There’s No Substitute for Professional Security Monitoring

When an emergency strikes, everyone needs help. It doesn’t matter how brave or capable or dedicated you are. Take user Benjamin. He’s all of the above. When his security system alerted him to a fire in his house, he ran inside without hesitation to rescue his two dogs, trapped in an upstairs room. What […]

Do Fake Security Cameras Work? 

   Some people have funny ideas about home security. Certain homeowners, for example, boast about preventing burglaries with nothing more than a large Beware of the Doberman sign. Others park a pair of muddy size 14 boots outside the front door as a crime deterrent. Some will tell you to entrust your security to a fake security […]

Seven Questions for Choosing the Best Home Security System

Picking the right home security system can be confusing. Consider all the questions. Which brand is better? Should I use a professional installer? Are all home security apps the same? What’s the best security company? There’s a lot to discover.  To save you time, and to help you get the most protection, ease of use […]

Four Ways to Use a Smartzone Image Sensor

  Tom and Jerry. Chips and curry. You and your significant other. Great partnerships make the world a better place. Take the Smartzone powered by Image Sensor. A partnership between a motion sensor and a connected camera, it keeps you safe, protects your property, and shows you what’s happening at home for instant peace of […]

Setting up Heating Schedules

Setting up Heating Schedules Setting up Heating schedules allow you set up times and temperatures for each zone so you always wake up or come home to a warm house and keeps it at a lower temperature when you’re out of the house or asleep to save you money. This is how you set up […]