Lower Your Business’ Energy Bills With This Smarter Thermostat

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Smartzone Smart Thermostat Ireland

Heating your business can prove costly, especially if your premises is not very energy efficient. Costs could look set to increase if the Government decides to implement a new rule which would see local authorities linking commercial rates to a business property’s BER rating. 

However, it’s not all bad news. With Smartzone’s Business Automation Solutions you can save energy and money. Business Automation is designed with energy reducing capabilities, helping you to cut your bills and protect your bottom line. 

Older, traditional thermostats just don’t cut it. It’s not practical to physically adjust every thermostat in the building. It also doesn’t help that employees have unlimited access to the thermostat and take full control while you’re away. 

However, with Smart Thermostats you are in full control of the temperatures in your premises. 

Smartzone’s Business Automation offers cutting edge energy efficient solutions such as the ENERGY STAR certified Smart Thermostat. 

Smart Thermostats are incredibly easy to control, and are incredible for significantly reducing energy usage. The thermostat learns and understands activity data from the Smart Business Security System. In doing so it uses this intelligence to prevent energy waste, keeps your employees working at a comfortable temperature and alerts you of any issues you may otherwise miss. 

Smartzone Smart Thermostat Energy Ireland

1: Save energy automatically every day 

Similar to the Security System, the thermostat also has an ‘Away’ mode. The ‘away’ mode automatically turns down the thermostat when it is not needed. Scheduling is easy and straightforward with the intuitive app. 

Schedules can be enhanced with automatic adjustments based on every day activity at the business. This means that the thermostat can automatically switch to away mode when the alarm has been armed at the end of the day, and have temperatures increase in the morning once the front door has been unlocked. 

With no extra effort required, these features can deliver significant energy savings within your business premises.

2: Stay in control and in the know 

With Smart technology you stay in control no matter where you are. Temperatures are easily adjustable through the app for convenience. Not only that, but you have the power to switch between modes or change the heating schedules using the easy slider. 

Smartzone Energy Effecient Thernostat Ireland

3: Discourage employee tampering with restricted settings 

Typically, your employees are not concerned over the cost of the energy bills. Many employees crank up the heat when management isn’t around. Our Smart Thermostat lets you set local restrictions to keep energy usage under control. Simply set minimum and maximum temperatures for any thermostat, allowing employees to adjust it but only within a given range. 

You can also set a Local Lockout which prohibits employees from adjusting the thermostat – only you can control it using the app. 

4: Optimize and customize for extra efficiency 

We understand that all businesses and business owners are different. That is why our Smart Thermostat is adaptable and versatile. You can select and customise from an array of smart, energy-saving features and rules. 

The app makes control of the system seamless by providing on single app or web dashboard that controls all aspects of the Smart Business.

Smartzone Business Smart Thermostat Ireland

Want the Smartzone Smart Thermostat for your business? 

If you would like to install our heating controls system to reduce energy use in your business call our Sales Team today on 0214966248 or fill out the form below. 

You can also check our website at www.smartzone.ie for more information on our Smart Home and Business Solutions.  

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