How Smart CCTV Offers Greater Protection For Your Business

Smart CCTV business real time view


Taking high security measures in your business is essential for protecting your business, your staff and in some cases, your business’s reputation. 

While securing your business with necessary alarms and sensors will help in the case of a burglary, it is not sufficient enough in protecting the business as a whole. This is why CCTV is essential for any business. Due to technological advancements in video monitoring CCTV, has now developed to a stage where users can live view camera feeds just like peering into the window of the business. 

Smart CCTV allows for live views of all camera feeds from one centralised dashboard so business owners are always aware of what is happening in the business. It’s also beneficial when trying to sort any issues which may be difficult for employees to resolve on their own. 

Why is CCTV so important in the first place and what difference can Smart CCTV make to your establishment? 


Burglar Deterrent 

Smartzone Smart CCTV for business

CCTV is possibly the number one burglar deterrent available. The majority of burglars will walk away from a potential break in if it means getting caught – especially on camera. It’s best to ensure that every corner of the establishment is covered so intruders will be caught on camera no matter where they enter. 

Real time alerts and video analytics are what set Smart CCTV apart from traditional Video Monitoring. Alerts are sent instantly to your phone or tablet the moment motion is detected. If anyone manages to break in you will be notified instantly so you can act promptly. 

You can set schedules for when the camera is to alert you of motion. For instance, in a bar you probably don’t want to receive notifications during the day when customers are entering and leaving, but will want to know if anyone enters after close and before open. 

Using Video Analytics

Alternatively, you can add Video Analytics to your system. Video analytics utilise Artificial Intelligence to learn the difference between routine and unusual activity. This is beneficial in eliminating annoying notifications. Video analytics can also differentiate between animals, people and vehicles so you won’t be alerted in the middle of the night if a cat walks by a camera. 



Theft is a serious security risk for all stores, big or small. No business is immune from theft or attempted theft. Unfortunately, even visible CCTV may not be enough to prevent people from stealing from a business. That’s why it’s essential to have CCTV in operation that can easily capture who the thief is. This is a definite help in cases where the Gardaí are called in to deal with a situation. 


Fraudulent claims

Fraudulent claims are a topical discussion lately, as many businesses owners across the country are raising their concerns over the increasing insurance premiums. CEOs of Ireland’s biggest insurance companies have stated that exaggerated or fraudulent claims are the cause of this. This is a dire situation for SMEs who are already facing the high costs of running a business. 

Earlier this year one restaurant almost faced a serious claim after a woman began ‘choking’ on a piece of glass found in her food. Thankfully, the restaurant had sufficient CCTV in place to capture her taking the glass from her jumper and placing it in her mouth herself.

Without CCTV that restaurant, and many others around the country that have faced similar issues, would have been subjected to serious and incredibly costly claims. Smart CCTV saves clips to cloud storage so you can store them safely, view and anytime and download them when needed which is essential when using CCTV footage as evidence.


CCTV can save your business from costly mishaps and fraudulent claims. By ensuring a ‘set of eyes’ are always on your establishment you are protecting your business and it’s reputation. Smart CCTV give you instant insight into what is happening at all times, so you stay in the know and are always in control of your business. 


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