Operation Thor May Be Successful But Home Security Is Still Essential

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Despite the name, Operation Thor has nothing to do with one of our favourite Avengers. In fact, Operation Thor is a Gardai run initiative aimed at cracking down on robberies based in Cork.


Operation Thor began back in 2005 and has since proved successful. Since its inception Gardai have arrested over 9,000 suspects and almost 11,000 charges have been made.


The initiative has been so successful that in the third quarter of 2018 it was found that theft offences and damage to property incidents were down 6.4% during a 12 month period.


It was also recently reported that six arrests were recently made in West Cork as part of the operation.

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While the Gardai are hard at work ensuring the reduction in the rate of burglaries, it is still more important than ever to keep your loved ones safe.

Smartzone offer Smart Home solutions such as Smart Security which is monitored 24/7 by you!

We take the complication out of the little things. Our system is fully controllable by your mobile phone or tablet.


In the case of any unusual activity you will receive instant notifications. You can also live stream from our cameras. Should anything strange occur  in your home Gardai will be contacted ensuring your home us protected.


Smart Home and Smart Security is all about making your life easier and more secure. For more information check out our Website or call us on 021 4966248.