Not All Alarms Are The Same: Why a Smart Alarm is the Best Alarm System For Your Home


Best Alarm system in ireland


Home security is something that is not to be taken lightly. Most alarms cost a few hundred euros, and when spending that much you need to know that you are getting the best alarm system for your money. 

Even just trying to decide on which alarm is better going to protect your home can be a challenge. How informed are you about alarms and have you considered all options before deciding on which alarm system to get? 

Traditional, wired alarms won’t provide the same level of protection as a smart wireless alarm. But what exactly is a smart alarm, and how does it differ from older alarms? 


Smart Alarm vs. Traditional Alarm

Almost everyone has seen a traditional alarm or may have one at home. It’s the big keypad on the wall that activates when you key in a code. Some traditional wired alarms are monitored, but not all. This means that while the alarm will sound, there will be no emergency response. 

Also, unmonitored, traditional home security is incredibly ineffective when there is no-one to hear the alarm. 

Picture this. You live out in the Irish countryside, and you don’t have any immediate neighbours. One day while out your home gets broken into, and your wired alarm sounds. But, there’s no one around to hear it, and you don’t have a monitored system. What use is the alarm in this case? 

Smart alarms are controllable through an app. If your alarm picks up anything unusual you will get a notification straight to your phone informing you that an event has happened in your home. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you will instantly be informed, but also gives you time to react in any situation. 


Ireland’s Best Wireless House Alarm

The Smartzone wireless alarm is modern day technology that is super easy to use! Our package contains door/window sensors, motion sensors and a keypad for full home protection. 

What makes our system Ireland’s best house alarm is its interactive features. You are in full control of the system from your phone or tablet. Arming, disarming and scheduling is all done from your phone, with the quick click of a button. 

You can schedule when your alarm is to arm and disarm during the day. You can also set up GeoFencing so your alarm automatically sets when you leave and unsets when you’re just about to head in the door. 

During the Free Home Assessment our experts will advise on what areas are best to places sensors in the house, and if your home would require extra sensors. 


No messy wires

Best wireless alarm ireland

We have found that Irish homeowners love the fact that our system is wireless. Our sensors are battery operated, not wired in. This means quicker installation and no fuss with messy wires – our installations are clean and straightforward. 


Extra Protection with Monitored Home Security 

Smartzone Professionally Monitored House Alarm

Many people who make the transition from older home security still want the features of their traditional system. That’s why our alarm is also professionally monitored. Professional monitoring gives an extra layer of security, so you can rest assured that you will receive an emergency response when needed. 

If our motion or door sensors pick up on unusual activity you will get an alert straight to your phone. If you don’t receive the alert for some reason, perhaps your phone was off while at an appointment, then the next listed contact will be notified. 

If the notification is verified then all well and good. If it is not then the monitoring station will notify the Gardaí, so they can check if everything is alright. 


The Biggest Plus: Smart Home Integration 

Smart Home integration is just something you cannot get with traditional alarms, and even most wireless alarms. Smartzone only use products that can integrate into our Smart Home ecosystem. This means that our heating controls, home alarm, smart plugs and more are all controlled in one centralised app. Gone are the days of having 5 or 6 different apps for all your Smart Home products. 

Even more impressively, the products actually communicate with one another for a greater Smart Home experience. How does this work? The Smart Home acts as the brains for the Smart Home. You can set rules for triggered actions. For example, the thermostat will decrease temperatures when the system has been armed. This means you save energy without having to do anything. Another example is having the light switch on when you disarm the system when coming home and plenty more. 

For the best home alarm, it has to be a Smart Alarm. The benefits and features far outweigh those of an older alarm. You are in control and have the ability to create a smart home along with your wireless security system. 


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