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Smart Home Automation is all about simplifying your everyday life. Home automation and security give you back control of your household so you always have valuable insight into what is happening. 

Our smart Home system functions under the app on your phone so you can turn lights and appliances on or off without having to be near them. Smart Home systems transform any home into economical and environmentally friendly living spaces. 

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Your Smart Home system seamlessly communicates with all connected devices – including lights, locks, thermostats and sensors – allowing them to work as part of one holistic ecosystem.


Geo-Services gives you added automation that responds based on your location. Have your thermostat automatically adjust when you leave for work or get a reminder if you forget to arm the security system when you drive away from home.


Not just for your smartphones or tablets anymore, you can also use Apple, Amazon and Google devices with your Smart home technology. With a press of a button or a simple voice command, your home can easily perform any number of event automations.


Minimize expensive water damage caused by burst pipes, leaking taps, and split hoses with connected water sensors and valves (coming soon). Conserve water by monitoring water use. Set savings targets and receive alerts if you exceed these targets. 


Know instantly if a flood event has occurred and take immediate action right from your app – no matter where you are.

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Smartzone provide homeowners with affordable Home Automation Systems for every kind of home and every kind of family. Our solutions bring homes into the 21st century will give only the best in home security, energy management and automation. 

Smartzone is the perfect solution for creating an inexpensive smart home with options to add a range of Smart Devices to any of our Smart Home bundles.

Home Automation Products

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Smart Plug

The staple of any Smart Home, Smart Plugs allow users to switch on and off electronics at the socket, with the touch of a button. Effective in reducing energy, the plugs eliminate standby mode and cut your yearly electricity bills.

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Smart Bulb

Dim your lights or turn them on and off when needed. Smart bulbs are controlled through the app on your phone for ultimate convenience.

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Remote Controller

An alternative to managing you alarm trough your phone. The remote controller allows for arming and disarming of the alarm from up to 300 meters from the security system. It also has a panic button for emergencies.

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Water Leak Sensor

Be alerted the moment water is detected. The water leak sensor monitors water leaks to protect your home.

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Water Leakage Sensor

The sensor provides an extra layer of security to your home by alerting you of any water leakages. This helps to save your home from serious water damage and keep insurance premiums down.