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Smart Home Security Systems

We are the leading providers of Smart Home Security in Ireland.

Always know what is happening in your home with Smart Home Security.  The Smart Home app gives you complete control of your system – so you know what is happening at all times. Remote control allows you to arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere in the world.

Receive instant notifications to your phone or tablet, while also having a professionally monitored system that is backed up with a Garda response during an emergency.

Smart Home Security is just the first step towards creating a more intelligent home. Feel free to choose from a range of Smart Home products to add to your system for greater control, comfort and convenience.

Why Smart Home Security?


Convenience is at hand when you can control your system using your phone or tablet. Push notifications instantly alerts you of what is happening in your home.


The Smartzone Smart Home Security is a professionally monitored alarm, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is protected 24/7.


No need to panic if the broadband goes down. Our Smart Home Alarm also works off GSM & IP Internet Communication ensuring that if your broadband connection is down, or poor your security system continues to work perfectly.


Intruders are no match for our home security system. A Security System for Your Security System™, this service keeps your system working, even if the security panel is damaged.


All of our sensors work in harmony within one ecosystem meaning you can easily create an even Smarter Home. We offer a range of products to help you further secure your home, manage you energy and automate your house for convenience and comfort.

  • System Disarming

  • System Arming

  • Front Door Locking

  • Front Door Unlocking

  • Live Camera View

  • Heating Controls

  • One Centralized Dashboard

Smartzone Wireless House Alarm

Wireless House Alarm

Not all home security systems are the same. Our wireless house alarm provides protection wired alarms cannot. Wireless house alarms cannot be cut by intruders meaning that our system will continue to work when most needed.

Our system also has trademarked ‘Crash and Smash‘ protection. If an intruder damages the panel it will continue to work ensuring that you and your loved ones remain safe.

Monitored House Alarms

With Smart Home Security you get the benefits of both a modern and traditional house alarm. 

Our system is a professionally monitored house alarm ensuring that your home is under the best protection. Our partnered monitoring station will notify Gardai in the event of an emergency, giving you peace of mind and 24/7 security. 

Smartzone Professionally Monitored House Alarm

How Does Our Smart Home Security System Work?


Our professional installers will secure your home with sensors in just a few hours! As the sensors are wireless it eliminates the need to any messy wires running around your home. Once the sensors are installed we will run through the app with you so you feel confident in using your new, smarter alarm.

If any of your sensors are triggered, e.g. a window has been opened unexpectedly, you will receive an instant notification on your phone or tablet. If you or any listed contacts cannot verify why the sensor has been triggered, emergency services will be called to the home.

Whether you’re in your home or away, you can safely rest assure that your home and what matters most to you is receiving the best protection.

Want To Know More?

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    Smartzone Smoke Alarm


    Our Smoke Alarm is low profile and small in size. The alarm has a built-in siren for audio alert to warn and protect you in the event of a fire.

    Smartzone Smart Security Lock


    Lock and Unlock your door from anywhere! Smart Locks allow you to create unique lock codes for each user, and set a schedule to control when the codes can be used.

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