Securing Multi Sites with Business Automation


The expansion of a business may prove a challenging and stressful time for any entrepreneur – yet watching a business grow can is often incredibly rewarding. As a business begins its growth, it may become necessary to operate out of a secondary (at least) location. 

Smartzone Multi Site Security

Multi sites can be incredibly advantageous to a growing business. Benefits include closer location to key customers and a decreased risk of business disruption. However managing multiple sites can be stressful and incredibly time consuming. 

Entrepreneurs must ensure that all sites follow health and safety standards, are secure, all employees are managed accordingly etc. 

What is the best way to secure a multi site business? Here are some tips.


Securing Multi Sites in One Place

Not all security options offer multi site control and insight in a centralised location. Smartzone offer Business Security options that are tailored to every business. 

As the system utilizes Smart technology it holds the ability to combine all aspects of the automated package in one centralised dashboard on the Smart Business App. 

This ensures that the status of any multi site can be viewed directly from the app. 


Professional Grade Security 

When securing any premises you need to ensure that the security you’re paying for is the best available. This is incredibly relevant when securing multiple sites. Smartzone provide award winning Professional Grade Security to businesses in Ireland and Europe.  

One of our most convenient features, Auto Arming, safeguards against forgetfulness. Auto Arming, as the name suggests, automatically arms the wireless alarm system the moment staff leave the establishment. 

The app function allows for the cancellation of false alarms from anywhere. Remote arming is manually done through the app. Not only is this useful for false alarms, but also for disarming the alarm when employees are ready to enter the premises or arming if the auto arming feature is disabled. 


Live View CCTV of All Locations 

Smart CCTV allows for live view of single and multi sites within the app. Feeds of all cameras are viewable in a centralised dashboard, within app, which can be accessed through mobile, tablet or desktop. 

Our IP cameras provide HD quality streams for superior security. Clips are stored to cloud storage and protected using highly encrypted security. You also have the ability to search for particular events such as when the stock room door was opened. 


Smartzone Multi Site Access Ireland


Know Who is Entering Any of Your Properties

Business Automation gives for improved control over access to your building. Integrated locks and user codes give you insight into which one of your employees is entering or leaving. 

Triggered alerts let you know when and who entered their user code to access the building. This helps keep tabs on employees who arrive late and/or leave early. 

Should an employee leave, their user code can easily be deleted from the system so they can no longer enter. 


Valuable Business Insights

The Business Insights function creates a window into your business without you having to be there. Notifications will let you know who has unlocked the door, activity picked up by CCTV and more. 

Insights generate reports by utilizing activity picked up by sensors. These reports allow you to perform actions such as view graphs of your businesses busiest times, make informed decisions on staffing needs and track the impact of promotions on customer traffic. 


Our Business Security and Automation package is tailored to suit every business and entrepreneur. Our high standards ensure our customers are provided with award winning products while receiving superior customer service. 

If you manage a multi site business and want to secure your premises in the best way possible then call our Customer Service Team today on 0214966248 or email us at