Setting up Heating Schedules

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Setting up Heating Schedules

Setting up Heating schedules allow you set up times and temperatures for each zone so you always wake up or come home to a warm house and keeps it at a lower temperature when you’re out of the house or asleep to save you money. This is how you set up your Heating Schedules:


1 – Login to using your login details

This will bring you to your Home page (see example below).

Setting up of Heating Schedules


2 – Choose any thermostat by selecting the arrow on the top right

This will bring you into the administration site for thermostats.

Setting up of Heating Schedules2

3 – Choose Schedules on the top orange bar

Setting up of Heating Schedules3

On the top left choose the Thermostat you wish to change (‘Living Thermostat’ selected here).


4 – Choose number of days

Setting up of Heating Schedules4

At the bottom of the page you see you have a choice of selecting 5 +2 or 7 day. If you select 5 & 2 then you get one setting for weekdays and 1 setting for weekends (as above)

If you select 7 days you can change temperature for 7 days (see below)

5 – Choosing number of time bands

The other option you have is 2 or 4 settings per day. Two settings is often just used for Home or Away and 4 settings could be for Home in morning and evening, ‘Away’ during the day and ‘Sleep’ as in example No. 4.


6 – To Set the Heating Schedule (Times and Temperatures)

To set the heating schedule you simply drag the end of each time band back or forward to the time that suits your needs and amend the temperature with arrows above. Arrows to the right will increase the temperature and arrows to the left will decrease the temperature.

Setting up of Heating Schedules5

7 – Save your Settings

Scroll down to the end and click Save.

You will get a pop up message saying Scheduled changes have been saved.

8 – Copying the Schedule

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

If you have more than 1 zone you will need to set up the Time and Temperature for each Thermostat. You can do this the same way as in example No. 6.

You can then do the same for other Thermostats or just simply Copy the Schedule as per the example below and you’ll receive a message confirming your changes have been made.

Setting up of Heating Schedules6

9 – Heating boost

Finally, if you want to boost your heating the simplest way is from the App.


Heating Control from the App.


To Control the Heating

  1. Go to the app
  2. Go to Thermostats (assuming Heat Mode is on)
  3. Select the zone you want to change ie Upstairs
  4. The current temperature is displayed on the top right where it says ‘Current’.

The target temperature is displayed in the middle

  1. To increase the temperature select the Up arrow and bring the temperature higher than the Current temperature
  2. To decrease the temperature select the ‘Down’ arrow and bring the temperature lower than the Current temperature
  3. The temperature will return to the schedule when the schedule changes