Protect What Really Matters With Ireland’s Eco-Friendly Security System

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Protecting What Matters is important, not just for today but also for the future.

Smartzone’s Smart Home Solution helps you secure and protect your loved ones in a variety of ways. Here are some ways how Smartzone can do so.


Home Security

Protect What Matters such as your family, pets and valuables with Smartzone’s Smart Home Security. The package, which includes Door and Window sensors, image sensors and an arm/disarm keypad.

The whole system is controllable through the app meaning you can secure your home no matter where you are.

You will be instantly alerted the moment any of the sensors receive a signal giving you peace of mind knowing what is happening in your home.

Cameras can also be added to the security package for an extra layer of security. Smartzone provide cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. Live feed from the cameras can be viewed directly on your phone or tablet so you know what is happening at any time of day.

Smartzone-Heating-controls-thermostatEnergy Management with Heating Controls

Smartzone are one of Ireland’s only companies to offer effective Heating Controls solutions as part of their Smart Home Security Package.

You can help protect the earth and take a stance against climate change by saving on energy. Heating controls are an eco-friendly solution which helps homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint.

As well as reducing energy use, Smartzone customers who have heating controls installed can see an average saving of €300 per year on the energy bills.

Houses are normally zoned – downstairs, upstairs and hot water. Temperatures for each zone can be changed manually on the app meaning you can warm downstairs and cool upstairs at the same time.

The Smart Thermostat can intelligently learn your routine to warm the house automatically based on where you are.


Smart products

Smart plugs and bulbs, not only reduce energy use, but can be controlled with ease using the app. Smart plugs can be automated to behave according to your schedule, which is triggered by your security system. This means that lamps, televisions or gaming consoles can be switched off when you’re out and about.

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