Is Your Home Secure This Summer?

Smartzone Spring Summer Offer


The summer is almost upon us and if recent weather is any indication of what’s to come, it will be an absolute beauty. Whether you’re staying local or heading abroad, Smart Home Solutions can keep your home secure so you don’t have to worry while soaking up the sun. 

With so many features Smart Home Security can help break-in prevention without having to go to Kevin McCallister level of creativity and effort.

Here are some tips on how you can properly secure your home to reduce the likelihood of your home being burgled.


  • Never ever leave windows and door open while you’re away. Even if you’re popping to the local shop for some milk, you should always ensure that any entrances are securely locked. Our Smart Home package includes window and door sensors, which notify you the instant any of your windows and doors have been opened.


  • Us Irish have a habit of leaving keys outside the home, under bins, flower pots..anywhere! While we may believe that no harm will come of it, leaving keys outside is like giving a dog a bone. Burglars will spend time looking if they think they can get away with it. So, never keep keys outside, or invest in smart locks which gives you control over who can and can’t access your home.


  • Lighting, lighting, lighting. If there is one major sign that noone is home it’s a house blanketed in darkness. If you’re heading out for the evening make sure to leave a light or two on to give the illusion that someone is home. Smart lighting can integrate with the Smart Home Security package, causing lights to switch on automatically the moment a sensor is triggered.

Smart Lighting Smartzone

  • A little fact about burglars – they don’t like cameras. Research has shown that cameras are effective at keeping burglars at bay. They just don’t want to risk getting caught. Smartzone provide a range of cameras for indoor, outdoors and even video doorbells so you can see who is at your front door.


  • Arm your alarm! An obvious one, but a staggering number of alarm owners fail to arm their alarms regularly. Our app notifies you if you have failed to set your alarm allowing you to set it directly from your phone.

Smartzone’s Spring / Summer sale is now running. Secure your home this summer for as little as €199! For more information you can speak to one of our Smartzone team members on 0818222926, or fill out our contact form here and we will contact you free of charge.