Ireland is failing to meet its 2020 renewable energy targets, but here’s how you can help save energy.


Ireland will not meet its 2020 renewable energy targets. In fact Ireland has come out as one of the worst performing countries in the EU for target progression by placing 26th out of 28th.

You may think it may not be that significant. It is.  The consequence of failure to reach our targets include a fine of €600 million and a world that is in a constant struggle to stay alive.

These findings come from a recently released report from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. The report outlines that the EU requires that 20% of Ireland’s energy use is to come from renewable sources. Currently only half of our of this target, 10.6%, is coming from renewables.

However, the faith of the Irish people has not been destroyed. From electric cars to No Meat Monday, people all over Ireland have been making their effort to go greener.

Smartzone offers Irish homeowners smart options in reducing energy use. Here are 3 ways we are tackling unnecessary energy use.

Heating controls



All controllable under one app, homeowners have the power to increase or decrease their heating or even to turn it on or off. Smartzone offers two different options when installing heating controls. The first is zoning. Zoning categorizes different areas in the house into zones. For example, the downstairs would be one zone and the upstairs would be another.

The second option is to install valves in each room. Therefore, the temperature in each room would be adjustable.

Our smart thermostat is so intelligent that it decreases the temperatures when it knows you’ve left the house, turns the AC down when you’ve left a window open and adjusts accordingly to the room or zone that you are in.

In reducing energy, Smartzone’s products also help you to save significantly on your bills. Our customers have seen savings of up to €300 per year by eliminating unnecessary waste usage.

Smart plugs

Smart Switch 6 UK 2 600x600

Smart plugs are just as their name suggests; a very intelligent plug! Smart plugs give you the ability to switch on or off electronics in the home. No more accidentally leaving lamps on when you head out for work, or leaving televisions on standby. Smart plugs are controllable through the app meaning that saving energy is more convenient than ever.

Water Management

Our water management service tracks your daily, weekly and monthly usage. From the app you can set water saving targets and receive alerts when you go above them. Water Valves, which are to be released by Smartzone very soon, will give you control to turn off the water supply if a leak is detected.

Want to get in on the energy saving action? 

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