Smart Video Monitoring Vs Analog Video Monitoring For Business 

Smart CCTV for Business in ireland

Smart technology is already transforming the way in which businesses are secured, heated and accessed, but it is also changing how premises are monitored. 

CCTV has seen many substantial changes in the last number of years. A shift from analog to digital has made video monitoring a smoother, more efficient process. Digital holds too many advantages over analog to ignore. Hence, why more and more businesses are beginning to make the change. 

The market for digital Video Monitoring is already growing at a substantial rate, and cameras in homes and businesses are expected to grow from 14 million in 2017 to 44 million in 2022. The security camera market is set to see a nice growth by increasing its share from 3% to 9% in the next three years.

Do you still use analog CCTV in your business? Here are some reasons why making the switch to digital is the smarter choice.

Watch from any corner of the world

Smart CCTV allows you to watch live streams of your cameras straight to your mobile, tablet or laptop no matter where you are. So, even if you’re away from the business for a day or two you can still view what is happening on your premises at any time. This keeps you in the know and provides a peace of mind that you will not get with an analog system. 

Keep track of everything with 24/7 recording 

Smart CCTV keeps track of absolutely everything that goes on in your premises by recording 24 hours, 7 days a week. All video clips are saved directly to an encrypted cloud server. This ensures that even if a crisis, such as a fire or flooding, was to occur in your business, video clips will not be destroyed. As the cloud storage is encrypted, there is no need to fear any cyber attacks either. Only those who have been given access can see into your business. 

Video Analytics for greater insights

Smart CCTV Video Analytics Ireland

Video Analytics is an incredible feature, that can be easily added to your Smart CCTV to give your business superior security. How? Video Analytics works by monitoring live streams in real time and alerting owners of only significant occurrences. 

For instance, you may only be alerted when the store door is opened, a vendor is delivering stock, or someone is on the premises at night. This eliminates irrelevant notifications that may become an annoyance. 

Video Analytics makes a cost effective system even better value for money.

What Cameras do Smartzone Offer as part of their Business CCTV Solutions?

SMartzone Security Camera 2Indoor / Outdoor Mini Bullet Camera 

With its ability to record in HD, the Mini Bullet Camera is effective at recording high quality images even in low lighting for greater Smart CCTV. The camera is weather resistant and dust tight ensuring that it is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. 

Indoor / Outdoor Mini Dome 

Smartzone Mini Indoor Outdoor Dome Camera

The mini dome camera might be compact, but it does not fail to deliver high quality video monitoring. Like the Mini Bullet Camera, the dome is also dust and weather resistant ensuring its suitability for both indoors and outdoors.



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