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Smarter Home Security

Smartzone’s Smart Home Security System puts your home right in your hands. Our Home Security means your home is monitored 24/7 by you. The app sends you push notifications and emails the moment something happens. With Smartzone you will know exactly what is happening your home in an instant.

Smartzone is here to give you and your family the best protection, so you can protect what matters most.



Our security package does not require broadband. The dedicated & secure dual path mobile GSM & IP Internet Communication provides safe, reliable uninterrupted protection. This ensures that if your broadband connection is down, or poor your security system continues to work perfectly.


Intruders are no match for our home security system. A Security System for Your Security System™, this service keeps your system working, even if the security panel is damaged.


Know what’s happening in an instant! Our app sends you real-time email and push notifications the moment something happens in your home.

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Smartzone Motion Sensor Home Ireland


Whether it’s day or night, you can see what’s going on immediately. Our image sensors provide high quality images, on demand views and customized notifications. The sensors are also Pet Immune meaning small pets can roam freely around the home without setting off the alarm.

Smartzone Smart Security Lock


Smart Locks allow you to create unique lock codes for each user, and set a schedule to control when the codes can be used. You can limit access by day and time. The app also gives you power to lock and unlock your door without having to be at your home. Remember only one lock code and set your security system to automatically disarm when that valid code is entered.

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