Seven Questions for Choosing the Best Home Alarm System


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Choosing the best home alarm system can be confusing. 

Consider all the factors that will make the difference: Which company will provide the best service? Is a professional installation worth it? Who has the best products? There’s lots of questions to ask!

To help you on your home security mission we’ve listed 7 essential things you need to know before you decide on who to choose to protect your home.

1: Is it professionally monitored? 
Smartzone’s Smart Home Alarm is a fully, professionally monitored system. We provide monitored security as we believe there is no effective substitute for this service. After all, it may not be possible to see every notification you get to your phone. With Smartzone, our partnered monitoring station will contact the Gardaí should an  emergency occur.

2: Will it withstand a burglar’s toolkit? 

Smartzone Best Ireland home security system

Smart, wireless alarms have many benefits over traditional wired alarms including the inability to manually disable the panel.

Crash and Smash protection: A common burglary tactic is to smash, or destroy, the security panel to prevent it from sending an emergency notification to the monitoring station. Our alarm is designed using Crash and Smash protection, meaning it will continue to work even if the main panel has been damaged. An alert will still be sent to you and the monitoring station keeping you safe in the event of an emergency. 

Dedicated Cellular Connection: Due to a dedicated cellular connection, our system doesn’t need to piggyback on your broadband. This ensures that the connection to your system cannot be physically cut. The panel also contains a back up battery so will continue to work even during a power outage

3: How many sensors do I need?
Contact sensors are  essential to keeping your home secure. Small and compact, the sensors fit onto any opening and closing, including doors, windows, drawers and more. 

Some security companies may only offer two sensors in their security package. We at Smartzone understand that every home is different and would require a different number of sensors. This is why we offer Free Home Assessments to anyone looking to install a smart home security system. Our smart home experts will visit your home, completely free of charge, and discuss with you the suitable number of sensors you will need in for your house. After all, burglars don’t just use the back door. 

4: What else will this system protect me and my family from? 

Smartzone Best Security System Ireland


Smart technology protects your home from more than intruders. Our add-on products proactively protect by detecting and responding to dangers such as fire and the presence of carbon monoxide. 

You can also save time and money by using Smart Home products that tackle issues like energy waste, lost keys and package deliveries. Our system will also alert you of any unexpected activity, such as the kids getting into areas they shouldn’t be. 

What makes our system superior is its ability to respond to more danger and challenges, even when disarmed. A Smartzone Smart Home Security system gives you more value and flexibility, leaving you in complete control.

5: What happens if something stops working?   

The most important factor of a home alarm system is that it works when you need it. While there are many options to go it alone with installing your own security system, your support options when a device need professional attention are limited. 

With Smartzone, help is always available. Our team is made up of experts in technical issues who can quickly troubleshoot your system. Many device issues can be fixed remotely, and for other issues? They can be fixed with a technician call out. 

In addition to providing great customer support if issues arise, we also get digital updates, from, to make our technology even smarter. This allows us to regularly roll out features, such as a Smart Signal emergency button, or our motion sensitive and 2 way audio video doorbell. We strive to keep our technology cutting-edge while other security systems grow obsolete.


6: Does it include smart home devices? 

Absolutely! Smart home technology is the home improvement trend that is here to stay. The right security system will set you up with everything you need for a smart home – it’s the easiest way to get started! We also provide advanced heating and water controlled smart products, HD video cameras and smart plugs that can all be controlled from the same app as the security system.


7: Is this security system powered by   

smartzone best smart home security system

Yes. Smartzone is powered by, leaders in the cutting edge Smart Home and Home Security technology. has technology in over 7 million homes worldwide. As Ireland’s leading provider of technology, our system gives you all the protection and benefits you will need. 


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