How Do You Manage Your Energy Use?

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Smartzone Energy Management Ireland

We recently asked our Facebook Audience if they monitor their energy use in the home is some shape or form.

The results show that a staggering 77% respondents fail to do so despite the many benefits monitoring offers. 

Thanks to Smart Home technology monitoring energy use is now a simple process, as well as being essential for energy management. When homeowners effectively manage energy use in their home they see significant savings on their energy bills. It also reduces the carbon footprint of the home which helps our little planet.

How can Smart Home help you manage energy?

Smart Home technology was designed with a with the following in mind – convenience, comfort, security and energy management (just to name a few). The purpose of Smart Home is to simplify the running of the home giving back important time to busy homeowners.

Our Smart Home system is different as all of our products work as part of one ecosystem. This allows for the products to communicate with each other and the ability to control everything in a single app. In doing so, the system can effectively perform specific tasks that successfully reduce your energy usage and lower your bills.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are a handy product that is perfect for any home. Easy to use, Smart plugs are plugged straight into the socket and the appliance is then plugged into it. Switching electronics on and off is simply done through the app. Appliances can be turned on or off no matter where you are.

As much as 20% of an electronics energy is used when left on standby mode. Standby mode uses unnecessary energy and wastes money on higher bills.

Smart plugs manage energy by simple control and commands. Users can schedule the plugs via the app, so things like lamps will turn on and off at certain times. Scheduling can ensure that some or all appliances are automatically switched off once your security system has been armed.

Smart Bulbs

Our Smart LED bulbs require less electricity to power them compared with traditional bulbs. The app contains a section which allows users to dim, turn on and turn off these bulbs. Like Plugs, schedules can be set so lights will switch on at certain times. Never leave a light on by accident again with Smart bulbs.

Heating controls

Smartzone Smart thermostat Reduce carbon ireland

The majority of a home’s energy is used in space and water heating, making heating controls essential for energy management. Heating controls utilize a Smart Thermostat which can perform many convenient features for consistent energy management in your home. The Smart Thermostat is so simple anyone could use it. The Heating Controls section on the app is straightforward to use as is the interface of the thermostat.

What makes the Smart Thermostat really smart is its ability to learn activity patterns and react to this activity in real time. So if you and the kids have breakfast, in the kitchen downstairs, at a certain time every morning, the thermostat will learn to reduce temperatures upstairs at this time.

Features like GeoFencing are effective in reducing temperatures in your home when you leave. Smart thermostats function to not only make your home more comfortable but also to significantly reduce energy. The thermostat is so successful at doing so that our customers can see savings up to €300 per year on their energy bills.

Delivering Accurate Data Via The App

The app is not just for controlling the Smart Home. It also gathers information from products to give feedback in certain areas. The app is a brilliant tool for measuring energy use and comparing it to previous days or weeks.

Users can view how their home, as a whole, uses energy in real time and in the past. The feature allows users to gain valuable insight into their energy use and take action to implement better energy management methods. Users can also run Heating reports to view how much energy they are using to heat their home.

Energy monitoring provides Irish homeowners with a wonderful opportunity to really evaluate, manage and reduce energy usage in their home.

If you want to know more about making your home energy efficient and save money in the process call our Customer Service Team on 0214966248 or fill out the form below.


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