Home Security Cameras for Video Monitoring

For that extra layer of security we offer a range Home Security Cameras including indoor and outdoor cameras. Live stream what is happening inside and outside of your home with our HD CCTV. Our Home Security Cameras are also effective in deterring burglars, making your home even safer.

Keep a closer eye on your home, kids and elderly loved ones and pets to ensure that they are always protected. Our security cameras serve different purposes to suit your needs.



With the your security package really come to life. View online your home security cameras from your phone, tablet or computer. 


Smart Home Video Monitoring gives you instant insight into what is happening in your home. Get video clips sent directly to you when the front door opens, the alarm goes off, or if motion is detected. 


A smarter security camera system: the Doorbell camera and Indoor WiFi camera have built-in microphones and speakers. The mobile app allows you to speak with family, visitors and pets at home, and hear them respond back. 


Enjoy 24/7 HD recording from you home video monitoring, with cloud-based streaming and video clip access from anywhere.


Never wonder who is at the door with the Smartzone Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera. Check your mobile phone to see and speak to anyone at the door – even if you’re not home.

Smartzone Video Monitoring Ireland

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The Best Security Cameras For Your Home

Smart Home CCTV gives you instant insight into what is happening in your home. Our CCTV solutions work as part of our Smart Home Security system offering superior protection to your home. Unlike traditional security camera systems, our smart home video monitoring gives you a window into you home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… no matter where you are. 

Video Analytics 

Add video analytics to your system for unbeatable Smart Home Video Monitoring. Using artificial intelligence, Video Analytics learns the difference between routine and unusual activity. This ensures you only get the most important alerts and are not notified every time your cameras detect motion. 

Our Indoor and Outdoor Security Camera Range

Smartzone Video Doorbell CCTVC Monitoring Ireland

Video Doorbell

See who is at your front door in an instant. The Video Doorbell is the ideal solution to knowing who has arrived at your home. The camera also has an 2-way audio so you can speak to guests.


Mini Dome Camera

The mighty Mini Dome is perfect for indoor and outdoor home video monitoring. The camera is dust and weather resistant and records in HD.


Mini Wifi Camera

Small and stylish, the Mini Wifi camera keeps a close eye on what is happening inside your home. It also has an intercom feature so you can talk with your family and even pets when you’re away from home.


Indoor / Outdoor IP Camera

Protect your home with the Outdoor and Indoor IP Camera. The camera shoots in low light making it suitable for outdoor monitoring, but can also still be placed within the house.