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Connected devices don’t have to be complex to be useful. Take the smart plug: it simply turns things on and off, but – when connected to a smart home platform it becomes a very versatile device. Smart plugs are simply places into the socket with the electronic plugged into the device. By communicating with the Smart Home hub, the plug is easily controlled by the app. Just switch appliances on and off with a click of a button, no matter where you are.  You can use it with a lamp, a TV, a cable box, a coffee machine—whatever you like.


  • Control the smart plug remotely from up to 150 metres away or from anywhere in the world via a smart phone or tablet using the app. 
  • Electronics can be scheduled to power on or off at certain times by using the Scheduling feature on the app. Ensure that gaming systems and computers aren’t used when they’re not meant to be.
  • Relax in your home without the worry of having left an appliance on. Turn off electronics from bed or the couch leaving you time for comfort.
  • The plug can be controlled using secure and encrypted wireless technology.
  • Automatically turn devices on or off according to a schedule you choose.
  • Turn your electronics off immediately in the event of an emergency or a hazard.
  • Built in surge protector and over-current protector.


PowerInput 230VAC 13A Output 230VAC 13A
Frequency868.42 MHz
Dimensions 60mm x 60mm x 36mm
USB output5 volts 1000mA
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C /32°F to 104°F
Relative humidity8% to 80%
Energy reading accuracy+/-1%
Wireless control range100 metres