How To Secure Your Home Against Burglaries

Keep unwanted visitors at bay

In recent years, crime rates have fluctuated quite a bit. In the first quarter of 2022, Ireland had nearly 5,100 burglaries.

Keeping your home secure is always a top priority, and any falling crime rates shouldn’t mean dropping your guard. Taking a few steps for burglary prevention can ensure your house stays safe. Some burglary prevention stops robbers from seeing your house as a target, and others address the worst-case scenarios of securing against break-ins.

What Impact Do Burglaries Have on Homes in Ireland?

A burglary can be a dramatic event, with damages to the home from break-ins and reckless criminals searching for valuables. Missing family treasures, broken keepsakes, and even a potential for violence are some personal threats of burglary.

In Ireland, some counties experience burglary at much higher rates than others. In these cities, like Dublin, locals have to deal with the presence of gang violence. It’s an unpleasant current reality, but there are ways to ensure burglary prevention. Some methods can even help protect nearby neighbours, contributing to a safer and happier neighbourhood. By taking some simple precautions, you can help make your neighbourhood a safer place for everyone.

Who are the most common victims of burglary?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it can depend on a number of factors, including the location of the burglary, the time of day/night that it occurs, and the type of property that is targeted. However, some research has suggested that the most common victims of burglary are young adults, renters, and those who live in urban areas.

How Do Home Alarm Systems Work, and Are They Effective?

Home alarm systems are an efficient method to keep out robbers, and in recent years smart home security systems have made it even easier to prevent burglaries.

In a home security system, you install sensors throughout your house in doors, windows, or other entrances. These sensors send signals to the control hub, which is often connected to a phone or personal device.

When you’re away and set the alarm, any unexpected motions will instantly notify you. If you’re suspicious of the source, you can send emergency services within minutes.

Even when you’re home, it can be a helpful way to be instantly aware of any dangers. Plus, some systems can include cameras that give you a safe way to check outside noises.

Do Home CCTV Systems Deter Burglaries?

Untitled design 5Burglary prevention can keep potential robbers away from your house entirely, and CCTV video is an excellent deterrent. When a camera is outside, criminals know to stay away.

CCTV camera systems can cover both indoor and outdoor areas. Many include microphones so you can speak to deter intruders or tell the pets commands while you’re away. Besides keeping your house monitored, cameras stop burglars they have a higher chance of identification. Many burglaries go unsolved, especially when no one’s home.

Modern cameras can handle day and night conditions in high-definition detail. These cameras can send you a live feed wherever you are through a safe wi-fi connection. These camera systems can be one of the most simple to install yet provide vital benefits to keep away crime.

What Is the Difference Between Monitored and Unmonitored Security Systems?

Monitored and unmonitored systems can make a significant difference in security because monitored systems keep an extra pair of eyes on your house. When a home security system has monitoring, the company has professionals who keep tabs on home alerts. If you were away when an alarm went off and didn’t respond in a set period, they would call you to sort it out.

If necessary, they’ll send emergency vehicles to your home and help the process. Unmonitored systems have no such support. While the home security alerts can be helpful, it’s hard to guarantee that you’ll be available 24/7 to receive them. Monitored systems help solve this issue by having professionals there to fill in for you.

This extra help can be a significant relief when you’re away on holidays and can focus on relaxing instead of watching your system. It’s a luxury of burglary prevention. You don’t have to worry about your home while you’re away on vacation, because you know that your security system is keeping an eye on things for you. That’s the peace of mind that comes with a good home security system.

How Do Door and Window Sensors Work?

Most home security systems rely on motion sensors in windows and doors. When someone triggers a sensor, you receive an instant alert about unexpected movement. Motion sensors work differently, as some detect vibrations or emit light waves that notice disruptions. Others rely on measuring body heat through infrared.

Today, burglary prevention motion sensors have long battery lives, adjustable sensitivities, and use computers to distinguish typical movements from suspicious activity.

What Other Steps Can You Take To Prevent Burglaries?

Burglary prevention doesn’t need to rely on having a home alarm system, there are plenty of tips everyone can follow to help keep robbers away. Even with a home security system these methods can provide extra peace of mind. For example, you can install motion-activated floodlights around your home. These will come on automatically if someone steps onto your property, deterring would-be criminals. You can also trim back any bushes or trees that provide hiding places for intruders.

Don’t Be a Target

When robbers are searching for a place to break into, there are a few signs they take as an invitation. For instance, vacant houses often have lights that are always on or other signs of neglect. Ensure that a neighbour or friend regularly checks in and prevents mail or other notices from piling up.

Secure Valuables and Private Information

Make sure any hidden extra keys are in a secure location that isn’t easy or typical to spot. Also, hide any other keys or valuables while you’re away. When you leave the house for a while, don’t post about the plans or your location on public social media. If you’re going to be gone for more than a day or two, it’s best to let your close friends and family know where you’re going to be and when you’ll be back.

Begin or Join Neighbourhood Watches

In Ireland, there are plenty of opportunities to work with the Gardaí to keep your entire neighbourhood safe. Community efforts for burglary prevention help notice suspicious activity and strengthen neighbour relationships. By working together, we can make our neighbourhood a safer place for everyone.

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