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The Smartzone Everyday Bundle is a perfect starter system for Apartments and Renters who wish to add security. The Everyday Bundle is a Smart Security Starter kit. Perfect for any Apartment where entry level security is required. Everyday is simple to install and is suitable for DIY installation. The home alarm system can be relocated easily when moving and taken with you.

Smartzone Everyday Bundle Includes:

  • 1 x Smartzone Active Smart Hub
  • 1 x Smartzone Key Pad
  • 1 x Smartzone PIR Motion Sensor
  • 1 x Smartzone Door/Window Contact

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Smartzone Interactive

The Interactive Bundle is the ideals smart Security Starter kit for Homeowners.
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Smartzone Interactive Plus

The Interactive Bundle is the ideals smart Security & Life Safety Starter Kit.
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27/7 Professional Monitoring

Smartzone offers award-winning,professional monitoring with response times that are up to 120 times faster.

That’s because when there’s real emergency, every second counts.if your alarm system’s sensors are triggered, our professionals will alert emergency services to your home.

Smartzone Security PSA Certified #07423

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Your home in your hand

The Smartzone App is your command center for everything.Manage your security from anywhere.

Why not add smart heating controls,or home automation that will control lights,locks and water too.Add a video doorbell and advanced CCTV.

With Smartzone,your home really is in your hands.


Simple to operate

Why wait for a security engineer to turn up when you want to change a user code? with Smartzone you don’t need to call anyone.

That’s because when we complete the install of your new system we do a complete online handover.we cover every detail to show just how simple and intuitive the Smartzone Smart Security System is to use.

Smartzone Security PSA Certified #07423

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