Heat Detector

Our Heat Detector intelligently recognises any dangerous rise in temperatures within the home.

The Heat Detector alarms if temperatures rise at a rate above 8.3°C per minute, and if temperatures exceed 57°C . It can detect a rise in temperature that may lead to a fire. The ideal position for this product is in areas of the house that are of higher fire risk, such as the kitchen.


  • High temperature alarm: provides advanced alerts of fire hazards.
  • Built-in alert siren.
  • Excellent stability with high sensitivity.
  • Regular supervision signals for trouble-free system integrity checking.
  • Automatic low battery warning.
  • A test button provided for proper function testing.


Power SourceAlkaline AA x 3
Battery Life3 years or over*
Operating Temperature-10°C to +50°C
Operating HumidityUp to 95% non-condensing
Radio Frequency Available433 MHz/ 868.35 MHz FM/ 868.6375 MHz Narrow FM.
Radio Range:433 MHz: over 200 meters in open space
868.35 MHz FM / 868.6375 MHz Narrow FM : over 300 meters in open space
105 x 42 mm