Smart Heat Detector

An excellent add on to our Smart Home Security bundle, the Smart Heat Detector intelligently recognises any dangerous rise in temperatures within the home.

The Heat Detector alarms if temperatures rise at a rate above 8.3°C per minute, and if temperatures exceed 57°C . It can detect a rise in temperature that may lead to a fire. 

Smart Heat Detector Features

  • High temperature alarm: provides advanced alerts of fire hazards.
  • Built-in alert siren.
  • Excellent stability with high sensitivity.
  • Regular supervision signals for trouble-free system integrity checking.
  • Automatic low battery warning.
  • A test button provided for proper function testing.

How Does The Heat Detector Work?

The Heat Detector is ideal for areas within the house that are of higher fire risk. Smoke detectors are too sensitive to be placed in kitchens, meaning the Heat Detector is a secure solution.

The device works as part of the Smart Home ecosystem ensuring you are alerted when possible danger is detected. Should the product detect a significant rise in heat it will notify you through the app to your phone, giving you time to respond.

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Smart Heat Detector Ireland


Power SourceAlkaline AA x 3
Battery Life 3 years or over*
Operating Temperature-10°C to +50°C
Operating Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing
Radio Frequency Available433 MHz/ 868.35 MHz FM/ 868.6375 MHz Narrow FM.
Radio Range:433 MHz: over 200 meters in open space
868.35 MHz FM / 868.6375 MHz Narrow FM : over 300 meters in open space
105 x 42 mm