significant reductions.

The SEAI claims that Irish households with heating controls installed can reduce their energy usage by up to 20%.

Reducing your carbon footprint is essential in helping protect our environment and fighting against climate change. It is everyone’s responsibility to do so. That is why we offer Heating Controls to all homes in Ireland and aim to have 1 million smart thermostats installed around the country in the next few years.

The day to day effects of heating controls can also be easily observed. It is estimated that homeowners will save an average of €300 per year on their energy bills. When added up over many years homeowners save a significant amount of money which can be used against something more worthwhile.

The features of our Heating Controls

As heating controls are part of the Smart Home family they offer many convenient benefits to homeowners such as the features mentioned below.

App control

The smart thermostat and radiator valves are easily controlled through the app which you can download straight to your phone or tablet. By accessing the main dashboard on the app you can quickly adjust the temperatures in your home.

Energy Monitoring

The app also gives valuable insight into you energy use by providing current, day to day data on your usage. The section shows homeowners where they can save money especially when heating the home.


It doesn’t make sense to have the heating at a constant temperature all day if you spend the majority of your day at work. Smart thermostats allow you to set schedules so you can keep the temperatures lower while you’re away and higher when at home. It also gives you more control over your heating in the warmer months.

Automatic adjustments

Similar to scheduling you can set rules so your thermostat isn’t using as much energy when not needed. Our users can avail of GeoFencing – a feature that acts as a second memory. With our security system GeoFencing arms the alarm when you forget. It also decreases temperatures when you leave the house to save you money, and increases them again on your way home to ensure a comfortable home.

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The difference in our Heating Controls?

Professional installation

Technology can be confusing at the best of times. As we provide Smart Home as a Service we do all the nitty gritty installations for you. You can relax knowing that our professionals will take care of the more complicated aspects and install without any complications for you.

No need to worry about paperwork

Scared of paperwork? Well no need to worry. We claim the grant on your behalf so you don’t have to stress over applications.

Full customer and technical support

There are many heating control options on the market. However, not all of them give you any after sale support. So, what do you do if your thermostat is acting up?
With us there’s no such thing as figuring it out for yourself. We have a dedicated team on hand to fix any issues which may arise with your energy management system.

Annual Service

Our monthly fee also cover an annual service to ensure your system continues to run smoothly and a guarantee on our products for as long as you are in contract with us.

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