Smartzone Water Valve Leak Prevention

Protecting Your Home From Water Damage

Escape of water leaks account for over 40% of all insurance claims in homes around the world and can cause catastrophic property damage and disruption.

Eliminate leaks permanently with the Smartzone Flowsafe Smart Water Valve.

With Smartzone you can now add a Flowsafe Smart Water Valve to your Smart Home system.

Using advanced sensors and analytics our Flowsafe Smart Water Valve ensures that escaped water is managed

instantly preventing serious damage to your home and your most valued belongings.

The water valve works in harmony with our Smartzone Smart Home system to safeguard your home like no-one else.

Detects the Smallest Leaks

Our Smart Water Valve is capable of detecting even the smallest leaks. Leaks down to 0.1 litres per hour can be picked up by the smart detector giving your home complete protection. Integrated with your Smart Home, the water valve will alert you if any leak is detected.

Automatic Shut Off

To keep your home protected from water damage, the Water Valve will automatically shut off water the moment a leak is detected. This prevents major leakage and saves your home from escaped water.

Easy Energy Management

Monitor and track your water usage with the Smart Water Valve. View daily breakdowns of how much water is used in your home with insights that illustrate simply your water usage.

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