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Smart Business Automation

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With professional-grade security, video monitoring and energy management solutions, you can keep your business secure, gain new awareness and instant visibility into key operational activities, and manage your energy costs.

We offer Free Business Health Check’s to businesses nationwide. Our Smart Business experts will visit your businesses premises to examine what solutions will best benefit your business. You will also be issued with a quote during this time.

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Exterior Video Camera

Watch live-streaming and recorded HD video
from the app. You can view multiple locations
in one dashboard and easily jump right to a
specific clip to see exactly what you’re looking for.


Front Door Sensor

Get alerts if the door is
left open for too long
or is opened
unexpectedly after hours.
Sensor data also feeds the
Business Insights reports
offering visibility into the
traffic trends in your


Dome Video Camera

Get 360-degree visibility
in the heavy traffic areas of the business.
With 24/7 recording and
cloud hosting, you can
have confidence that
your video footage
will be safely stored and
accessible when you need it.


Lighting Control

Automate your lights so
that the proper areas of your
business are well-light during
business hours and security lights
are always on after hours.


Smart Thermostat

Manage energy costs and
keep your premises comfort
controlled. With automated
schedules and rules, your
thermostat can adjust to the
proper temperature in each
zone throughout the day.


Image Sensor

The image sensor snaps a
picture when motion is
detected – such as when
someone enters the
office or moves behind
a desk – and sends it to you.


Door Sensor

Know whenever a sensitive
area of the
business – such as an
office – is accessed,
and know if there’s activity
when there shouldn’t be.


Temperature Sensor

Place temperature sensors
where you need to
optimise the temperature.
This can also help regulate the
temperature in areas that
are otherwise prone to being
too hot or cold.
Monitor Fridges & Cold rooms
and get notifications if a
problem arises. Daily reports
for HACCP logs.


Rear Door Sensor

Know if the back door is
propped open when it
shouldn’t be, and ensure
it’s closed up at


Rear Video Camera

Get extra visibility for
secluded or hard to
monitor areas,
such as the
rear entrance.

Powering the Smart Business

Connect your security, lights, locks,
thermostats, video and more, for
seamless business automation and control.
Explore our smart business automation floor
plan to learn more.

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Book a Free Business Health Check

    Remembers Even if You or Your Employees Forget

    Easily set up your system to arm automatically at a certain time each day or after a certain period of inactivity.

    False Alarm?
    Don’t drive to your business in the middle of the night. If your alarm is activated, your system will text you pictures of what set it off so you can decide whether or not to dispatch authorities.

    There Are Cameras and There Are Connected Cameras

    Our cameras communicate with the security system, capturing clips as soon as activity happens and sending them right to your phone.

    You can see the footage you care about right away – if an alarm goes off, a door is unlocked, or unexpected activity happens during off hours – without sifting through hours of video. You still have access to 24/7 video footage, if needed.

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    Security That Goes The Extra Mile

    Was the alarm turned on? With reminders, remote control and auto-arming, your business is never left unprotected, even if someone forgets to arm the system.

    Save Energy, Save Money

    Don’t waste money heating your business when there is no-one is there. A Smart Thermostat helps you helps you save automatically, even if someone forgets to turn off the heating when they’re closing up for the day.

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    Business Automation provides instant insights so you can monitor activity trends in your business. Real time visibility allow you to make smarter decisions around staffing, energy use and more.

    Reports are easy to read and understand. Quickly view activity patterns across your business and spot any unexpected changes.

    Visualize Trends
    • Monitor trends with open and closing times for each location
    • Identify peak periods of activity and customer traffic
    Identify Activity
    • Track which employees disarm the system each morning
    • Know when unusual activity occurs, such as an unexpected entry after hours
    Simple and Convenient Interface
    • Reporting for single and multi-site businesses
    • Choose between a daily, weekly and monthly report schedule