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SMART HEATING CONTROLS and wifi enabled thermostats

Relax in absolute comfort with Smart Heating Controls. 

Adjust your Wifi thermostat from anywhere with Smart Heating Controls. For greater efficiency we zone our Heating Controls solutions, so you can adjust the temperatures of upstairs, downstairs and hot water separately.

Our Smart Heating Controls work effectively with most heating systems to save you an average of €300 per year on your heating bills. Smart thermostats are not only economical but environmentally friendly by helping you to reduce your carbon footprint. They make a great addition to the Smartzone home security alarm system

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Our Smart Thermostat is designed specifically for your Smartzone Smart Home. By communicating with the Smart Panel, the Smart Thermostat uses information from other devices to help you save energy and money. With soaring energy prices this is a sure way to save money in Ireland this winter.


Leveraging data from inside and outside the home, the Thermostat automatically responds to activity, occupancy, and weather patterns. It also measures your energy use to give you real insight into how much your consuming so you can make changes that have a real impact.


The app holds the true benefits of our Smart Thermostat. Adjust or change the settings of your heating controls anytime and from anywhere. Alerts instantly notify you the moment someone else has made a change to your heating. Wifi heating controls allow you to turn on or off the heat in your home from anywhere.

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As winter settles in Smart Heating Controls guarantee that you always come back to a warm, comfortable home. Giving you convenience, comfort and ease of use are just some of the benefits of a new, smart thermostat compared to older devices.

Why should you upgrade to Smart Heating Controls?

You’re in full control

Gone are the days of adjusting the thermostat from the wall or flicking on a switch to heat the water. Adjust the temperatures in your home from your smartphone. GeoFencing changes your thermostat when you leave home. You have full remote control heating with this product.

Energy savings

Zoned heating stops energy wastage when you can control the temperatures of upstairs and downstairs separately. Scheduling from the app means you don’t use unnecessary energy while away from home.

Voice activation

Smartzone’s heating controls are the best thermostat for Alexa and Google Home. Ask your voice assistant to increase the temperature by a degree – something you can’t do with a traditional thermostat.


Smartzone provide the best Smart Thermostat in Ireland. No other leading thermostats can integrate as part of a full Smart Home system. The benefits of Smart Thermostats are incomparable. Our remote, Wifi thermostat has the ability to communicate with our alarm system, smart plugs and more – giving you a Smart Home experience like no other.

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