Our Bell Box is a battery-operated outdoor siren, that you can add to your Smart Home Security system. The device is designed to be fitted in the front of the property in a highly visible position to warn intruders that your home is armed. The box has differing alarm sounds for fire and break-ins to alert users of the type of danger allowing you to act quickly and protect your home and family.

The device is tamper-deterrent protecting against unauthorized removal and sabotage.

We also sell decoy Bell Boxes. These don’t sound an alarm but are an effective intruder deterrent.


  • Siren output level is 107dB at 1 meter.
  • Unique alarm sounds for fire and burglary.
  • Cover tamper protection prevents unauthorized removal and sabotage.
  • Four Selectable Siren Volume Levels.
  • Programmable siren duration of 3/5/10 minutes.
  • Beep notifications of arming/disarming, door chime, and low battery status.
  • Lightweight and flexible to install.
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Frequency868 MHz/433 MHZ
Power Source3V, D Alkaline batteries x 2
Battery Life 3 years*
Siren Output107dB at 1 meter
Operating Temperature-25°C to 60° (-13°F to 140°F)
Operating Humidity Up to 85% non-condensing
Dimensions180mm X 57.7mm x 213.6mm