Smart Door Locks from Smartzone

What are smart door locks and how do they work?

Smart locks are a type of electronic lock that uses an encrypted digital app or an electronic key fob to unlock the door. They are often used in conjunction with an access control system to provide an extra layer of security. 

Smart door locks are a critical feature of a smart home because they are the first line of defence against burglaries, and they ensure that trusted people can always access the home. Wi-fi enabled smart locks allow you to lock or unlock your home’s doors from anywhere in the world.We only recommend the highest quality digital door locks in Ireland.

What are the features of smart locks?

There are many features of smart locks, but some of the most popular and useful features include:

1. The ability to remotely lock and unlock your doors.This is great for when you forget to lock your door or want to let someone in when you’re not home.
2. Automatic locking. This feature ensures that your door is always locked, even if you forget.
3. Tamper-proof design.

Smartzone has the smart locks you need to secure your home included in our home security bundles.

Here are two types of Smart Door Locks we recommend: