Our Panic Pendant can be used to instantly trigger a panic alarm. A 100-foot connection range from the Hub means help is always within reach. Customizable notifications send out alerts based on your security or medical needs. And with our smart, recessed-button design, accidental false alarms are avoidable.


  • One touch alert for emergency initiation.
  • Great for elderly or those with medical conditions.
  • Works perfectly with Two-Way voice built into the panel, allows monitoring agent to talk to customer and relay important information to authorities en route.
  • Boasts a “Heartbeat” LED that blinks every minute to assure connectivity.
  • Operates within 100’ of the panel, even outside.
  • Fully sealed water resistant housing (not submersible, but tested to 1 meter depth).
  • Can be worn as a lanyard or watch.
  • Triggers “medical alert” like the medical panic on the panel.
  • Special “medical alert” tone emanates from panel.
  • Can also be programmed to trigger a security alert to be used as a security button.


Button FunctionPress=Fault, Release=Restore
Supervisory SignalsSent every hour
BatterySealed unit not replaceable
Water Resistant Not submersible but tested to 1 meter depth
Dimensions38.1mm x 30.48mm x 15.24mm